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Sat Jul 30, 2016, 8:22 AM


Tue Sep 15, 2015, 8:32 AM

These days saw some arts that are worth mentioning!

...... by blaithiel
The Healing Waters by Aeirmid
Apotlas by artozi
Void Winnower by chasestone
Time sweet Time by shiny-shadows-Art
She Is Like The Wind by mimikascraftroom

Skin by SimplySilent

Devious Journal Entry

Mon May 18, 2015, 11:14 AM
I excuse the absence. I'm so out of time for new arts (I have many services to do).

But soon back with a new art!

(Sorry about the delay in answering each message and comment!)

I miss you!


The best of photomanipulation I

Fri Jan 2, 2015, 11:56 AM
My first feature in 2015.

Unique and creative arts:

Attrition by 3mmI Kiss of Death by michellemonique Bajo agua by ElenaDudina

RAin by BaxiaArt 60538 by kubicki Day Watch Poster by Lagutin

Light and Dark by ChristabelleLAmort Music for my eyes by NekroXIII Kingdom abandoned souls by blaithiel

Melt by muratsuyur Attack on titan: The wings of freedom by itsbxd Precious Realm : Home by elestrial


happy 2015!

Wed Dec 31, 2014, 2:17 PM
I hope this coming year be filled with good things for each of you.
May peace reign in 2015 and be blessed!

Happy New Year 2011 

Thought of the day

Wed Nov 19, 2014, 8:44 AM
I am for 4 years at Deviantart (Yes ... I have this account since 2009, but started using a year later).

My experience here was fantastic, met wonderful people and also did some "enemies" for free. That's right! This fact does not affect me, I am conscious of my actions and I'm always with a clear conscience.

I'm a bit far from here, for lack of time, sometimes miss being here every day, but that's life! I wanted to give support to many people that I like here! I admire anyone who strives to learn and want to improve every day!

And speaking of "time" ... Important to say that he has matured me, taught me to understand that everyone has their moment and each deserves respect.

Do not like it here hunting trouble, or creating intrigue with others, but when you become remarkable, intrigues come to you! None of this affects me or diminish my desire for making and creating arts, it teaches me to want more and am very satisfied with all I've got so far.

An advice: Do art for you! feel happy and satisfied, do not expect compliments all the time, but absorb those critics who cares about their growth.

Enjoy the artistry and avoid negative people.

(Excuse my English, I speak not very well!) :giggle:

Feature and society6

Tue Nov 18, 2014, 6:22 AM
Many people ask me if my artworks are for sale as prints and other products. I've always used just the DA ...
So I decided to create my account in!
(There are still many arts to post here, I am doing slowly).

If you want to check, here it is:


Small Feature:

Alectorfencer's Plant Spirit by sandara Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones by yuumei  Arfeya by morawless
Anatomy Study by Kimsuyeong81 Summer Queen by anotherwanderer Storyteller I by Marhiao Decadence by kelogsloops



Fri Sep 12, 2014, 10:32 AM
I apologize for disappearing for so long.
I'm having with many services and little time to my personal arts !!

But I wanted to make a feature of some arts and stocks that I loved!


Expression Stock Pack 3 by faestock Glam smoke by Aurora-Dawn<da:thumb id="477506342"/> The Good by Celtica-Harmony
Fireworks Stock 40 by Malleni-Stock stone steps. by greenleaf-stock Studios Tower Hotel 49 by AreteStock Ripples in the Water Stock by Kookplus2Stock
rain texture by spoofdecator abstract experimental - vol 2 by resurgere<da:thumb id="53278362"/> Background by FaniIoanna<da:thumb id="456986562"/>


Whatever She Wants by Flobelebelebobele The Forgotten by alexnoreaga Dream Big by Antoshines Weeping of violin by MiloshJevremovic
Spoiled Kitty  by KarahRobinson-Art BooK OF ShaDow by shiny-shadows-Art Ladder For Redemption by Paulo-Bert Dracula's Castle by Whendell
Nonna- by Vayne17 The Forbidden Forest. by Antonio-Figueiredo The Attraction Of Opposites by mashina Dark Confidant by EstherPuche-Art
you are my yesterday dream that predicted me tears by dihaze Azazel and his pets by ErikShoemaker Burning Heart by kuschelirmelC 60549 by kubicki Morning angel by Gejda


I decided to create a page on FB dedicated to all the arts which are incredibly beautiful and deserve recognition!
If you love digital arts, Enjoy and share the page "best of the digital":


Feature contest Game of Thrones

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 8:48 PM

Clap Congratulations for all the winners Clap 

First place

<da:thumb id="197752348"/>


Mother Of Dragons by Whendell

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

Second place

<da:thumb id="197752348"/>


Red Witch by AndyGarcia666

 Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Third place

<da:thumb id="197752348"/>


Jon Snow by Schindlersky

 Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Fourth place

<da:thumb id="197752348"/>



 Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

Honorable mentions


Daenerys and her Dragons by TaniaART

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 


Ruins. by CharllieeArts

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 


:iconpaulo-bert: :icondani-owergoor: :iconmirellasantana:

R.I.P Nick Stone

Wed Aug 6, 2014, 9:49 AM
I would leave my homage to this artist who left us so early. 
Nick Stone was always very talented and charismatic, he will be missed. 

My prayers and strength to your family. God comfort each.


Shedboy68's Profile Picture

I'm really sad.

3 days

Mon Jul 21, 2014, 8:16 AM

Not donated yet?
I have a campaign where I ask any value that they can offer to fulfill a dream, I still hope that my fans help me out!
If you can not donate, I ask you just share and help me to disclose in more places!
Any donation, will be welcome. make my dream come true!

Want to make a donation or share? so follow this link:


Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U!  Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U!  

Please, help me.
Thank you!! :heart:


Fri Jul 18, 2014, 9:06 AM
Wow I'm really nervous and hopeful about what I decided to do. 

I was very happy to know that  LuneBleu gotta buy your cintiq, through donations by "GoFundMe" ... 

I felt the urge to do the same, because for a long time that I have been suffering with my old 8x6 genius, she is very old and difficult for me to create more art and do some services. 
I never asked for anything in life, but now decided to be a little different and open up a wish I have for you!
So I made my account there, I hope someone eager for a good heart to help me accomplish a great and ancient dream: Cintiq 22HD. 

Any donation, will be welcome. make my dream come true!

Want to make a donation? so follow this link:


Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U!  Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U!  

I know I can count on my fans, would be a great fulfillment of a dream and could further expand my knowledge and share with you more of my arts!
Thank you!! :heart:

Fan Page

Wed Jul 16, 2014, 9:18 AM
Thank you to everyone who enjoy my fanpage. 
Only in my fanpage I post exclusive arts, before and after, previews and much more. 

How about receiving almost daily updates there?


When we get 10.000, I'll be raffling a beautiful gift!
Just enjoy and when we hit the mark it will be revealed.



Sun Jul 13, 2014, 10:21 AM
I would like to thank all the words on my birthday, so I decided to make a feature of all the people who came to wish me the best things, as a thank you! 

:thumb463360927: The Nanny by neverdying Happiness by Jasperinity
Elsa the Snow Queen by SpiderZed Guiding Light by OrielRain :thumb458897589:
:thumb462267924: :PC: Fun-Sun-Cat by SunnyCatSplash Me holding a claymore by SusanBourne042
Feel the Magic by EstherPuche-Art :thumb465709231: Close by by JulianiOda
Gwenhwyfar by Le-Regard-des-Elfes Amy Rose by Think-of-Love :thumb454971314:
:thumb431607861: Pinoy Heroes War (Colored) by RAOcreations
( Cynder ) by CynderWa :thumb465177711: Farewell by amrgalal7

Mature Content

The Everlasting Avenger by funkyalienlovers
:thumb465002019: beauty_8 by bykeyva
Chameleon by calikal :thumb452263942: The triple agent by fiorinosulaco
:thumb440566304: Sapphir by Amberrsome by SnowInHades Mama's Little Experiment by InsanityHearts
:thumb309111604: Secret garden by SoulcolorsArt Lady Violetta de Sanguine by Endorell-Taelos
:thumb465987235: Oh,So Close by jus4taday :thumb464997218:
My Corner Of Joy by sesam-is-open :thumb466703095: Engleheart by Engleheart
Hunger by blumilein :thumb463667861: Henna 5 by AsterDew


Sat Jun 28, 2014, 8:17 AM
I would like to announce a new contest sponsored by my dear friend :iconpaulo-bert:!
Any questions or information, talk to him::
  Prizes will be deposited within 5 days.






thank you all once again and to the next contest!!! :)

GOOD LUCK!!  :aww:


Another Contest!!

Please look also at the contest that is being made by: :iconliancary-art:

Also the winners can 
decide whether they want the Premium Membership -
Or the
money to their Paypal account. (That would be $ 15 for the first place) 

check it out here:…

Amazing Stocks II

Journal Entry: Tue May 20, 2014, 6:49 AM
Again I decided to make a list of stocks that I consider perfect and are very inspiring.


<da:thumb id="418089271"/> Texture 536 by Sirius-sdz Digital Art Texture 67 by mercurycode texture: marble by MehreenFreed
Rain Texture1 by koko-stockTexture 42 by xnienke


Angela Tribal 8a by jagged-eye Dauntless - Action Heroine stock 20 by Mirish Mervilina by Mervilina black kylie 2 by jl-modelstock

Mature Content

10 Ton Chain - 4 by mjranum-stock
Devil 1 by IrinaMarkiza<da:thumb id="450440896"/><da:thumb id="129442219"/>


Stock 328: swan wings by AlzirrSwanheartStock swan dancing 2 by Drezdany-stocksJuvenile Swan Wing Stock 1 by FurLined
Cut-out stock PNG 12 - wings of the vulture by Momotte2stocksswan dancing by Drezdany-stocksEagle wings 3 by solarka-stock


Cave I by darkcalypso-stock desert stock 4 by HumbleBeez
Desert stock by RafidoRain Forest Stock by vatorx
Misty 2 by SephirothXer0-StockHever Castle 2 by stormsorceressCrow's Pass River 5 by prints-of-stock


Rough green snake stock by A68StockBaby corn snake stock by A68Stock Snake1 by VaMpIr3-KiSs3s
North American Arctic Wolf 21 by animalphotos Goldfish by magic-ban Red kite by CAStock rocky mountain horse 2 by venomxbaby

i Hope you like it! :heart:

Amazing Arts - Feature

Journal Entry: Thu May 1, 2014, 8:21 PM
I appreciate arts with innovative concepts and ideas.
I have listed some arts that leave me speechless, are incredibly perfect:

Black Reaching by TheRafaNew Life vers2- Imagine FX by SteveDeLaMareLittle mermaid by milyKnight
EverYoung by ChrisCold
Freedom by GpzangSoul Ascending by JoshHutchinsonEvilguy by TFsean
Memento Ophelia by EranFowler
Stuck by GretluskyMokosh by SneznyBarsCursed King by hgjart
Mana Tide by AquaSixio
Recollection by LuluSeasonDark priest by Darkcloud013
Mother Nature by Alicechan

There are so many phenomenal arts and artists, I need to create thousands features to show all. :giggle: :heart:

Amazing Stocks

Sat Apr 26, 2014, 3:17 PM

I've been busy, I need to make a new art (personal) soon. 

In the meantime, I leave some stocks (models) that I find very interesting:

Garden 18 by Noree-stock Wicked 16 by Noree-stock Stormborn 4 by Jaymasee
Selena 37 by EmeraldVenom-Stock Era 2 by faestock
grey dress 2 by jl-modelstock
White Dress 26 by Fluffybunny29stock Sibyl 14 by faestock Oceans of Sky 06 by Elandria

One of my favorite galleries stocks: :iconmjranum-stock:

Mature Content

Swirl-2 by mjranum-stock

Skin by SimplySilent


Fri Apr 4, 2014, 8:42 PM

Yes, I am passionate about Decay (urbex). 
 Since I can not photograph these places, just enjoy the beautiful photos! 
I'm fascinated by the story behind each place and the beauty of destruction and oblivion. 

The Impact of the Maltese Cross by AbandonedZone  Urbex : Castle of Miranda by exkub  Green Hospital by AbandonedZone
Silencium by Matthias-Haker  Dreams of Sadness II by Matthias-Haker  A Symphony of Silence by Matthias-Haker
theater Jesuette by schnotte  Laboratory by Karakuji  Deserted Sanctuary by AbandonedZone
piscine mosq by schnotte  Hot Music II by Matthias-Haker  House of God by Matthias-Haker
Kingpin by schnotte  damnation by schnotte  Ballroom by Matthias-Haker
Glorious Times by Matthias-Haker  Filature Badin 2 by exkub  Mill G. by ForlornTreasures
<da:thumb id="206201445"/>  The Last Prayer by Matthias-Haker  crippled floors by schnotte  hotel stairs by ZerberuZ
Dreams of Sadness by Matthias-Haker  Once a Classy Hotel by Matthias-Haker  Insomnia by Matthias-Haker
chapel diamond by schnotte <da:thumb id="329411019"/> <da:thumb id="331957791"/>

Skin by SimplySilent