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Clear Skies (Pirate!England x Reader)
The ship rocked violently against the ocean waves and rain pelted the wall behind you, but you were used to it by now. After all, it wasn’t like you’d never survived a storm at sea before.
From up on the ship’s deck, you heard men shouting and swords clashing. Every hard thud above you made you cringe.
You knew it wouldn’t do much, but you tugged at the chains binding your wrists to the wall. “If I could just… get up there…” You growled through clenched teeth, voice raspy from disuse. Tears of frustration stung your eyes. After such a long wait, this was your one chance to escape, and by the look of things, it couldn’t even happen. Just as despair began to wash over you, you heard it.
Clack. Clack. Clack.
You froze. If that was one of Captain Antonio’s crewmen walking briskly down the hallway, you didn’t want him to hear your chains clanging around.
No, it can’t be one of them, you thought, rememberi
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 7 0
You Inspire Me (Levi x Author!Reader) AU
“I despise writer’s block.” You groaned, staring at the blank document on your laptop. You closed your eyes, allowing yourself to absorb the sound of raindrops pelting your window outside. Such a calming sound would usually get your creative juices flowing, but your mind drew a blank.
With a sigh of resignation, you placed the laptop next to you on the couch and stretched. You stood and shuffled to your window. Grasping the soft curtains, you pulled them apart. You leaned your elbows against the windowsill, your cheek resting in your palm.
This was the fourth time it’s happened in the past week. You’d been itching to write a good romance, but you had no clue what the main love interest should be like. Every time you opened that document, you hoped fresh, original ideas would come to you so quickly you couldn’t keep up. Not much later, you would start hoping for any ideas like you were now.
You’d tried searching online for something, a
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 24 4
Saviour In The Sky
He lay in the grass, eyes closed and extremely weak. What he thought was sunlight burned brightly through his eyelids, so he opened them.
There she was, floating far above him, glowing an ethereal yellow. A nonexistent wind blew her gorgeous hair about, obscuring her eyes. She frowned, as if making a hard, terrible decision. He was about to speak to her, parched as he was, when her large white wings spread out, as if to present themselves to him.
He smiled in gratitude, even as she bared her fangs with a piercing screech and dove for his very soul.
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 3 1
Fade Into Twilight (Eren x Reader) AU
The ocean sparkled in the sunlight, both it and the sky changing colour as the sun began its daily descent. A refreshing, salty breeze swept by you and Eren, coaxing you to cuddle closer to him. You held his arm tightly, resting your head on his shoulder. He sighed quietly, laying a hand on top of yours. A smile crept onto your face when he laced your fingers together.
You both needed this. Enjoying each other’s presence and letting go of everyday stress was essential in retaining your sanity. Life, as great as it was, could definitely wear you down from time to time. Constantly thinking about your problems, big or small, wasn’t going to do either of you any good.
Though you watched the sunset together every once in a while, you’d never done so at the beach before. Mainly because it tended to get windy and the sand would fly around, but this evening was relatively calm.
The view made it so much better than staying home and watching through a window.
You tried to clear
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 8 3
Wanna Smash? (Nagito x Reader)
“Are you kidding me? Again?” You threw your head back and groaned in frustration.
Nagito leaned back into the couch and turned to you with a smile. “Well, I did win, didn’t I?”
You glared at him. “For the past twenty matches!” Crossing your arms, you continued glowering at the floor in front of the TV. “Can’t I beat you in Smash just once? I’ve used every character I’m good at and you keep kicking my butt. It’s not fair!”
He frowned, his head tilting to the side. “Why are you so upset? It’s only a game.”
Mimicking him, you leaned back and rested on the couch. A heavy sigh escaped your lips. You stared at the ceiling for a few seconds, mulling over his words.
I guess he’s right, you thought. There’s no point in despairing over what happens in a game. What’s the matter with me?
“Hmm…” Your head rolled along the cushiony fabric so you faced him.
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 12 2
Mature content
Mercy (Yato x Assassin!Reader) :iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 18 1
Our Tree (Eren x Reader)
Eren ambled through the park, glancing around at the trees and the puffy white clouds dotting the sky, hands in his pockets. He’d recently moved into a small house nearby and decided that exploring would do him some good, help him adjust to the new area and feel more comfortable. Now that he found this place, almost tucked away in a corner, he wasn’t sure he wanted to leave.
However, after all that walking, his feet were starting to hurt, so he searched for a good spot to sit down. His green eyes settled on a strong, beautiful cherry blossom tree.
How did I not notice that before? He thought with a relieved smile.
He jogged over to the tree and sat down, leaning against the trunk. Breathing deeply, he took in the scent of the earth and the sakura petals looming above. Closing his eyes, he wondered just how far away he was from his house and how long it had been since he’d left.
“Hey there.”
Eren practically jumped out of his skin. He yelled and scra
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 13 5
Loves Me, Loves Me Not (Nagito x Reader)
Nagito sat on a park bench, lush greenery all around him, save for the cobblestone path directly in front of him. Many would ask why he was alone on such a beautiful summer day, but if they watched him for long enough, his reason for being there was very obvious. It wasn’t to stare blankly at his shoes as the sky began to darken with clouds. Frowning, he brought the flower from his side to his chest.
“She loves me, she loves me not…”
He slowly plucked two of the petals from a yellow tulip he’d found nearby, drawling the words in a monotone voice. Just before his fingers pinched the third petal, he stopped himself, letting go of the first two and watching them drift off in the wind.
He didn’t even know why he bothered to play this childish game in the first place. It wasn’t as if he truly believed some measly tulip would tell him whether or not you loved him the way he loved you. Sure, he did so in his own Nagito way, but the feelings wer
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 18 2
Reward (Eren x Reader) AU
I’ve never been so tired in my life, you thought, a deep frown on your face. With a groan so loud it hurt your throat, you swung the front door to your house open and stomped inside. A dull ache took over your feet after you kicked your work shoes off. As you dropped your purse, you felt your sanity go down with it. You just wanted to rest, to hide under your blankets and press your face into your warm, soft pillow for eternity.
A tidal wave of relief crashed into you when you dragged yourself into the living room. Closing your eyes, you put your hands on your face, sighing deeply. You were home, that’s all that mattered.
“Wow, what happened to you?” Someone you couldn’t see, but recognized immediately, exclaimed. “You don’t look so good, babe.”
You put your hands down, spotting Eren lounging on the couch, looking at you curiously. Hearing his voice was enough to make you smile, even after the stressful events of that day. I
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 19 2
The Death of Me (Hajime x Reader)
You walked toward the beach, your mind swarming with disturbing images. The first, and hopefully last, trial had been the day before and you wanted to just forget it all happened. The warm sun on your face and cool, salty breeze barely calmed your nerves. After all, a brutal murder and an even more ruthless execution had taken place at this beautiful island. You couldn’t sit still, either. You desperately hoped the beach would help your mental state, at least somewhat, because of its soothing nature.
Rolling tides, golden sand, clear skies…
Taking a deep breath, tilting your head up and closing your eyes for a few seconds, you took several steps onto the seaside, relishing the squishy feeling of the sand beneath your shoes. You spread your arms out wide, smiling when you felt the wind in your hair and smelled the salty air. To your surprise, you felt better already, cured of your anxieties for the time being. When you looked down, however, you realized you weren
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 8 0
A Little Kiss (Armin x Reader)
You were on stable duty.
This time it was entirely Sasha’s fault, though, so you hadn’t the foggiest idea why you were roped into her punishment.
Maybe I’m hanging out with the wrong people, you thought bitterly as you forked the manure into a corner. Friends aren’t supposed to wallow in horse poop together, are they? It stinks in here.
“Curse you, Sasha,” you muttered under your breath.
“Hmm?” She turned her head in your direction, ponytail whipping around. “You say something?”
Your face momentarily flooded with heat. “No.”
The silence that followed went on for a short time before Sasha groaned, sounding exhausted. She flipped her pitchfork upside down, firmly planting the handle into the ground beside her. “This is so boring.”
You stopped what you were doing, frowning at her. “You know you’re the reason we’re here, right?”
“Hey.” She warn
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 15 2
Union (Levi x Painter!Reader) AU
Sunlight poured into the room from a wide-open window, filtering through the drapes and settling on your form. You were focused, holding the paintbrush as if it were fine china as you gently stroked the canvas with bright red paint. While you wouldn’t say the same for other sounds, the melodic chirping of birds right outside had a calming effect. Aside from that, the only noise you heard was the soft sound of wet bristles dragging along the canvas. Combined with the warmth of the sun and the occasional breeze bringing the familiar smell of the outdoors into the room, this helped you truly relax into your favourite activity.
Gasping and jerking back, you turned to the door. Levi was leaning against the doorway, arms crossed. He must’ve been silently admiring your work, as usual.
“Hey, Levi.” You smiled warmly at him. “What’s up?”
He shrugged, standing up straight. “Just wondering what you were painting this time.”
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 36 15
Precious (England x Reader)
Arthur looked down at you curled into his side, asleep with a small smile on your face. It was one of those lazy weekend afternoons, the kind where you have nothing to do, no errands to run, and find pleasure in the simplest things. It was one of those times when, typically, you would think about things you never thought of before, like taking up a hobby, replaying that video game, reading that book that’s been collecting dust, or what what you really want in life. It was when adventure and new beginnings knocked on your door, and it was always when you least expected it. In this case, you were asleep on the couch and your boyfriend’s mind was swimming with ideas.
Arthur, as he gazed adoringly, thought about your future together.
There were so many things he loved about you, if he had to make a list, it would take at least thirty days and he would need more paper than the world could offer. Your smile, your hair, your sense of style, the way you walked and talked, that focu
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 31 6
Unforgettable (Fuyuhiko x Reader)
You sat at the counter of the flower shop, absentmindedly twirling a pink carnation around your fingers. It wasn’t a very busy day, as usual, but you certainly weren’t complaining. Half the reason you worked at the little shop was because of the light trickle of customers day in and day out. Frequent calm days were more your speed than the hustle and bustle of other more popular stores.
This day, however, wouldn’t be nearly as calm as the rest.
The door practically slammed open, hitting the bell above it hard, forcing a strained tinkling noise from it. You nearly jumped out of your skin, snapping your gaze from the window to your first customer of the day.
He wasn’t very tall and looked young for his age, but he had a certain aura about him, one that screamed “don’t you dare mess with me”. Sure, he had a bit of a babyface, but he was intimidating all the same. Was it the well-tailored suit? Was it the displeased look on his face? How he
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 17 2
Hug It Out (Keith x Reader)
“Let me have the room, Keith.”
“All I’m saying is that you’ve lost rock, paper, scissors enough times to just give it up.”
“I called dibs on it first.”
“We called dibs at the same time.
With everyone in the castle as your witness, you and Keith bickered over who would take the room furthest from the main hallway. Since you knew you’d be living there indefinitely, you wanted to make this count and weren’t keen on settling. Keith, for some inconceivable reason, wanted to be somewhat further away from everyone else, and that meant going for the same room as you.
He glared at you, arms crossed. You mirrored his actions with a pout. “Winning at rock, paper, scissors doesn’t mean you get the room.”
“Don’t you remember how many times I’ve won? It matters, you know.” Keith looked over at Pidge, the referee for each round you’d played. “How many wins do I have, P
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 38 4
Special Day (Lance x Reader)
It hadn’t been more than a few days since the paladins first formed Voltron. You were happy for them, especially now that they could defend the universe, but it almost made you feel insignificant. You hardly thought you were anything special, and while you were good with technology and repairing ships, you couldn’t even compare to Pidge or Hunk. You were just… along for the ride, minding your own business, waiting to be useful.
So there you were, lying sideways on your bed, arms crossed and feet in the air, silently wishing for something to do. At this point, you would take on the task of fixing a broken fridge without hesitation. Do we even have a fridge? You thought, I don’t think I’ve looked yet.
Just as you were about to get up, you heard a voice call your name right outside your door. Rolling onto your side and facing the door, you answered, “come in!”
You watched as the door opened and Lance came strolling into your room, do
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 23 5


Crow by wlop Crow :iconwlop:wlop 5,655 84
Slumber [Dark Sun Gwyndolin x Servant!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
The Dark Sun Gwyndolin...
The last you saw him, he stood steadfast before his loyal subjects, his Blades of the Darkmoon Covenant, directing them with a firm but serene voice, to expunge the sinners from his beloved kingdom. Deft, nimble fingers grasped the golden scepter between his fingers. The rich, glorious arms of the sun reached through the towering windows as if to bless the boy for his enthusiasm, almost mania, for the great, incandescent father. Observing him in such a state never ceased to fill you with a sense of sorrowful pride. Adorned with his magnificent crown mirroring his deep adoration of the sun, clothed in white, the snakes slithering and dancing about the hem of his silk robe, he truly resembled a royal prince - no, a god - a true personification of power and elegance. While you discerned little of the chaotic, political world, simply the morsels and crumb dropped from the table of t
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 15 25
Burden [vent art] by Lady-Suchiko Burden [vent art] :iconlady-suchiko:Lady-Suchiko 33 4 koi and roses by TriBecki koi and roses :icontribecki:TriBecki 53 6 Weiss Schnee .nsfw opt. by Axsens Weiss Schnee .nsfw opt. :iconaxsens:Axsens 2,777 64 Winter Zelda by Axsens Winter Zelda :iconaxsens:Axsens 2,657 54 Neopolitan .nsfw opt. by Axsens Neopolitan .nsfw opt. :iconaxsens:Axsens 2,424 31
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:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 47 6
Okita Alter by raikoart Okita Alter :iconraikoart:raikoart 1,971 20
My Life's Work. Yusuke X Reader
        Just before you readied to turn in for the night, you heard the sound of something hitting your window. At first, you thought the noise was nothing more than a moth, or some other insect fluttering its wings against the glass. A second or two later, however, you heard the sound again. This time, it was far louder than before. “What in the world?” Sure that sound couldn't have been made by any sort of insect, you slowly neared your window and moved aside the curtains. As soon as you pulled back the heavy fabric covering the window, you saw Yusuke staring back at you, holding a tiny pebble between his fingers. Though thoroughly confused as to what he was doing, you opened your window and called out to him. “What are you doing out there?”
As if his actions weren't anything out of the ordinary, he dropped the pebble to the ground and answered you with a warm, heartfelt smile. “Isn't that obvious? I was trying to get your attention.&
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 49 2
Breaking Point by Stratozpherez Breaking Point :iconstratozpherez:Stratozpherez 179 17
Too Much? Yusuke x Reader
         The sound of snow crunching beneath your feet, along with the occasional dogs barking and chatter of other people passing by were the only sounds to break the silence as you walked alongside Yusuke. You had tried multiple time to start a conversation with him, but each time the conversation fell flat. You weren't sure how long it had been since he head said anything, but it felt like hours. You knew it probably hadn't been that long, five minutes at the most, but still, the long periods of silence were starting to make you antsy. It didn't take long before you had had to say something. “Is everything okay? You've been really quiet all day.”
“Everything's fine as far as I am aware.” Seemingly not effected by the lack of conversation, Yusuke looked to you with a confused, but also worried expression. “Are you not enjoying yourself?”
Despite the fact that the two of you hadn't really done anything at all, your time with
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 51 4
Kirigiris by qosic Kirigiris :iconqosic:qosic 236 3 Drift Away by RicoDZ Drift Away :iconricodz:RicoDZ 200 59 Fluffbit #153 - Surprise Custom for chocolate... by Sarilain Fluffbit #153 - Surprise Custom for chocolate... :iconsarilain:Sarilain 316 13
Vox [Gilbert x Hunter!Reader]
"Without fear in our hearts, we're little different from the beasts..."
The words of the old crow echoed within your exhausted mind as you limped through the darkened streets of Central Yharnam. The arms of the horizon embraced the set sun casting light of golden, purple, and red across the hazy sky. The outstretched shadows from the towers pointed you to the familiar lantern at the most equidistant point of the city. The heavy ringing of the iron bell announced the passing hours, foreboding the ominous night.
Having used the last of your blood vials, you desperately needed to return to the safety of the dream. At this point, even a simple, blood-crazed citizen could easily cut you down, and you cared little to lose the echoes of blood you collected to yet another death. Clutching the gash at your waist, struggling to keep your entrails from spilling over the brick pavement, you limped up the staircase, clinging to the iron rods of the gate, your only anchor to the living world.
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 15 16



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Other fandoms: Attack on Titan, Danganronpa, Kingdom Hearts, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Fairy Tail

And don't hesitate to comment on my work, I like hearing feedback from my readers ❤️


I'm currently working on two stories, but it'll take a while for me to finish them since I'm busy with co-op and the assignments that go with it for the next two and a half weeks. I know for sure that one is going to be a bit longer than my usual work. Not quite set on the other one yet but with the way the outline is going, it'll be a bit on the longer side as well. The second one is also for a contest I'm going to enter, so I'll be putting a lot of effort into that. My point is, two stories are on the way and I'm excited to post them!
Halfway through exams AND season 1 of Voltron! Yay!
Exams start on Thursday for me, and boy am I nervous :(

On the bright side, I get a couple days off afterwards so I’ll hopefully start watching Voltron, which I’m excited about :D
Soooo I've got a serious case of writer's block. I'd love to write, but I'm short on ideas, which really sucks. I just hope it goes away sometime soon :(


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