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The Last Supper

By Mirish
So this was an art assignment for school that I had. So fun! We had to do a remake on a famous painting. We were allowed to do anything we wanted to make it. Paint, photograph etc. I decided to use photoshop. I chose 'The Last Supper' by Leonardo da Vinci. I gave it a dark twist and used He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his Death Eaters instead! (I can't write Vol-demort by his name because of an autocorrect I made that I don't know how to change!)

Stock used:…

and Voldemort's face!
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Voldemort is basically an evil Jesuscounterpart, since he is called a dark lord with the death eaters would be the evil apostles.
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haha awesome! Love HP
GeorgeHanlon's avatar
A bit sketchy with the way the people blend into it - however a really good idea and personal twist!!
Shedboy68's avatar
Fantastic work!! This is gorgeous! :heart:  :clap:
ParadisiacPicture's avatar
This is very inspiring ! :D I gues  I will do my own version of The Last Supper soon :D
BigA-nt's avatar
Great work! Well done! Your photoshop skills are excellent! :D
Jans-art's avatar
Nice, but there aren't a lot to eat :D (Big Grin) 
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Awesome work! Where's Snape?  
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Good work, be careful with the shadows and mostly the lightning (direction-intensity etc).
And damn, you know you've spent too much time on DA when you recognize almost everyone on this work. 
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Thank you! Yeah I know things are off in some places. I haven't figured out yet how to make everything melt together well either.
FreezyDavySmokey's avatar
It will be hard to explain it with words but i'm gonna try. I'm french so my english isn't that perfect, sorry.

Here's what can help you with the lightning and the shadow. You have to create a new layer ( you will delete it later ) and with the brush tool draw the starting point of the light source then draw the lines of directions from this light source. As you can guess the closer the object is from the light source the brighter it will be. Then comes the shadows, well now you got the lines of directions of the light source you can place your shadows.  

In your scene the objects on the table seems a bit off because of their colors and their luminosity. They can't be that brown because of the colors in this scene, they should be darker (like a dark with the gradient map tool) and a bit desaturated. Don't forgot the shadow of the objects on the table.

Then comes Liancary (immediate left of Mr Voldi). Liancary should be a little bit more blueish and less bright. And two last thing, the guy reading the book should have a gradient overlay on him(darker on the left)and more desaturated(just a little bit) . 

Like I said good work Miranda, i like the idea and how the models you chose. I don't know if you can still edit it, but at least i hope it will help you in your future creations. And again its a bit hard too explain with words(plus not working on it doesn't help because I can't saw the result of what i'm saying). And don't worry, I took a long time to learn how to deal with shadows and lightning too haha but shhh 
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