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Friends of mine noted how 'meme-able' this picture is. xD
I myself kind of feel like this facial expression is basically the vampire equivalent to Britney Spears - 'Oops! I did it again.' xD

Model+MuA: Mircalla Tepez
Photographer: Soulcatcher Photography…
Dress made by Lady Manu Ela
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sissyroberta's avatar

Deadly and Seductive ! ❤

downunderrob's avatar

Drink from a Diabetic again, eh? Too sweet!🤣

Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

🤣🤣🤣 What can I say? Got a sweet tooth! XDD

For some reason, your face in this picture makes me think of the late Lina Romay.

Panartias's avatar

Wieder die Countess von Heidelberg?!

Nebenbei: Ich hoffe, Ihr seid von den Unwettern letztens verschont geblieben...

Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

Jein. Der Look könnte auch für sie funktionieren, aber wahrscheinlich wird er für eine andere Rolle genutzt. Bisher kam das aber alles wegen Corona ohnehin noch nicht zustande. ^^

Oh, naja, also... hier wars schon recht ungemütlich.^^° mir persönlich und meinem Umfeld ist nichts direktes passiert, aber man hat's im öffentlichen Raum leider doch ziemlich gemerkt...

Panartias's avatar

Okay - kann man ja noch gespannt sein! :D

Hier hat mich vor allem der Wind, sprich die Sturmböen beunruhigt. Die Bäume stehen ja derzeit voll im Laub und bieten also eine große Angriffsfläche...

Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

Ja, die Stürme waren übel. Auf meinem Weg zur Arbeit lagen ne Menge abgerissener Äste bis hin zu halben Bäume rum...^^°

Ich hoffe es ging alles gut und du hast keinen Sturmschaden durch umstürzendes Gehölz erlitten?

Panartias's avatar

Ich nicht - aber der Sohn unserer Nachbarn ist in einen umgestürzten Baum gefahren und hat sich die Windschutzscheibe ruiniert. Zum Glück ist weiter nichts passiert und so bleibt es ein Fall für die Versicherung.

P3droD's avatar

For me, its like you were caught in the act drinking when you shouldn't... or who you shouldn't ;)

Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

Heheheh! :D

"Rumours of his death have been greatly exaggerated..." XDD

P3droD's avatar

"Oops! You did it again" - Schön, Dich wieder in einem historisierenden Outfit zu sehen.

Stellst Du einen neuen Charakter dar? Lady Britney-Tepez oder so ähnlich wäre doch ein netter Name ;).

Deine Gewandung und Dein Schmuck, nicht zuletzt auch Deine Mimik und Gestik sind grandios wie immer, wenn es darum geht, Untoten Leben einzuhauchen :judge:.

"Oops! You did it again" - Nice to see you in a historicizing outfit again. Are you portraying a new character? Lady Britney-Tepez or something like that would be a nice name ;). Your clothes and jewelry, not least your facial expressions and gestures, are terrific as always when it comes to breathing life into the undead :judge:.

Or, Perhaps From The Surprised Look On Your Lovely Face, Someone Just Whispered To You, "Excuse Me, Princess, But You Have A, Little Something, Right There"! HA,HA, Just Kidding Princess! You Look, As Always, Absolutely Gorgeous, Mircalla, And I Really Do Love That Surprised Look! It Gives You That Innocent, Who Me, Or What Did I Do Now, Look! Oops!!!😍😘💗💖💝💘🌹✌️☮️🔥🦇👑

corujamaster's avatar

I specially like how the drop is not aligned with the fillet of blood from the lips, because it gives the impression the head was standing straight and when it dripped, you turned the head to look at the on possible onlooker, surprised.

Overall is just perfect. Dress style, dress color, hairstyle, the background, and specially the model, you.

Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

Thank you so very much for your kind and elaborated comment. Glad you enjoy the picture that much! :)

:heart: :hug: :heart:

Yogin-Sothoth's avatar

your signature, classy Victorian ))

lucky for ya, the droplets wont leave a stain on this nice dress, same color.

its funny but i heard about a real weird society called "vampire goths" and they really drink blood and dress like vampires.

Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

It is actually rococo, not victorian (sorry, studied history, cannot stop the nerding about stuff like that...^^'' xD )

Yep, you are absolutely right about the droplets and the color of the dress! Perfekt look for messy eater vampires...! XDD

Oh, I heard about people like that, too. How did you find out about them?

I once stumbled into one of their chat rooms by accident when I was actually looking for Vampire chat RPs online as a teen... been a few interessting weeks untill I realized my mistake...^^°

Yogin-Sothoth's avatar

Well, i didn't study art history, that's the most art-fashion-history combo i bring to the table.

Everything beyond Baroque-Victorian makes me think of you as a nerd :D pardon my ignorance haha.

i saw them on TV when i was a kid.. thought of them as weirdos.

but comparing to 2021 subculture standards, these guys are amateurs, lol.

Sooo roaming the dark corners of the net? ;P

Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

That's absolutely fine! XDD

I am just very passionated about that kind of stuff. xDD

Oh, I see. I think over here stuff like that would not be presented in TV. German "Vampyres" (as far as I know they change the i in "Vampire" for a y to differentiate between their culture and "fictional vampires") don't seem to be very interessted into public attention... ^^''

Oh, well, I was one of those kids who spent basically all their early internet times on either gaming guides - or urban legend/horror/'true ghost sightings' web pages... don't know if that counts as "dark", though, compared towards the kind of stuff presented online... ^^°

Yogin-Sothoth's avatar

History is my guilty pleasure ))

You seem to be a millennial as myself (1990 born).

Spent a lot of time exploring the net in its early days.. mostly anime and all the horrors that come with it haha, as a kid there was nothing else to do, besides parkour lol.

to be honest, only in recent years i was exposed to dark stuff like H.P Lovecraft etc..

wasn't reading much fantasy 10-15 years ago, but philosophy, glad i have found good dark stuff.

As a kid i always thought that women like barbie stuff, only later to discover that women love vampires and werewolves, even more than men XD

True-blood is a good example or Twilight.

Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

Indeed, I am a millenial, too. ^^

Oh.... anime... xD they were a huge part of my childhood and teens aswell. Still have got quite a few favorites I enjoy from time to time. ^^

Parkour sounds like an amazing freetime activity!

Well, I was always some kind of... natural born gothic. XD I was into ereything spooky, dark and nightly for as long as I can remember. And into history, especially roman, egyptian and greek pre christian times and 1400s up too 1800s... good thing this stuff mixes so well with... Darkness :"D

And Sifi... and Videogames... and Lord of the Rings, boy, was I into LotR! XD

Hehe. The difficult thing about women is both types exist - aswell as every imaginable variation in between. XD

Hmm... never cared for True Blood or Twilight, though. I started with reading Edgar Allan Poe when I was about 8 years old and stayed somewhat stuck with the 19th century to early 20th century gothic horror and those Movies and series inspired by their vibe or storylines.😅

Till this day my entertainment media consume is almost exclusively made out of horror content no matter if games, movies, series, podcasts... xDD

Kind of my 'comfort watch'. XD

I love analyzing story writing, score, camera work and the effects they invoce - or at least try to invoce - and horror seems to me like the genre that approaches its storylines in the most 'artsy' way, giving you the most things to think about, to analyze and to explore.

Yogin-Sothoth's avatar

heh; i smiled while reading this. i will respond tomorrow, there are a few crucial points.

chatting with you feels like putting a mirror in front of myself ))

AlberichPotter's avatar

Although that look says otherwise, hopefully you are a little more together than Britney! Great photo! :heart:

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