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Wolf's epic fail

Lol, just for fun! This is old, I don't make so much art at moment...groan...'s a wolf, not a grandma!!!! It's obvious!
My Little Red is not soooo stupid, at all! :D

others :

ps: sorry for my english!
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Why not have this story give an interesting angle; where Red finds out the wolf didn't eat her grandma, Her Grandma WAS the werewolf!!
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you have the BEST version of this fairy tale ever!
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Wolf: She knows! Got damned she knows!
Wolf: Red what big boo... you have... 
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Yes, wolf's ears are squeezable but I would suggest run really fast afterwards.
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"Little girls aren't as easy to fool these days as they used to be"
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that poor wolf yet I know the story so.......
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got me to lol a little
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del tipo: inventatene un'altra XD bellissima!
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HAHA! love the expressions!
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Hahah, that's fantastic!
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fantasticooo!!!!!!!!!!!! 0.0
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Non so cosa dire per non ripetermi (ho già commentato un po' tutto di questa fiabesca serie).
Io sono un innamorato del fantasy riletto in chiave di fiaba e quindi non posso che applaudire alla tua iniziativa.
Splendidi lavori, bellissimo il Lupo Cattivo, bellissima e sexy Cappuccetto Rosso.
A questo punto posso solo dire: ABBASSO IL CACCIATORE! (spero che non appaia mai!)
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aaaaaawww ! Sono così carini <3 è bellissimo :)
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Neat illustration!
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"what big ears you have" indeed.
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RRH:*whispers* "I'm going to make you're life miserable...'"
Wolfy: whimpers like a scared pup *tail glues itself between his legs*
next: [link]
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you're a great artist btw, wish i could learn how to actually do something on a computer or with piant to make my art look decent XP
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