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WSH Biography [for xch4nge] (MARC2003)

This WSH Biography component is for xch4nge, it is meant for old versions of WSH panel mod
You have 'Biography Photos' and 'Biography Text' in zip.
I edit Marc2003 script and adapt it for xch4nge skin.
Thanks to Marc.

*Because recent changes on, foo_uie_biography.dll doesn't show more than 1 image, and 'biography text' is truncated to 300 char. Script will fix this problem..

                                                                                             -Biography Photos-


-You can select custom folder where to save files [must be existing folder].(default is 'biography', in foobar profile folder).
..Names for saved images are in format '%artist%_1.jpg' , it saves images in 'biography/%artist%' sub.folder, so you can easily  find images..
-You can turn 'download 'on'/'off'.
-You can set download quality for ' images'.
-You can set cycle image in sec.
-You can set thumbs in px.

                                                                                               -Biography Text-


-You can select custom folder where to save 'biography.txt' file [must be existing folder].(default is 'biography', in foobar profile folder).
-You can turn 'download 'on' or 'off'
-You can set custom font,font size and font style.

*In both scripts, in main menu you can: 'open file folder','view in browser'.


You must use this 'user panels menu' i make:… ,because these scripts wont work in transparent skin.(only biography photos will work in default xch4nge skin).
So first install 'user panels menu', and set transparency at 0.
Put 'bio_photos.vbs' in foobar profile folder.
Then make new panel, and paste this script.
It's simple.

I want to say THANKS MARC FOR THESE SCRIPTS, you can contact him or download original version here:…
© 2013 - 2021 mire777
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Hello mire777. I'm using your biography script for some time. But it suddenly has stopped downloading pictures from google. Is there some updated version of your script (because the one from github doesn't work too)?
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Sorry for late reply, i don't use this script anymore , and probably i will not support this in the future (for xch4nge).

All my deviations will be closed. And i will make new , and put all my scripts together in one package..

That would be: Biography Photo, Biography Text, Auto Tag, and Youtube Radio..

These component's are esential for foobar, and i will support this for a "lifetime" in DUI [to ensure that all foobar users have this, and not to loose any functionality of these], all others will be closed..
The Biography text script doesn't have the ability to scroll text and with most artist biographies being rather long this renders the script rather useless. There's no use in only being able to read the bio of an artist partially and even when you dedicate a gigantic panel which takes up half the screen it sometimes isn't enough. Too bad.
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You scroll text with mouse, there's no need to add scrollbar..
If you dont like it , dont use it..
This is very nice and does its job very good. I'm using this script in my own foobar config. However this doesn't work with artist names where the name includes characters that can't be used in windows and thus the images can't be downloaded and allocated. Examples of these would be: "AC/DC", "Therapy?", "Songs: Ohia". Is it possible to have the script, in these situation, assign characters that are accepted by windows. Usually within foobar I would use $replace to solve this is issue.
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Hi. Great work. Is it possible transfer all files to custom folder?
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I mean, when I set path to custom folder for both scripts, folder Profile folder\Artist_info is created with subfolder of artist and biography.json file and my foobar folder is getting little bigger :-).
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Yes, it is possible , you can transfer all files to another location, first create folder where you want to save files(because folder must exist), then right click>properties>Custom folder.. There you should enter path to your new folder..
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Well, I did it as you describe. I have changed location to custom folder on both scripts, I removed Profile folder\Artist_info but still folder is created in foobar folder.
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To be more specific, files are correctly stored in new custom folder, but Artist_info folder is also created in foobar folder (including file biography.json).
PS: I'm also fighting with thumbs mode. When I turn it on, Biography Photo goes empty (no images, no thumbs).
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Did you have images in that folder or only biography.json?
You must change custom folder path in both scripts, because both scripts create 'Artist_info folder'.
Thumbs is set to off by default, you can enable it in properties, by enter: thumbs mode: right, left, bottom, top. And set Thumbs px.
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Does script still download files in Artist_info folder?
I don't know why this happening, because for me everything work as it was meant to. I don't have enough information about your config and windows, skin etc.. I can't reproduce this.
After you create 'new folder' manualy, and set this path in properties, script automaticaly switch to this folder and start download images and bio in that folder.
I set custom folder path on 'C:\Users\mire\Desktop\New folder' , and it works.. When i delete Artist_info folder it doesn't create it again.
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I'm using xch4nge, portable version, Win 7 x64, latest foobar beta 1.3 beta 6. Script installation: download.vbs in foobar folder. Custom folder: C:\Music\_Artist_info
All files stored correctly in this folder, but also under foobar folder Artist_info\%artist%\ is stored file biography.json It is exact the same file as in C:\Music\_Artist_info\%artist%
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I have the same config as you. Foobar ver 1.2.9, xch4nge skin, portable ver, win 7 64bit.. I first create folder _Artist_info on desktop, then change path in both scripts. Then turn off foobar, delete Artist_info folder, and turn it on again. I don't have any problem. All files are in _Artist_info on desktop.
Try this: again enter path in bio. text script in properties, click apply>ok. Turn off foobar. Delete Artist_info folder and turn foobar on again.
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Thx for help. I have just restored foobar from backup and add both scripts once again. Now it stores correctly files only into Custom folder.
 Just thumbs are not working for me if I turn them on. Bio photos just disappear and I have blank window.
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Yes. This version is for old version of WSH, tested in xch4nge.. I did quick test on latest foobar and WSH, but i can not ensure you that script will work properly.
For people who uses DUI and latest foobar ver 1.3 WSH 1.5.6, or CUI with latest WSH , you should use original Marc script, and all question you can address to him:…
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Error: WSH Panel Mod (Thumbs by marc2003): Microsoft JScript 编译错误:
File: <main>
Ln: 239, Col: 63
var temp = li.autoplaylists_deleted_items[i].split("?);

DUI 1.3beta6
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as you're using default UI and the latest foobar, there really is no reason to use this modification which is meant for old versions of WSH panel mod. you should use the latest component and my original script which is found inside this package.…
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yes this is problem in my script, it only use in english language, but Marc script have corected this problem, so you can use original script without problems on Chinese..
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Did you have uncked 'safe mode'?
in that line you have: var temp = li.autoplaylists_deleted_items[i].split("¬");
Maybe this is because
"¬" caracter. you can  hold shift+right click>configure.. write // before this line because it's not needed for script to work propperly..
I tested this on foobar
1.3, wsh 1.5.6, for me works without problems..
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When I replace ("?) by ("¬"), Biography text works well, but Biography photos doesn't work,Thumbs: HTTP error: 0.
And when use marc2003's thumbs.txt,it also has the same problem, but it works when i cahnge "" to "" in image_domain.
My OS is win8.1 Chinese

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Sorry it's because my fast writing, i corrected this.
I am ashamed..  Blush 
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it's marc2003, not marc2000 :D
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