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RRH horror version

Mmmh... never post this on web. An horror version of my Red Riding Hood, they are just 3 complete pages! My original project is "humoristic" > [link] This project IS STILL humoristic, these pages are just for pratice with new kind of "work"!!! (testing for technique, especially for color. Yes...I'm obsessed with testing my color XD sorry guys, I like to do it). Is an "alternative version", you'll never see it again (on RRH), sure.

I want to create something "dramatic", with blue/green and red colors. The theme of red riding hood is good for this kind of choice (a lot used in movies, comics...)! hope you like it!

ps: as always....sorry for my english mistakes! T_T

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That's gonna hurt...
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Beautifully made.
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This is beautifully done! Good work!
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I LOVE the way it starts out. The color and the way it was drawn are AMAZING!
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I should not love this as much as I do
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...what just happened?
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Red woke up thinking she had been saved only to look up and see a werewolf. Said werewolf then proceeded to break her neck (or pull her head back so he could bite it, you pick) and kill her. 

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"My what a big mouth you have." 
"All the better to devour you with!" 

Classic Red Riding Hood. Only more.....werewolf. 
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Nobody kills Red Riding just doesn't happen
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I know, the last panel hit me right in the feels.
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Ma quanto è figa questa versione? :D
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fantastico *^*
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nooooo he did!? 0______________0
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this is awesome. the colors are amazing :)
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