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Personal Illustration:::

real size 2560x1600 pixel 300dpi 8bit

Hipnosys or Hypnosis what's the difference .....?
it's only a mental state....

watch this project in HD [link]

thanks to Nick Campbell [link]
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The hipnosis is satanic?
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coincidentally,I looked at this for a few seconds and actually fell into a medium-weak trance my self.Probably because of the pattern or because I am a little tired,or both!
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Would love to have this as a wallpaper. If it's okay, would you be able to make a 1440 by 900 version of this? That would be great, thanks.
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give me your mail in pm....
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Quite HIPnaughtic! Did you have to buy glasses after doing this image? :laughing:
I love the "hole" thingy! Great job! :clap:
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hehe!!!thank you!!!:D
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You are welcome! :D
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how the hell did you make this??? i mean, i know how you did, but working on this and having to look at it this long musta made your head spin and give you a headache lol!
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so did it? or did you work on it piece by piece and then make each part invisible so you wouldnt have to look at it? lol
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this is pretty cool
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awsome idea... great work on 3D fonts
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This is in more groups than it has views! Lol fail.
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littlemouse015's avatar it...moving? That is soooooo intense...
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Cinema4d + PCS5
sicuramente varia anche da schermo a schermo la resa dei colori come tu sai.....
io lavoro su un mac con schermo hd quindi molto luminoso e soprattutto tarato, da dove sto scrivendo ora
visualizzo l immagine molto più scura e alcuni punti danno noia anche a me....:P
grazie cmq dell'osservazione.....
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fighissimo, software usato?
...non saprei se queste luci sfuocate rosa disturbano un pò...
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