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i'm just an artist logo

this is an entry for =bigdiZZay 's contest
the concept is not mine it was made by ~Guto-Kun but i liked it and wanted to give it a shot
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I always find it strange when people call themselves "artists".

Otherwise pretty nice job.
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well everyone has their point of view :)i wouldn't call myself an artist either , i design so that makes me a designer and it's a term i am comfortable takes more than that to be an artist

but it was for a competition and it was made after the winner was chosen :D
i just saw an entry and it sparked this idea in my head so i figured i should make it happen :)

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Its interesting/ & Good/
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I featured your work. I hope you don't mind ;)

Here is a link to where it's featured : [link]

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thanks a lot man ;) wish it would have won :)
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I really like that! Good job, even if it was for a contest you didn't win... very well structured and it looks like you put a lot of thought into it's composition
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thanks a lot!
yes it was a challenge but the idea came instantly when i saw guto-kun's version for the same contest :) so the art direction came from him i just made my own version of the color pallette idea
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Great work.. Really great concept!
U took it to the next level so to speak!
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thanks :) bt the contest was won by someone elese since i made this late and did not have time to make a web template as the contest said
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Kick ass nonetheless!!!
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it looks amazing!
much better than mine.
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Looking goood :)
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i actually like that. but the contest is logo and template. so make a template.. look at my top 3 so far.. on journal.. and try to make something contest is endign real soon. good luck
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yes i know..just don't know if i'll have time to make a web template
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Very nice job. I love the color and font choice. :)
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