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The 'Sun Emperor' Philippa Georgiou In 2256 by StalinDC
Star Trek Mirror Verse by trika88
Captain Providencia Castro.. ISS POTEMKIN by StalinDC
Dr. Amirah Ashley.. I.S.S. POTEMKIN by StalinDC
MU Starfleet Recruitment
Rebel warship Talvisota on patrol by Bloodrave1984
I.S.S. Harrier hunting some Borg by Bloodrave1984
I.S.S. Achilles by Bloodrave1984
I.S.S. Harrier by Bloodrave1984
ISS Galaxy WIP2 by stourangeau
U.S.S.Kitsune by stourangeau
Merry Trekmas 2018 by stourangeau
Titan references by stourangeau
2D images
Eaters Of The Slain... Let's Get This Done by StalinDC
In The Mirror.. Captains On The Bridge! by StalinDC
In The Mirror.. In The Mind Of Mirror Gabby! by StalinDC
ISS MARAUDER..Captain Black And Bridge Crew 2255 by StalinDC
3D Images
It's Time To Go Professor! The Escape! by StalinDC
Tpol On The Defiant by SciFiZone
Farrah  Fawcett In The Mirror Universe by SciFiZone
Eliminating Orion Mercenaries Guarding The Roof! by StalinDC
Ships of the Line
Eaters Of The Slain.. The Sarcophagus Ship! by StalinDC
ISS MARAUDER In Orbit Of A Demon Class Planet by StalinDC
Predator VS Prey..ISS MARAUDER Slashes Rebels! by StalinDC
In The Mirror... Arrival! Battle Stations! by StalinDC
Security Officer Gia 1 by Insane-Pencil
Go Boldly: StarTrek Corsets. by KassandraLeigh
Mirror Mirror costume for Star Trek by moviescostume
The Away Mission: Marlena Moreau by Figmentsmedia
The Howard Era

Mature Content

Confessions - Book 6 of 6 - Kristen Votex by PDSmith

Mature Content

Confessions - Book 5 of 6 - Kimberly Knight by PDSmith

Mature Content

Confessions - Book 4 of 6 - Sam and Ann by PDSmith
Gorn's in trouble - Mirror Universe by PDSmith
Motivational Demotivational
DMQ-Trekkering II 2013-003 by DrMcQuark
DMQ-Trekkering II 2013-002 by DrMcQuark
DMQ-Trekkering II 2013-001 by DrMcQuark
Mirror Chekov Again by neenabluegirl
Cross-Over Mirror meets Fderation
Mirror Shards..Mirror Ella Meets With The Smuggler by StalinDC
Rescued By The OLEN.. Mirror Ella And Crew! by StalinDC
Mirror Ella.. Buying Information From Quark by StalinDC
Mirror Ella And Crew.. Meet The Doctor! by StalinDC
Cross-Over Mirror meets other Sci-Fi
Terran Empress Vaylin by dalekcaan1
Star Trek Mirror Universe.. 'Eaters Of The Slain' by StalinDC
The Shark by PDSmith
Devious Folder

Mature Content

In The Mirror.. T'Var's Last Moments In The Sun by StalinDC
Mirror Extras
Mirror T'Nora... Club Owner And Smuggler Captain! by StalinDC

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Iss Defiant Class by MotoTsume Iss Defiant Class :iconmototsume:MotoTsume 28 2 Iss Nova Class by MotoTsume Iss Nova Class :iconmototsume:MotoTsume 32 2 Iss Akira Class by MotoTsume Iss Akira Class :iconmototsume:MotoTsume 25 5 Terran Empire Akula Class by MotoTsume Terran Empire Akula Class :iconmototsume:MotoTsume 35 4 Iss Endeavour by MotoTsume Iss Endeavour :iconmototsume:MotoTsume 30 4 Terran Empire Prometheus by MotoTsume Terran Empire Prometheus :iconmototsume:MotoTsume 36 4 Iss Garth by MotoTsume Iss Garth :iconmototsume:MotoTsume 25 5 Iss Stargazer - Picard Commanding by MotoTsume Iss Stargazer - Picard Commanding :iconmototsume:MotoTsume 34 4 Battle Scars by MotoTsume Battle Scars :iconmototsume:MotoTsume 28 13 USS Titan - Luna Class Starship by MotoTsume USS Titan - Luna Class Starship :iconmototsume:MotoTsume 35 8 Dark Mirror Phase Pistol 2250 by stourangeau Dark Mirror Phase Pistol 2250 :iconstourangeau:stourangeau 40 7 Hail The Empire by stourangeau Hail The Empire :iconstourangeau:stourangeau 44 15 I.S.S. Ares Bridge by stourangeau I.S.S. Ares Bridge :iconstourangeau:stourangeau 85 15 Meet the I.S.S. Icarus by stourangeau Meet the I.S.S. Icarus :iconstourangeau:stourangeau 66 24 I.S.S. RELIANT-A Crest Desktop by stourangeau I.S.S. RELIANT-A Crest Desktop :iconstourangeau:stourangeau 25 2

Posting to the folders.

Hi All,

We have a bunch of folders already established and I figured I would like to recommend which folder to post to when submitting your work.

2D is for all drawings and line art.

3D is for all forms of art made using any 3D computer program.

Ships of the line This is for all star ship and space station images no matter what style

Cosplay is for any live action cosplay, we ask that you limit your stock images. We would like to get action images or convention shots as well as photo shoots.

Motivational/Demotivational are for those awesome posters we all love to see!

Cross-Over for Mirror Universe Vs. Federation This folder is for all cross over works no mater what style.

Cross-Over for Mirror Universe Vs. other Sci-fi This folder is for Mirror universe cross-overs with other Sci-Fi groups.

Mirror Universe Bible a special area for documented out and detail proposed concepts and ideas on how things got to certain points and where
it's heading. This is for INDEPTH writing not a one page thesis idea. If supported new galleries will be made in support of the new story bible.

The Howard Era is for all images and stories relating to and supporting the rule of Empress Beverly Howard (Crusher). Set during the TNG era.

Fan fiction Stories This is for all stories dealing with the Mirror Universe other than the "Howard Era"

Freebies This one is pretty self explanatory I think. If you have a freebie that can be used for Star Trek please post here.

If you have a suggestion for a new folder feel free to drop a note or a comment to me and I will add it.
The Mirror Universe will not be the same without him.

Leonard Nimoy, known worldwide as Mr Spock in the original Star Trek television series, has died. He was 83.

His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, told the New York Times he died of of pulmonary disease, which he attributed to a smoking habit he had ended 30 years ago. He was hospitalised earlier this week.

Nimoy co-starred with William Shatner on the original Star Trek TV series from 1966 to 1969. His half-human, half-Vulcan character was a perfect counterpart to Shatner’s Captain Kirk in the series, which spawned several films and later TV reboots. He appeared as “Spock Prime” in the 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness, in which actor Zachary Quinto took on the role of Spock.

He last tweeted on Monday, closing as he often did with Spock’s familiar line, “live long and prosper”:
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