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I was writing a blog post for the Teens Can Write Too! blog chain and realised afterwards that since I'd titled it "And we're wondering why we do this" I should maybe have themed it more to the Frank Turner song that lyric is from.

Did that sentence make any sense at all? No. Never mind. Moving on.

So here's an alternative explanation for why I write. Because I'M THE ONE WHO'S GOT THE MICROPHONE HERE SO JUST REMEMBER THIS -


LOVE - I love writing. I love creating, I love the feel of keys beneath my fingers, I love the realisation that this chapter, this scene, was mine - I wrote it.

LAST MINUTES - There's always this sense that you could keep writing a little longer and you have to stop, so in that last minute you write as much as you possibly can and you know that that's the sentence that will stay with you until you pick it up again. And writing is a way of recording the last minutes of choices and feelings and people and memories.

AND LOST EVENINGS - When I get started writing I find it difficult to stop. I'll be there for hours and I won't even realise.

ABOUT FIRE IN OUR BELLIES - Nothing can beat the feeling of good music pounding in your ears and words appearing beneath your fingers as you type.

AND FURTIVE LITTLE FEELINGS - Writing is a chance to let out all the little emotions we keep bottled up inside because we don't feel like we can tell anyone.

AND THE ACHING AMPLITUDES THAT SET OUR NEEDLES ALL A-FLICKERING - That feeling when you've got an idea and you know there's a story in there, you know it's got potential. So much of this is about feelings but it's true, there's something about writing that I don't feel anywhere else.

AND LAY HELPLESS WITH REMEMBERING - Words keep our memories safe.

THAT THE ONLY THING THAT'S LEFT TO DO IS LIVE - When we're writing, we can live a thousand lives all at the same time, without ever leaving our own.

And that's it.
If you want to read my actual post, it's here -…
If you want to hear the song I stole all the stuff in CAPS up there from, it's here -…

Yay for Frank Turner!
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Submitted on
May 19, 2012