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Bureau of Superheroes Official Seal - Draft

By mirisu92
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Lo and behold. The emblem of the Bureau of Superheroes (BUSU), a Philippine government agency.

Tagalog translation: Kawanihan ng mga Bayaning may Pambihirang Lakas

Formed: December 22, 1935 via Commonwealth Act 2 or the Superior Defense Act
(Current agency formed December 15, 1987 via Republic Act 6640)
Jurisdiction: Government of the Philippines
Headquarters: Sen. Jose W. Diokno Ave., Pasay City (partly underwater)
Agency executive: Super Noy, Director
Parent agency: Department of Justice
Child agencies:
- Bayanimobile Corporation (BMC/Bayancor)
- Philippine Superhero Securities Bank (PSSB)
- Philippine Superheroics Collateral Insurance System (PISCIS)
- National Superpower Service Institute (NSSI)

Pertinent laws:
CA 2 (1935)
RA 57 (1946)
PD 414 (1974)
RA 6640 (1987)


Kapitan Kalayaan (1935-1943)
Attorney Taruñgan (1943-1946)
Liberation Man (1946-1951)
Mr. Guy (1951-1957)
The Sovereign (1957-1959)
V12 (1959-1968)
Indiobravo (1968-1971)
General Maharlika (1971-1986)
Kuya Noypi (1986-1990)
Tanglaw Dilaw (1990-2000)
Iron Lady (2000-2007)
Super Noy (2007-present)

The Philippine Bureau of Superheroes has a long history of controversy, despite its national mandate to defend the country alongside the Armed Forces, promote justice, law and order, and co-represent the country abroad along with the Department of Foreign Affairs. It began when early superheroes, often accused by the Spaniards as demons, witches or otherwise agents of Hell, banded together to fight the Spanish forces during the Philippine Revolution. American administrators then outlawed Filipino superhero teams during the American colonial era, although they established their own superpowered police forces to aid the Constabulary in fighting crime and suppressing dissent. Although Filipinos were eventually admitted into the Special Defense Forces after 1916, the head of the agency remained an American until 1935.

That year saw the passage of the Superior Defense Act, creating the Filipino-led Superior Defense Agency (SDA) as per the Commonwealth drive towards independence. The agency fought valiantly during World War II, but still lost many staff members to the Japanese. (Meanwhile the Japanese puppet government created its own superhero agency, the Office of Superhuman Strategic Defense (OSSD).) The agency was renamed the Bureau of Defenders with Exceptional Capabilities (BuDEC), by virtue of Republic Act 57, in 1946.

The BuDEC, formed as part of the Department of National Defense (DND), was throughout the 1950s subject to organizational disputes between the DND and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Nevertheless, the 1950s and 1960s correspond to the Golden Age of Filipino Superheroes, when the Bureau's officials effectively enjoyed the full respect of the Filipino public. Pinoy supers spearheaded the burgeoning Nationalist movement to move further away from the country's colonial relationship with the United States, promoted economic and industrial self-sufficiency, and gladly assisted the Armed Forces and the Department of Foreign Affairs in asserting Filipino foreign policy. (Quite ironic though that the Bureau's director at the time - Mr. Guy - was, like his Commander in Chief, President Ramon Magsaysay, effectively an American-sponsored [super]hero.)

Superhero popularity ironically underwent a rapid reversal in 1974, however, when President Ferdinand Marcos issued Presidential Decree No. 414, or the National Superhero Recognition Act (NSRA), reorganizing the Bureau as the Cabinet-level National Superhero Agency (NSA). Structured more like the police or the Army, with specific uniforms and a rigid chain of command, the NSA exercised increasingly authoritarian control over the Filipino populace throughout the Martial Law era. Automatically stigmatized as part of the Marcos regime's political repression machine, NSA agents faced strong resistance from many supers who went underground (some literally). They finally succeeded in the days leading up to the People Power Revolution in 1986. In 1987, by virtue of Republic Act 6640, President Cory Aquino officially renamed the agency as the Bureau of Superheroes, and transferred it to the Department of Justice.

The disputes between the DND and the DOJ however have not quite died down, with equally proper arguments on both sides as to why the BUSU should be under this or that department. Meanwhile, the BUSU has since the 1980s lost its former prestige; it has since earned an undisputed reputation as one of the most notorious government agencies. It is often labeled the most corrupt and easily the most inefficient and incompetent - ironic considering the superhuman powers of its officials. BUSU officials often run protection rackets, demanding bribes from citizens in exchange for protection from crime or other disasters - they often levy "tong" for natural disaster rescue missions, for example; they steal public works projects, assisting contractors in the building of basketball courts, roads and bridges while pocketing kickbacks alongside mayors and DPWH officials; they also murder journalists who criticize the Bureau for the reasons mentioned above, as well as the constituents of Local Government Units belonging to their rivals. Not to mention their tendency to -- *SHOT* (by an unidentified gunman who, incidentally, can fly.)

Not surprisingly, critics of the Bureau's corruption and mismanagement often derisively label it the "Bureau of Supervillains".

As of 2012, a growing faction within the BUSU has begun calling itself the Yellow Nation (YN) - as you can guess, it consists of the superhero supporters of current President Noynoy Aquino. Most of them belong to the old-guard superhero oligarchy that engineered the Fall of Marcos in 1986, which ushered Cory Aquino, Noynoy's mother, into power. The YN has been hunting down and killing supporters of ex-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Noynoy's predecessor, and one of her midnight appointees, Chief Justice Renato Corona.


The emblem's design is fairly simple, inspired by the cheap, poorly-designed and unprofessional-looking logos of most Philippine government agencies. The atom clip art, borrowed from [link] symbolizes the phenomenal power of superheroes in general, and is also a stylized depiction of the Philippine flag. Hope it hasn't been copied too much from another source. Enjoy! :D

The Bureau of Superheroes ©ME. No stealing, please. :la:

EDIT: After the 10th favorite I changed the dark blue of the logo with a lighter blue shade; the old blue looks almost black.

New rule! I shall be posting an advance thank-you on all of my deviations that get more than 10 favorites.

:iconlaplz: :iconfaveplz: :iconcakeplz:
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The disturbing part of all this is how very plausibly Filipino it is.
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SithEmperorCharizardHobbyist General Artist
Nice. Might use this for a project.
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mirisu92Student Filmographer
That's exactly why I invented the idea. Although I respect our proudly Pinoy komikeros, none of them, so far, have ever decided to put Pinoy superheroes in a realistically gloomy light. Just my idea of political satire, really. :D
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There is a local comic series apparently that follows a similar premise, except that it plays more on how "third world" heroes would looks much more lackluster (and cheap) compared to the Justice Leagues and Avengers of the first world...
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mirisu92Student Filmographer
I seem to have heard of it before, but I probably wasn't thinking of that when I first imagined my own series … I hope mine's not too similar. Do you know its name? :D
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I think it's The League of Extraordinary Pinoys or something. I know it's the one with the souped-up tricycle. ^^;
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mirisu92Student Filmographer
Do you also know who created/drew it? For some reason I can't seem to find it online. :D
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Sadly, the name escapes me. Sorry.
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mirisu92Student Filmographer
It's okay. Maybe some other time. :D
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