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I want to do Cosplay. Real Cosplay. My problem is that I'm a poor bastard. I can't even afford seeing The Amazing Spiderman!
I can't make my own clothes either. I mean if I tried I think I could but I can't afford textiles and all of that! I wanna go to Cosplay events and meet cool people too!
*cry baby*

So I'm thinking of selling my art since I don't have any use of most of it anymore. I'm thinking of getting my own Etsy shop. My question is: Is it good? Does costumers show interest in artwork? How much should I sell my art for

I barely do commissions cause in some way, my drawings doesn't end up good when I have to draw something I don't have interest for. So I want to draw lots of drawings of things I like. Marvel, Superheroes, Movie Portraits and all of that for example.
What do you guys think?
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Submitted on
July 10, 2012