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Bitter To Sweet [Catgirl TG Caption]

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A Halloween-inspired story that ended up not being Halloween-related at all really.

No franchise being used here like usual, just a random catgirl I felt like drawing.



Day 0:
Today I went to a stupid Halloween party, all the costumes were so cheesy and weird. As I was entertaining my friends with a story about my latest one-night stand, an annoying chick in a witch costume started screeching at me for being an asshole. I cussed her out and told her “Naggy girls like you are so ugly. Why not try being a bit sweeter?” This made her really mad, and she started chanting or something. What a drag, I’m gonna try hooking up and then bouncing.

Day 1:
I woke up with a hangover, feeling groggy as hell. My clothes fit weird on me, and my hair seemed longer than before. I went for a walk through town to clear the buzz when I got a whiff of an amazing smell, a pastry shop. I used to think girly sweets like these were dumb, but I couldn’t help salivating over the delicious strawberry crepes on display. I ended up ordering one, blissfully scarfing it down. I was worried about the sugar ruining my perfect abs, but I stopped caring and left with a smile. I feel pretty thin anyway, I’m sure a few extra calories won’t hurt.

Day 2:
I’m starting to feel really bad about how mean I was to that girl at the halloween party. This scares me, as I’ve never really gave a crap about girls’ feelings before. My problems get way worse, as my body keeps changing for some reason. I see less of myself in the mirror, and the sink is much higher. My hair reaches my shoulders and looks lighter than before, going from a mocha brown to caramel. Mmmm... caramel... What was I saying? Oh yeah, my muscles are disappearing! I’m way slimmer now, like all my time in the gym was for nothing! I feel like I should care more, but I do look kind of... cute...  

Day 3:
Things are getting weird. I had to pee sitting down today. My situation “down there” has been completely altered, the champion I was so proud of reduced to a nub. My hair has streaks of pink in it, and is getting fluffier by the day. Two weird nubs are poking out, which are probably the least of my problems at the moment. Weird thoughts have been going through my head, making me very aroused. Trying to get relief, I found myself throwing away my nudey magazines and imagining a nice, sweet man reaching down, grabbing me by the- No! Definitely not that! I d- definitely didn’t rub my sensitive, blossoming breasts to the thought of a man holding me tight in his arms or anything!

Day 4:
I now have cat ears on my head. I just woke up, and there they were. When I concentrate, I can make them twitch back and forth. My hair is completely pink now, and it looks just like yummy cotton candy! Ehe~! Did I just giggle? What’s happening to me? I’m at least six inches shorter now, but my hips and chest have bubbled out like a woman’s. I dread to look between my legs, because deep down I know what’s already there. When I look at my nude body, I get no pleasure whatsoever, just pride. I think... I like boys now. This could ~nyot get any worse? Wait, what’s that furry thing poking my back?

Day 5:
I’m so confused. I’m losing control of myself. I don’t knyow what I was so afraid of. My new form is super cute, and it’s soooo much fun! Everything feels so sensitive, it’s amazing! I used to eat all this gross salad stuff, so now I just eat sugary sweets that taste so~ yummy! I went for a walk and everyone gave me bright, happy smiles! And I gave them back! I was such a meanie before, but now I can be better than that smelly loser. I even went by a women’s clothing store and spent all my money on the cutest frilly dresses! They even sold a nice little ribbon for my tail! I’m losing myself in the joys of womanhood!

Day 6:
Dear Diary: I met a cute boy today! He was sooo~ cute and I can’t wait to cuddle up with him and have him scratch behind my ears! He said my pink dress was really cute and he’d love to get to knyow me, which is so nyice of him! He’s also suuuper strong with big arms, perfect for petting my head! And maybe... if he likes me... I can get something sweet for dessert!
I love my new life, nya~!
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Can we please have a tg corruption thing like this for Deku