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Damsels in Excess

New series for Aspen Comics (2014). Story by Vince Hernandes, art and color by me (+ Alberto Pizzetti). If you are interested in news and other things about this serie, take a look to the official FB PAGE! >…
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Ok, I just picked up the Free Comic Book Day preview for this, and here are my thoughts


1.  Gorgeous art, Bravo!
2. Interesting storyline
3.  Seriously, NO MEN?!  Who wants to live in a world with no men?
4. I find it hard to believe that men could be entirely obliterated from existence as well as desire
5.  Wait . . . if there are no men . . . . how has humanity not died out?  Because unless I miss my guess, you need men to procreate
6. Totally got to buy the first issue when it comes out
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OMG!!! YOu did artwork for an Aspen comics issue!? THAT'S AMAZING!!! Awesome work... Ahhh you're my hero!!!
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Una nuova serie? Interessante! Darò un'occhiata alla pagina fbook. Si tratta di una storia ad ampio respiro?
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è (più o meno) basata su queste principesse in lotta per il potere ^_^ 
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Dimenticavo: bellissimo lavoro, sensuale e raffinato.
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Bellissimo disegno! ;)
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Congratulations!  Looking forward to it!
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Great job with the lighting :)
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Great work!!!
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Spettacolare come al solito.
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really well done!
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Ma cos'ha lei sul vestito? Sembra sangue, budella o robe simili!
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Bellissimo lavoro!
Quanto ti invidio!! Lavorare con la Aspen Comics è uno dei miei sogni! *O*
(posso chiederti qualche dritta per realizzarlo? >o< Anche se penso che il suggerimento principale sia: colora, disegna, colora, disegna!!)
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awesome work as always

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Nice work.

And the word "serie" doesn't exist in the English language.  It is still "series" when not plural.  I know, it's a weird tongue to speak.  But it's definitely popular these days.

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ahhh that's okay! I don't know XDXD  thanks!
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