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January 19, 2011
Love for details and a wide range of themes, makes science typo by =Mirousensei a great piece of typography. Each letter looks good on its own, but works very well with the others. The setting presents the type in a most appealing manner.
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science typo

2nd app piece for Intrinsic Nature [link]

I*ntrinsic nature

Hope you like it :D
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Codepuppy's avatar
I love it!  ^Wwwwwwwwwww^
hungryhippocampus's avatar
stunning, I love it!
LightsOfTheSky's avatar
i love it! nice idea!
ZachGlantz's avatar
Brilliant. Good Work
markkang's avatar
wKDfury's avatar
very good idea wow :D
silent-Princee's avatar
mn9x's avatar
c'est très joli. :D
awwabl's avatar
TALGA's avatar
Gooneygoogoos's avatar
Effing awesome, what did program did u use?
ElianHerby's avatar
haha, gg pour la DD =)
HeartoftheTARDIS's avatar
Oh gravity.. thou art a heartless bitch - Sheldon Cooper
druminor's avatar
Science-It Works Bitches!
kirbyhead's avatar
Ha! That's the first thing I thought of, too!
The-Shady-Lady's avatar
Very creative, I love it! :D
awesomesauce123's avatar
blasianonna's avatar
Beautiful! Congrats on the DD!
I-Do-Care's avatar
My 5-year-old daughter will love this, too. She wants to be a scientist so she can save the world!
ThePenniesInMyShoes's avatar
enigmatia's avatar
I've never heard of Intrinsic Nature! Sounds interesting; I have no idea what it means, and Google Searching it hasn't really given me anything to clarify what it is for me ^^'
Awesome work with this! Congratulations on your award!
Not only are the letters are awesome with how you presented the scientific theme, but you also made it a great idea to put the word SCIENCE itself in a science themed environment :)
Zaru-kun's avatar
She blinded me...with SCIENCE!
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