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So alot has been happening lately and not all of it has been good.

Bad news is that my friend, who I had known only a little while, died last week. I attended the funeral yesterday and it was so emotional. I can't image what the family is going through. She was only 23 when she passed away. :(
So if you could.. please keep Trisha, and her family, in your prayers. :)

Now for the good news! My birthday was on tuesday and I'm officially out of my teens! Yup. I'm the big 20! It's so weird too. It hasnt really dawned on me yet though. :P
And lastly, I recently shot my second ever wedding of one of my friends (YAY!) so I'll be putting up photo's soon! :)

Anyway, onto features! These features are dedicated to Trisha, who was always smiling and cheering people up. We will miss you. :)

1.) trees and vintage sweaters by ~:iconxxtopazheartxx:

2.) Un simple sentiment by ~:iconkookkei:

3.) What Got Him Through by ~:iconbride-of-manson:

4.) the book and heart cliche ~ by ~:iconpicturs-of-me:
the book and heart cliche by Picturs-Of-Me

5.) Solider 2 by ~:iconshimetsu13:
soldier 2 by shimetsu13

6.) Narnia by ~:iconmellll:
narnia by mellll

7.) Classical. by ~:iconinnerglow:

8.) Auschwitz - 57057 by ~:iconmarkmarkmark:
Auschwitz -57057- by markmarkmark

9.) westmount by ~:iconsuperclops:


Wish You Were Here by MirkyJedi
S.trong by MirkyJedi I'll Meet You There by MirkyJedi One At A Time by MirkyJedi

-MJ :jedi:

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thank you for the feature...
I'm sorry to hear about your friend.. :(