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Would Mirror Klingons be peace loving?

Most likely deceptive, without honor, thieves, and backstabbers. your typical back street low life crimminal. But that's my opinion.

No. They are not quite as aggressive as the Prime Universe Klingons but they are warriors.

So would they been in the resistance against the empire?

Yes they were. The Klingons gained their freedom during the Terran Civil War with the clandestine help of the Romulan Republic.

Nearly 3 decades later they would ally with the Cardassian Union and form the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. That alliance would over throw the Terran Empire. 
Hello everyone. 

I'm currently running a NOVA sim set in my own trek mirror universe. We still have positions available so if you'd be interested have a look and if you'd like to join fill out the form.

Thanks for your time.

I wished to post a couple of manips like this one but I don't know in which folder; the one who is closest is, I guess, 2D, but at the same time it doesn't feel right.

Thank you. :)