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12'' x 24''

Yggdrasil whispered. Yggdrasil groaned. I am the colossus. My being fills Ginnungagap. The bitter flame of Muspelheim gnaws at my feet. The searing cold of Niflheim blisters my scalp.

Mimir’s head. Power of tongues. Eye of Odin. Many truths unknown to beast or god do I witness. What are nine days to the Lord of Gallows? Hanging from that terrible tree, they are as a thousand years. I witnessed. I witnessed until I could bear no more and then I fell in upon my own life, to die among these branches, hung and wounded, choked and bleeding. Myself to myself.

My soul struggles to hold fast as all that I had ever known slips away. Many times I would have given up; given myself over to these painful visions that they might end. But each time I am drawn back to that terrible tree. Nine times I die. And nine times I am reborn.

Perhaps I should have let it go, that tormented spirit. Instead, I pulled with all my will, upon blood and soul, forcing each into its former channels. The pain was white hot and clean. I let it wash over me…baptize me. I lived. I learned the runes, learned them screaming.

In Norse mythology, Ginnungagap is the great yawning abyss from which all things arose and into which all things must one day return. Apart from being my second favorite word in all the Germanic languages*, Ginnungagap is a compelling concept not adequately described as a 'void'. Ginnungagap is a magical and power-filled space, fueled by the primordial forces of its borderlands, Muspelheim and Niflheim.
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I like the texture. Did you use any special brushes? :D
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AlkanettHobbyist General Artist
I love the contrasting colours, and how you've done the texture :)
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xflorianStudent Photographer
i abseloutely love this
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mallettepaganoProfessional Digital Artist
I like the transition of the colors and how they kinda blend. Very cool :D
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mymonicalmoostacheHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh i love this the texture and colour is beautiful!
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BlackInfinity666 Traditional Artist
nice job here, I love the flow of the warm and cool colors.
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FalseProphetXHobbyist Digital Artist
The hair is so realistic and well done!I also like its colors :D
LunarStarwhisper's avatar
LunarStarwhisperHobbyist General Artist
Furry-ness ^o^
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FaithWalkersProfessional Digital Artist
Woah. So much linework that it gives such a great movement throughout the piece.
Its-Sokay's avatar
Its-SokayStudent Digital Artist
O: I cant stop looking at it! Its soo pretty! I really like the shade of blue you used. I favs :)
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Kirtan-3dProfessional Digital Artist
Nice colors! :D
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oh dude... this is awesome! :iconamgplz:
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supersanusHobbyist Digital Artist
Very interesting way of doing the flames. I like it.
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MarkBulahaoProfessional Digital Artist
Interesting concept
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The lines and texture in this are just wonderful, not to mention the vibrance.
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theOrangeSunflowerStudent General Artist
Wow this is pretty loooking
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And it's because of things like this that categorisation failes on occasion.
Nice work!
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tpk-productionsHobbyist Digital Artist
for la tan que mi tan gue flocka
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WeeverWolf Digital Artist
This picture is beautiful in its simplicity, which I think makes it brilliant. The bottom half moves like a field of grass, but glows like fire. I love the many things this could be seen as~ Great work!
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Randomjon19Student General Artist
THis is brilliant, I really like it!
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Eligius57Hobbyist Digital Artist
Simple but effective! The colors are really good! I think that's always the hardest... to choose the right colors.
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Swallow-the-SwallowStudent Traditional Artist
Wow, how beautiful. Not only does the texture evoke movement, but the colours are vibrant. I feel like I want to reach out and touch it...
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re45onStudent General Artist
that looks insane. lol
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