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Amateur (blog) writer of based on true crime and injustices articles, who likes creating conceptual images to go along with the articles

Theme for my Deviantart account photographs is 'City-scape'.

It involves nature elements in the city, buildings, animals, textures and other to be used for photo manipulations and art works. It offers a broad variety in my collection here.


1. Love to go out taking pictures when the weather in the Netherlands permits it

2. Has a very soft spot for animals, except insects and cats are number one

3. Cares about getting unsolved murder cases solved

4. Making preparations to start a foundation

Favourite Movies
Based on a true story
Favourite TV Shows
True crime documentaries
Favourite Books
Based on true crime, Iran
Favourite Writers
Ann Rule (rip)
Tools of the Trade
Web content, Photoshop CC
Other Interests
True Crime
Message for the one person who gave me a gift yesterday!

Current personal circumstances

Current personal circumstances

Due to some extern problematic issues, I haven't been able to upload in the last week. There might be more irregularities in my upload schedule in the near future. Usually the upload schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. To make up for missed days, I uploaded five photos today. I'll try to do five more tomorrow, on Wednesday.

Working on

Working on

Photomanipulations - a. The Witchery, b. Alpaca scenery and c. Themed Statue Garden. The witchery image is appromixately 75% along The Alpaca image for 20% Statue Garden is at the start Blog articles about: A. An unsolved murder that happened in the Netherlands in March, 1997 The Els Slurink Case Another 2 pages of notes to work through and then the editing of the text can start B. The London Underground Serial Killer The image that'll go along with the article is done for 95%, the article is 25% along C. Article about the Ocala 'incident' that happened in 1975 The accompagnying image is finished, the article for 80% Images for the frontpage of my blog website There will be seven in total. Two more to go Improving: Photoshop skills, Writing in a second language which English is to me, Adequately digitally coloring vintage photos, which caught my interest recently. Due to the 'coloring project' available that I discovered just 'the other day'. I even

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MisterKFC Digital Artist

Thank you for the fav, and stay safe.

And you too stay safe and a good weekend! :)

ianwhHobbyist Photographer
stay safe Hug 

Thank you! I wish the same for you. I'm lucky I live in a part where we were 'hit' the least. Hopefully with the regulations we can prevend worse here. Have a wonderful weekend.

Bermiro Photographer
Many thanks for the faves and stay safe Nod Huggle! 

And you thanks for watching! And a good safe weekend.

Bermiro Photographer
With pleasure and stay safe Nod