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Mirror-Glazed Galaxy (Levi x Reader) AU
Swirls of blue, purple and black covered and dripped off of the wooden spoon as you mixed the glaze. You hummed to yourself, taking in the spiralling melody of colours with every twirl of the spoon. A dozen mini chocolate cakes sat on the counter in neat rows, waiting to be draped in their own unique galaxies.
Levi entered the kitchen, but stopped. You’d just begun glazing the cakes, and he couldn’t stop watching. You spread universes and solar systems along the chocolatey surfaces with such care and love, one would think you’d done this forever. He tore his gaze from your working hands to your face.
“Having a party?”
You turned to him, eyes wide in surprise. “Hmm?” You shook your head. “No, these are for us. Well, mostly you, but I doubt you'll eat them all.”
Deciding to test that theory, he picked up a finished cake and took a bite. He quickly finished the small treat. The blend of white chocolate from the glaze and milk chocolate
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 6 0
Light and Airy (Atsushi x Reader)
You and Atsushi cuddled on the couch, doing nothing but enjoying the other’s presence. Your head rested on his shoulder and you hugged his arm close to your body, breathing in his scent.
Gazing out the window, you watched a few snowflakes gently flow in the breeze. They were the remnants of the light dusting of snow that had fallen the night before. It reminded you of powdered sugar.
A light bulb went off in your head. “Hey, I have an idea.” You sprung to your feet, grabbing his hand.
“What is it? Whoa!” He exclaimed when you yanked him off his seat.
Placing your hands on his back, you started pushing him to the back door. “Could you stand on the patio?" You asked sweetly.
“What? Why?” He was shoved out of the house. When he turned around, you slammed the glass door shut. Panic surged through his body and he banged on the door. “What are you—?”
You put a finger to your smiling lips. “Don't worry, it isn't that cold
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 8 0
Rum Cake (Chuuya x Reader)
Chuuya pushed open the door to your apartment and went inside, groaning. “It sure is chilly out there,” he grumbled to himself, rubbing his hands together. He took a breath and paused, eyes narrowed.
He smelled rum. Practically inhaled it because of how strong it was.
Scanning the small foyer and beyond for the source, he slowly made his way deeper into your living quarters.
She doesn’t even drink the stuff, he thought, neither of us do. So why is it here?
When he entered the sitting area, he spotted you lying on the couch and staring at the ceiling. Were you… concentrating?
In any case, now that he was there, he could tell the sweet smell was coming from this spot. He called your name, and judging by the slight incline of your head toward him, he’d gained a fraction of your attention. “What gives?”
“What, the smell?” You clarified, still not looking at him. “Where’s it coming from?”
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 11 0
Charlotte (France x Reader)
The sun shone straight through the blinds and warmed your sleeping face. Subconsciously sensing the golden daylight, you woke up, sitting up and blearily blinking yourself to alertness. A loud yawn escaped your lips as you stretched your muscles. You scanned the bedroom, brows furrowed.
Chocolate. The air smelled like rich, delicious chocolate.
You sprung out of bed and went down the stairs so quickly, you may as well have floated. All the while, you tracked the appetizing aroma like a bloodhound. When you found yourself in the kitchen, you saw Francis standing by the fridge.
He, to your surprise, wore a frilly pink apron.
Stepping closer, you said, “Francis? What are you doing awake so early?”
Genuine shock flashed across his handsome face. “Early?” He shook his head, laughing. “It’s one in the afternoon, ma chérie. Don’t you remember taking a nap?”
That did sound familiar. “Oh, you’re right. But still, what smells so go
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 11 0
Salted Caramel (Atsushi x Reader)
The smell of boiling sugar drifted all around you, carried by steam rising from the small pot on the stove. You leaned your hip against the counter, crossing your arms impatiently.
What’s taking so long? You thought. It felt like it had been forever since you’d started cooking, but these things required patience. So you watched the pot, staring at it intently.
And stared.
And stared.
You heard someone enter the kitchen, but didn’t bother to turn your head. Those slow, timid footsteps could only belong to one person.
“Hey,” Atsushi said, noticing you. He stopped, looking you up and down. “What are you… doing…?”
“Making salted caramel sauce.”
“Are... are you sure?” He stepped closer to you and squinted, trying to get a good look at your face. “You look like you're trying to stare a hole into the pot.”
“I’m sure.” You continued to stare at the boiling, bubbling sugar.
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 14 0
Midnight Munchies (Akira x Reader)
You effortlessly navigated Leblanc in the pitch darkness, deliberately making as little noise as possible. Because it was the middle of the night, you were certain that Akira was asleep, so you had to be undetectable to carry out your plan without his notice. You weren’t in the mood for a lecture, joking or not.
The flooring changed from freezing cold tile to cool hardwood. Phase one: reach kitchen. Complete. You smirked to yourself.
You flicked on the lights above the booths, wincing at the sharp click! They were bright enough to help you see, but not so bright they flooded the café. You approached the pantry and rose up on your tiptoes, opening the door and reaching inside. Your hand felt around a bit before finding what you sought: the cookie box. With a triumphant grin, you grabbed it and sat down at the bar.
You were so hungry.
“Hey, staying over doesn’t mean you get to eat all my food.”
You froze, a cookie halfway to your open mou
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 22 0
Perfect Present (Dazai x Reader)
You stared at the computer screen, twisting back and forth in your office chair. The other workers at the Agency were going about their days as usual, some productively, some not. You fell into the latter category.
You put on your best thinking face, but you weren’t really doing much thinking. It was a little trick Dazai had taught you weeks ago. He’d said, “if you seem as focused as possible, no matter where you look or where you are, no one will suspect what’s not going on in your mind”. The advice had proven useful since Kunikida hardly bothered you to work anymore. You hadn’t thanked Dazai for the life-saving tip, but you made a point to do so in the near future.
The office door opened and Dazai, the last to arrive this morning, walked in. You noticed everyone collectively looking his way, more alert than usual, to your confusion. You were about to wonder what was going on when Atsushi spoke.
“Happy birthday, Dazai.”
Your eyes
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 11 0
Your Favourite (Atsushi x Reader)
Two steaming bowls of tea on rice were placed on your low table. You leaned your hip against the kitchen counter and crossed your arms, waiting patiently. The food was very hot and needed to cool, for one thing, and Atsushi still hadn’t shown up.
There wasn’t any particular reason for inviting him over, you just felt like having company. Well, that was a lie. You’d been meaning to try making new dishes lately, so you thought starting with chazuke was a good idea. You’d never had it before, so you invited Atsushi, who you believed was the tea on rice expert, over to taste it. The food was a little surprise for him too, and that fact made you even more anxious to serve it to him.
It’d be great if he showed up, though.
He should be here by now, you thought, wringing your hands. What’s keeping him?
A rushed knock at your door made your heart sing with hope and relief. You ran to answer the door and found a nervous Atsushi on the other side.
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 11 0
One Call (Chuuya x Reader)
Pale moonlight shone through your window and onto your bed. You climbed into it and huddled into the fetal position under the covers, feeling lonelier than ever.
It had been a while since Chuuya left to “put out fires in the West”, or so he put it. You didn’t know exactly what that meant, so you assumed it was Port Mafia business, as usual. What you did know was that you missed him like hell.
Every time he left, which thankfully wasn’t often, you felt an ever-expanding hole in your heart. You’d tried and failed to fill that hole with baking and chores, but all you ended up with was a clean bathroom and five batches of cookies you couldn’t share with him. You hadn’t contacted him since he left, either, which just made you feel worse.
All you wanted was to at least hear his voice again.
You were restless. No amount of tossing or turning could bring you into a comfortable position. There was no way you were going to sleep properly tonight.
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 18 3
A Fool's Love (Dazai x Reader)
You slammed your hands down on Dazai’s desk, staring at him fiercely. He hardly seemed fazed. He just continued lounging in his chair, twirling a pen around his fingers.
“What is it this time?” He hummed. “A lost pet? Ugh, I hope it’s not a dog, those tricky, slobbery—”
“We need to talk.”
Hearing your serious, no-nonsense tone prompted him to meet your eyes. He raised an eyebrow at you, dropping the pen. “What about?”
You grabbed a chair and placed it in front of him, sitting down. A sigh escaped your lips as you briefly closed your eyes. When you opened them again, you asked, “why are you so... obsessed with suicide?”
“Why do you ask?” He replied without missing a beat.
“Because it’s concerning.” You frowned. “To me, anyway,” you mumbled, silently hoping he wouldn’t hear.
But of course he heard.
Dazai’s face lit up and he pressed his palms together.
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 22 0
Too Much Sake (Dazai x Reader)
He was so heavy.
You grunted as you hauled him up from his barstool, throwing one of his arms over your shoulder. Slowly, you made for the exit. “That’s enough drinks, Dazai.”
“Come on, I don’t even drink that often,” he drawled, leaning on you.
“You still drank too much.”
“And you didn’t drink anything at all.” Dazai pouted, lifting his flushed face to look at you disapprovingly. “You’re as uptight as Kunikida.”
You rolled your eyes at him, opening the door and leaving the building. A chilly breeze swept through the street, prompting you to tug your friend closer to your body. You kept an arm loosely wrapped around his waist as you walked towards Dazai’s apartment.
“By the way…”
You looked at him, brow raised. “Yes?”
Dazai wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “I think you should stay at my place tonight.”
“It isn’t s
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 16 2
Moments Like These (Chuuya x Reader)
The sound of rain splattering against the windows echoed throughout your shared apartment. Ever since it had started two hours ago, you’d been sitting on the couch, reading what was quickly becoming your favourite book. Your boyfriend, Chuuya, had his head on your lap, having fallen asleep there when he came home a few minutes ago.
You smiled down at him. His orange locks spilled all over your thighs. The hat he treasured so much covered his eyes and a good portion of his peaceful face. His lips, which you’d kissed so many times, were parted a fraction.
Oh, how you cherished times like these. All was quiet, Chuuya was home, and there was nothing for either of you to worry about. He just slept while you enjoyed his company. It was almost as if he wasn’t a powerful mafioso, but a civilian who was just plain exhausted after work. Your lives seemed… simpler. Quieter.
A sharp snort broke the silence.
Your eyebrows rose. You’d gone back to your book, but that no
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 16 3
Squish (Chuuya x Reader)
You took a deep breath and relaxed, sinking into the plush bed and smiling into the pillow. It had been a long day for you, and you wanted nothing more than to fall headfirst into slumber’s sweet embrace. Only seconds passed before you could feel it: you were slipping away into your familiar dreamworld and nothing could drag you back...
“How do you sleep on your stomach?”
You groaned, eyebrow twitching, and groggily turned to look at Chuuya. His arm was wrapped tightly around your waist and he didn’t look nearly as tired as you felt. In fact, his normally adorable curious gaze pissed you off the moment you saw it.
“Chuuya, I’m trying to sleep.” You sighed. “So what if I’m lying on my stomach?”
“I was wondering…”
He narrowed his eyes at you. “Don’t your boobs hurt?”
You blinked slowly. You sincerely hoped he was joking. Turning back around and plopping your head back onto t
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 12 2
Decolletage (Atsushi x Reader)
You zipped up the dress and turned to look at yourself in the mirror for the umpteenth time in the past two hours. You gave yourself a once-over, twisting your lips to the side in concentration. You tried everything: twirling around, posing, bending over and making a sexy face at the mirror, and nothing made the dress look good on you.
“Urgh!” You stripped down and threw the dress over the changing room door in frustration.
Atsushi, your unfortunate shopping partner, called your name. He got up from his chair, gingerly picked up the dress and knocked on the door. “Are you okay?”
“Not this one, either!” Came your angry shout.
He hesitated before proposing a new idea. “We could go to a different store, if you want.”
“But this is the biggest dress store in Yokohama!"
"There could be something for you somewhere else.”
“Fine,” you spat. Immediately feeling guilty, you mumbled, “I guess so.” It didn
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 19 0
Unscheduled Date (Zen x Reader)
A chilly gust of wind slashed across your face, making your eyes water and your arms wrap around your body more tightly. You’d planned on getting some shopping done on this December evening, but the store was closed, to your chagrin. On top of that, you’d forgotten to fill up on gas before this last-minute emergency trip, so you’d had to walk all the way there. Oh, and you’d also left your phone at home to charge. Forty minutes were already wasted getting to your destination, and now you had to drag your sorry self through the snow and hope your legs didn’t freeze off.
“Why’s the store closed now, of all times?” You growled, barely audible over the howling wind. “Are holiday hours just not a thing anymore? Urgh! Now I have to improvise.”
You continued grumbling to yourself as you waited at a red light to cross the street. Finally, you sighed, watching the cloud of vapour leave your lips.
“Hey, beautiful.”
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 8 0
Joy After Death (Saeyoung x Reader) SoulmateAU
You stared into the vast expanse of the meadow, dumbstruck. All around you, soft-colored flowers swayed in the gentle breeze and the sky was such a vibrant blue you did a double-take. Sunlight of the heavens kissed your face when you tilted it upward. There was no way a place this beautiful, this peaceful, this isolated truly existed. It could only mean one thing:
This was the afterlife.
Sighing in resignation, you spotted a thick-trunked tree and leaned against it. You brought a hand to your chin, mulling over your situation.
From what little you remembered, your death hadn’t been physically painful. You were certain any pain surrounding it would be because your family knew, regrettably, that you’d died alone. Figuratively. Your family was there, but you didn’t have a significant other to mourn your death before you even passed.
As far as you knew, you didn’t have a fabled soulmate of your own.
Since you were young, you heard rumours that everyone could see the
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 7 2


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