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Published: October 11, 2011
So I went to the My Chemical Romance concert at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada and HOLY SHIT I JUST MET JAMES DEWEES, MIKEY WAY AND DONNA WAY!!!

The conversation I had with Donna!
Me: Are you Donna Way?!
Donna: Yes, I'm Mikey and Gerard's mother
Me: OMG You are so cool! *freaking out a little
Donna: Thank you! I love your feather boa!! Where did you get it?
Me: I got it at party city
Donna: Oh are you gonna give it to Gerard?
Me: Yes I'm thinking of throwing it on stage
Donna: You know, if you want to, I can take it and give it to him. I'm meeting him at five.
Me: That would be so nice!
Donna: Yes, because you know the guards might take it from you and throw it away. I could say hi to him from you if you want to.
(Then I told her that I was from Sweden and when I met them there)
Donna: Do you have hair extentions?
Me: Yes I do!
Donna: I have too! How nice, we have the same hair color!
Me: Yeah we match!!
We talked a bit more then she hugged me, kissed me on the cheek, took my feather boa and walked away. You could see who Gerard got his sass from!!
She also had a golden necklace with the text Bandit on. My heart melted when I saw it!

Mikey liked my black parade jacket and he remembered me from Sweden! He smiled all the time and was adorable! James was so cool with his bright blue hair!

So I was standing in line for 14 hours but I stayed up all night at the motel cause I wanted to be there earlier lol. I got number 11 on my hand but I got to the first row IN THE MIDDLE!!!
MCR was AMAZING and they were all so happy and Gerard was sassy all the time, and I mean ALL THE TIME!!
Also when Gerard was thanking the crew and other bands in Vegas… he was grinning and ended the speech with "…and MCRmy… IF YOU'RE HERE!"
Lol you should've seen us! That smartasss knew the MCRmy was rocking the barricade! There was a lot of Blink-182 fans too but you only heard the MCRmy!

Man, I love getting bruises from concert haha, the guards had to pull me and my friend Candice out after the show. We were half dead!
I also became friend with this one guard and he was so nice giving me Frank Iero's fun ghoul guitar pick!! Thank you so much to the guard with the moustashe!

They also played S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W and SORROWS!!! Check my 5 recordings on my youtube channel! It's actually hilarious because from every song you can hear me sobbing more and more! It's beyond embarrasing for me to watch my Cancer recording hahaha!

Next up is Panic! At The Disco with Patrick Stump on Thursday! I'm excited!!!
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they played sorrows??? :0

i saw them in the summer, at the itunes festival, easily best day ever, especially with frank's pick ;p

and awww at donna way, she's so awesome :D
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Dude that's amazing I'm so jeakous!!!!!!!!
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OMG ! You're so lucky ! What I would do to meet them !
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transnoctemHobbyist Writer
You lucky, lucky girl. ROCK ON! :clap: