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Numbers and Words:::

Personal Illustration:::

real size 2480x3508 pixel 300dpi 32bit

'Numbers&Words' - V2.0

6.829.360.438 people on this planet.
More than people suffer due to starvation.
There have been over 30 conflicts worldwide since '64, resulting in 6.160.950 dead.
Torture, violence, homicides, suicide attempts, kamikaze strikes, deforestation, hunger, thirst, AIDS, illiteracy, human rights, diseases, nuclear devastation, oil, water, food, poverty, unemployment, exploitation, mines, weaponry, conspiracy,abductions, suffering, fear, despair, anguish, sadness, rage, pain, madness, loss,insensibility, incomprehension, death.

this is just a reminder not to forget
save your life
save the world

this illustration will be part of a digital art book out later this year.... remember N&W Numbers&Words....

real size 2480x3508pixel 300dpi 32bit

watch this project in HD [link]

very special thanks to VBAadmin[link]
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Something to try, as far as mathematical operations go you could almost plot a x axis for them but here is their names and their likewise reperesntative numbers. Planckation (the 10^-35 operation) Yoctation (the 10^-24 operation), Zeptation (the 10^-21 operation), Autation (the 10^-18 operation), Femptation (the 10^-15 operation), Pication (the 10^-12 operation), Nanation (the 10^-9 operation), Micration (the 10^-6 operation), Millation (the 10^-3 operation), Centation (the -100 operation), Negative Decation (the -10 operation), Noventation (the -9 operation), Negative Octation (the -8 operation), Septation (the -7 operation), Sexation (the -6 operation), Quintation (the -5 operation), Quadation or Negative Tetration (the -4 operation), Negative Exponentiation (the -3 operation), Division (the -2 operation), Subtraction (the -1 operation), Zeration (the 0 operation), Addition (the 1 operation), Multiplication (the 2 operation), Exponentiation (the 3 operation), Tetration (the 4 operation), Pentation (the 5 operation), Hexation (the 6 operation), Heptation (the 7 operation), Octation (the 8 operation), Nonation (the 9 operation), Decation (the 10 operation), Undecation (the 11 operation) Hectation (the 100 operation), Kilation (the 1,000 operation), Megation (the 1,000,000 operation), Gigation (the 1,000,000,000 operation), Terration (the 1,000,000,000,000 operation), Petation (the 1,000,000,000,000,000 operation), Exation (the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 operation), Zettation (the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 operation), Yattation (the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 operation), Xonation (the 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 operation) Wekation( the 10^30 operation). Think about that.
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nice effects put fonts.

Could you give me the font in this picture styleu?
I love this i just got back from a camp for activist and we talked all about thinks like this and i love how you are showing the world the truth with your art because we try to talk about the issues with the world. Thank you
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thanks for your words Katie and sorry for delay!!!:peace:
thanks for the support!!:hug:
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your design featured here [link]
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hai mirkocamia this artwork featured here

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This is awesome! Catches the eye and speaks words that everyone should think about every single time they make any kinds of decisions. The way we consume and the way we live our lives can make a difference.

And thanks for the fav btw :)
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this is the only truth mate!!!:) thanks to you!!!
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My only gripe:As the text gets lower and lower it loses it's readability and there's a loss of texture...also the blood stain on "worldwide" seems fake...The other blood stains looks very real and add a great atmospheric effect :]...Also, love the choice of lighting, except "Dead" has a bit too much :x
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thanks for the critique! the concept is to lose readability as if the words were regards the light is just a personal choice based on the concept of my piece ....I respect your opinion :D
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A truly amazing piece. It really catches attention.
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thanks for your words!!!
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That's so true...Our world needs more positive thougts !!

Great Work !!
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saint words man!!!
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perfect! with the program do you do?
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