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!!!READ ME!!!
I'm not active on DA as I once used to be. I don't photograph stock anymore and unfortunately I don't have time to reply to questions regarding stock and usage of it. I don't charge any of my stock but if you'd like to show your appreciation and leave me a tip, you can do so on my PayPal here:

If you use my stock to be published and it's critical to have my consent and signature, you can email me at:

If you post your art of me on Instagram, you are more than welcome to tag me there! Instagram name: @MirandaHedman

:bulletpink: Always credit me by my Deviant name if you're using any of my stock, and always use a link in the description to my dA page
:bulletpink: Contact me or comment with the link of your artwork. I'd be more happy to see the finished result. 
:bulletpink: You have my permission to use the finished product on other sites than dA, but you have to give me the link to the page and credit me.
:bulletpink: Send a note if you want to use my stock through commercial use.
:bulletpink: You may sell your artwork as prints here on dA.
:bulletpink: You may use the artwork as a book cover but my name has to be included, and if possible, I'd love to get a copy if published.
:bulletpink: Contact or comment me for questions.
:bulletpink: Do not claim the original photo as your own.

:bulletpink: Have fun! :D

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
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I have question i like pose in one of your photos can i use this pose of coruse i credit you
Why are you not active on DA as you once used to be?
Hi Mirish! Thank you for your beautiful artwork! We've used it on Swords of Speirling, which is an RPG website hosted by JCink. You are credited in multiple places. The link is below. You're the second post. Have a beautiful day!…
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hi i've used one of your picture to demonstrate what I can do as edits for cosplay pictures, the site isn't up yet but once it'll be, I'll send you a link :) 
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can I publish this as a speed art photomanipulation on YT please
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What is your policy on using this as a reference image? Need to know ASAP if you can because I need it for a school project. 
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I went just to ask if I could  use my art work using your stock as book covers and then i found my answer :) Thanks you
I will keep you in touch if i do so ;)
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hy there what about prints on demand on pages like redbubble?
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I want to share this… in Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, how do I credit you there? Thanks! 
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Credit with a link to my Deviant page :)
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Can an artist use your stock photos as drawing references if they give you credit, link back to you, and send you a link to their art?
Your stock is amazing and I would love to be able to use the poses to help improve my art (all credit for the pose would go to you).
I have used your Dovahkiin Stock here:…
Thank you for this awesome stock :)
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I have used your pic here and here…
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Lovely set of photos.  I've just begun to skim through them, but they have a lot of potential, since I love to sculpt figures.  (I have a couple sitting in my kiln right at this moment!)  Of course, it's a little different transferring from a photo (or set of photos) to a sculpture, since the 3D piece ends up being a composite, and definitely "transformative".  However, if I do use them for reference, I'll be sure to give credit.

(Since I do sell sculpture, it might be a little tricky to give credit, especially since it's not like a photo-manipulation where the model is definitely still recognizable and substantially copied.  Any thoughts on that??)

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like u r hair
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What are your rules on dA prints?
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I haven't decided my rules on my dA prints yet, but feel free to use it as long as you credit me.
Sorry for the super late reply!
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okay, first of all, you were listening to a lady gaga song when you wrote this journal, which makes you officially awesome :iconbornthiswayplz: :iconpawsupplz:
second, is it okay to use your stock photos as references for traditional art? c:
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