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A Lesson on Singularities from a Lonely God
By the time you read this, we will already be dead.
We thought it could be otherwise, but there was wisdom in that old axiom. In the end, we all die alone. It started, as all things do, with an idea. Simple in its complexity.  Brilliant in its simplicity. Just as language cements the bond in the small, so too it divides the large.
Surely language is a gift – the ability to map the mind to guttural phonetics and then back again – allowing the thoughts of one to be shared by others. But it is an obscenely inadequate gift – borne of our animalistic origins. Humans are, after all, just an animal with a communication instinct, weaving words as a spider weaves its web. Language allowed the human animal to form tight knit tribes. It allowed us to thrive. But language and the tribe had outlived their usefulness. We were a global society consisting of a vast population, a million tribes, defined only by our differences.  And these differences bred war. Our gre
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Why You Love Cats by mirovia Why You Love Cats :iconmirovia:mirovia 8 2 Chronos Email Client by mirovia Chronos Email Client :iconmirovia:mirovia 1 0
He ordered Merlot and gestured far too often as he spoke. His monologue required little from her. An occasional head nod or feigned laughter. By the time he started talking about work, she found she had already forgotten his name, though she rechristened him Todd, a suitably banal moniker.
She spent the better part of the evening trying to turn off the language centers of her brain. Human speech is, after all, intercepted on its way to the auditory processing centers and routed directly to Brocca's area, the part of the brain responsible for deriving meaning from spoken word. Because of this, she thought, we never truly hear human speech. It is almost impossible to deny this compulsory linguistic dance, to register the words as simple phonetics, devoid of meaning, even when that meaning is mind numbingly insipid.
"And yet I still managed to double our sales despite the department's tight budget."
Tight budget, she thought. Perfect example. Were words not so tightly bound to semantics,
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One morning she awoke to find workmen in her garden. They had already pulled up the sage bush, dumping it unceremoniously, root side up atop the rosemary, atop the basil so that it looked like a miniature baobab, or whatever they call those trees in Africa with the habit of growing upside down. She wished she could shrink down and scurry off into that diminutive landscape. She wished she could call to the workmen and tell them to get out of her yard, to tell them that sage could be burnt to ward off evil spirits. Instead, she let her teacup slip through her fingers. It greeted the floor with the expected crash, a hundred tiny shards singing and reveling in newfound freedom, tracing wet trails across the tile.
She stepped over the puddle and pressed her forehead against the kitchen window. One of the workmen was standing in the corner of the yard, conversing with the policemen she knew would be there. Another trekked slowly around the yard with a metal detector while two more stood wais
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Ginnungagap by mirovia Ginnungagap :iconmirovia:mirovia 58 58
Cloud Gazing
What about that one, my sweet?
"It is a castle with twin spires reaching ever skyward."
Yes. I see it. A great empty castle, abandoned and forgotten.
"Or could it be a rabbit, so long of ear and leg?"
Indeed. And we need not wonder after his gait, for behind, the fox gives chase. What of this one, low on the horizon
"A lean fish, perhaps?"
A fish…or a knife?
"It is a bird. A great white gull of the sort that fly above the bay at first light."
I see it now, wings stretched wide. But the silhouette is far too fell for a morning gull, the beak too sharp. Could it be a black bird? They winter in the moors and do not leave us when ice locks the bay.
"Perhaps. Perhaps. And over there? Do you see the boy?"
Yes. He hangs from his neck, his spirit separated, but not departed. And when they found him, more from reek than absence, they did not mourn him, but cursed him for the trouble.
"Surely summer's sky cannot host such a cold vision."
Even the
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I Always Meant to Return by mirovia I Always Meant to Return :iconmirovia:mirovia 3 7

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Eric Brown
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Mirovia is the ever ocean, the great sea which covered the Earth some 750 million years ago. For me it represents the furthest conceivable border of our world's history, a time before gods and beasts played across the land, when life had garnered only the most microscopic of footholds. The idea of Mirovia offers a kinship with our earliest ancestors. 750 million years is, after all, unimaginable. But if we can recast this impossible timeframe so that we might imagine only ten years had past since the waves of Mirovia broke upon the rocky shores of Rodinia, then it was only yesterday that man crept from his cave, looked upon the heavens, and called to his gods.

People often tell me that my work depicts the imaginary. I guess what they mean is that I don’t paint the real world – you know, still-lifes, landscapes, portraits. But I don't see it that way. The world is insane. Insane and horrific. And undeniably beautiful.

All of my work deals with this truth. I don’t replicate the mundane because for me, the mundane is the fiction. The fruit in that bowl – it was born in the decaying flesh of a thousand creatures that once clung desperately to life. And even now, the fruit plays host to a horde of maggots, writhing just beneath the surface. To paint it any other way is to tell a lie.

That landscape – it was forged of the cast off detritus of a billion dying stars, forged through mind numbingly complex geological processes that spanned eons. That rock in the foreground, the one casting the pleasing shadow upon the grass, it was once part of a great ridge bisecting the continent of Pangaea, a ridge in whose shadow behemoths prowled some two hundred million years before man took his first clumsy step.

And that portrait – just thirty layers of dead skin encasing an organism created through an imperfect reproductive process resulting in no fewer than sixty unexpected mutations, any of which might result in horrific disfigurement, or abilities that far surpass anything that could be called human. Does the portrait capture the being's fathomless ability for kindness? Or cruelty?

This is what I paint. This is why I paint.

I use a combination of the most modern and the most traditional techniques. Computer, pen and ink, watercolor. Sometimes I start an image electronically and then print it to finish with pen or paints. Often I start on paper and transfer it to the computer for subtle tweaking. I sometimes wonder if it's ironic that the role modern technology plays in my work is to make it seem antique. It's too early to know if the digital will win out over the analog or vice versa or if maybe they will merge into some unholy concoction of antiquity and high tech.

I am most comfortable with pen and ink. It was only recently that I picked up the artist's mantle, having neglected it for nearly two decades while I lived in the land of research & development, algorithms, and high-tech start-ups. The pen was my medium of necessity during these years of self-imposed exile. During marathon meetings, seemingly designed to snuff out the creative spirit, my scribbles filled first the margins of my legal pad, then the body, devouring the hapless action items, or status notes that might have scuttled onto the page.

Regarding the disembodied cow head of Canastota:

Some say it's a warning to other cows after the great cow uprising of 09. Others say it's a commentary on our rampant consumerism and unfair treatment of bovine kind. Still others say that the cow did it to herself in the most shocking occurance of animal suicide since last year's elephant, diet coke, and mentos incident <shudder>. I don't know. Truth is, nobody knows. But one thing's for certain - once you look upon that hallowed shrine to...god knows will never be the same man you were before.
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