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Baby Groot Sculpture

Guardians of the Galaxy was so good and omg Groot is probably my all time favourite character!! I just had to have my own baby Groot!

It took me 4-5 hours to make I believe. I made him out of Super Sculpey and acrylic paint.

I've already gotten many requests on facebook and tumblr etc if I'm going to start selling. I think it's a great idéa and I'm so happy people like my little Groot! It would take too much time to sculpt every Groot and it'd be so hard to keep them identical, so I'm going to see if there are any other options for me to make a cast out of a little Groot sculpture so every version can be more identical to one another and it won't be too time consuming. :)
Please message me if anyone can help with this! x
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Well done. You can do silicone form and then make a lot of copies from resin if You want to have identical version.

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We are all Groot now.
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Wow this is adorable!! What did you use fire the eyes?
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Please let me know if I could order one now!
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I'd like to order!
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omg omg omg omg WANT ONE WANT ONE SO BAD
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Cutee. Best baby Groot ive seen
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how much?!
that's sooooo cute...!!
Let us know when you do start selling them, I definitely want one! :)
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SmoothOn is a company that sells a bunch of casting supplies for commercial and personal use. You'd probably want to make a 2 part mold with a semi-flexible urethane rubber like PMC 121-30 dry (always buy dry, never wet). Check out their website for video tutorials - also, youtube. ;D
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So CUTE! I wanna hug him, but I'm afraid I'd squish him XD
Awwwwwww!!!! That is SO cute!! Baby Groot is the cutest! 
best model of groot I've seen yet. Me want :)
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oh my god. I want one
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Somehow I knew this was going to take flight... and fast.
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