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Foobar Youtube Radio

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This is Youtube Radio (based on last.fm recommendation). It uses foo_youtube component: www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/i…

-It works identical as last.fm radio on web.
-It use last.fm 'recommendation' metod, to play your personal ''artist'' and ''genre'' radio station.

How this work:
Script first search for similar artist on last.fm> then open track page> find track on youtube > and play in foobar.

For all this it use random metod, in that way track doesn't repeat.
I'm very happy with this , and i want to share this with you..

How to install:
First install 'Foobar2000': www.foobar2000.org/
Then install: foo_youtube component: www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/i…
(read on site how to configure this for best performance..)

Then install WSH plugin 1.5.6. : code.google.com/p/foo-wsh-pane…

Then download 'zip' file: www.mediafire.com/download/67f…

Put 'buttons' folder in foobar profile folder.
After that open new wsh panel and paste script from: 'YT.txt'
In properties enter your Last.fm API.

*All comments or sugestion, you can post here..
Or here: www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/i…

I'm sure you'll find this useful, and more than that..
Enjoy.. :)

Thanks Marc2003 for helping...

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very nice youtube radio  work ok thnks;) (Wink) 
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 Vague.... No kidding..... Every one of these are sooo different and cant get any of them to work....
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the install instruction are so vague for someone fairly new to foobar2000... remember not everyone knows wtf they are doing
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New version: Foobar Youtube Radio 2.4.

-Added 'Loved Tracks'
Option to 'love' , 'unlove' or 'play loved' tracks as radio.
Should work in same way as last.fm 'loved'.
Files are saved in 'foobar2000\playlists-yt' in '*.m3u' format.

-Fixed 'http error: 0' on windows 8.1 and windows 10, which happens if 'video playback' is turned on.
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Is it still working?
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Yes, just download WSH plugin, foo_youtube plugin, put 'image' folder in foobar profile folder, open panel and paste script..
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Ok, I was in 'safe mode'. Thanks a lot!
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New version (Foobar Youtube Radio 2.0)
-Updated title handling due to youtube changes...

Link and instruction -above.
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Hello! I'm sorry But I cant seem to get anything to work I have wsh mod and foo_youtube but it overwrites my current layout so I was wondering if you could send me your layout in the picture above thanks.
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Well, it's easy to set everything right on default install.
Make portable install and folow instructions..
It's easy..

If i gave you my skin then this will be harder for you(because this skin have some settings (for artwork, foo_youtube, and for sound...)

But i will send you my skin anyway, you can download it here: www.dropbox.com/s/bzg74400fmgf…
If you have some problem then ask...
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New version: Foobar Youtube Radio 0.0.16.


-Fixed minor bugs.
-Added custom playlist names.

-Every playlist will be saved in format: ''YT Radio [%artist%]'' or ''YT Radio [%genre%]''.
You can change first part of name in properties: FB Playlist.
Every station will be saved in playlist, for later listening.

-From now, Youtube Radio is only 'on' if Radio playlist is used, you must uncheck 'Youtube Radio' to have this playlist behave like an ordinary playlist.
In any other playlist than Youtube Radio, radio mode is automatically turned 'off'.

-'Search Video' will automatically open new playlist called> 'YT Radio [Search Videos]' , where you can add your videos.

-'Open Same Video' will open new playlist called> 'YT Radio [Same Video]' with (ex. video you listen from stream).
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New version: Foobar Youtube Radio 0.0.10.

-Fixed genre

Thanks Marc2003 for helping to fix this.

*Youtube Radio now will play real genre(support all last.fm genres).
You can set hotness for 'genre' up to 100. In ''properties>YT Tag''.
Default is 27- which will play most popular artist.
27-(270 artist per genre).
100-(1.000 artist per genre).
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New version: Foobar Youtube Radio 0.0.9.

Added track naming.
Added genre.
-requirements - latest- foo_youtube.dll: www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/i…

Foo_youtube renames video in format %artist% - %title%.
Sometimes, youtube tracks has different name format (in that case tracks can't be tagged),
Now tracks are renamed according to the search details from last.fm.
Every video will be properly tagged in format: %artist% - %title% (and you will always have biography and lyrics) , even if youtube has different or incorrect name for video, script will use last.fm info to tag tracks. 
*Chinesse, and other letters are also suported.

About genre: Still not perfect but somehow it works, need to 
fix some things..
Genre will play 'genre+similar' , it support all last.fm tags.
Be sure that tag(genre) exist on last.fm.

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Is it designed to work on a portable installation? 'Cause I don't have a FoobarProfile folder, and it doesn't work at all. I get a blank WSH panel. The YT search works, though.
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Yes it work on portable install.
-Did you download: youtube buttons? www.mediafire.com/download/x4n…

''Foobar Profile Folder'' is your main 'foobar folder' where foobar2000.exe is located.
Ex: C:\[username]\desktop\foobar2000

In that folder you must put folder 'images'.

If you have blank panel, this is because you not put 'images' folder there.
Also 'Button path' in properties must point to that folder, which is configured by default, during the first installation.
You can later change path...
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Well, that's exactly what I did... I put the 'images' folder in my main f2k folder, didn't work either. Will give it another try.
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