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September 29, 2009
Red Riding Hood...? up by ~AnIvorySoul
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Red Riding Hood...? up



>>> 2011 : If you like this, look at this > [link]

(thanks to :iconartyfowl648: )

RRH: Uff... I'm lost!!
RRH: But really, why should I worry? I'm the protagonist!
W: Come here! I want to talk to you!
RRH: Who the hell..?
W: Why, hello! You are lost, eh?
W: Be calm. You are safe with me! *******

....sorry, STUPID this is just to make a comic xD anyway, in Italy, the wolf is like a kind of bad/stupid guy who just wants to F*UCK with stupid chicks ("vrenzola"). This type of bad guy, dress like a "boor" and is named "cuozzo", especially in my town (Naples) . "Vrenzola" is also "boor" and loves to be absolutely "seeexxxy" and looks so stupid!
Sorry for my bad english!

OMG A DAILY DEVIATION!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!



Praticamente un cuozzo che ci prova con una vrenzola (solo i compaesani capiranno)
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Mi sono persa 
Ma chi se ne importa tanto sono la protagonista XD