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Blue Lady

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From my adventureus try at fashion modelling. XD
I really love this dress, but it is rather difficult to pose in a flattering way. 😅
For the LARPers around: this is not only a pretty dress, it is the evening gown I wear with my Ventrue Neonate Maria von Hassel when she participates in social events. :)

Model+MuA: Mircalla Tepez
Photographer+Edit: Photodesign Josef Kristof
Image size
4000x6000px 12.35 MB
Shutter Speed
1/160 second
Focal Length
135 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 19, 2020, 7:18:30 PM
Sensor Size
© 2020 - 2021 Mircalla-Tepez
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Very elegant and beautiful.

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Ein Kunstwerk fürwahr! Farbwelt, Proportionen, Licht. Passt alles. Chapeau!

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My favorite shade of blue!!!

VladTurunen's avatar

You leave me without breathing my countess, your sensuality is so great that I was close to losing my composure for you

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You are charming as always, dear count. I appreciate your words of gallantry - even though I almost feel urged to apologize for tempting your composure. But only almost, that is... ;)


VladTurunen's avatar

My lady, you can tempt me all you want, I wouldn't be surprised if behind all that vampiric beauty you also hide the tempting power of a succubus.

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Majestic beauty wow 🌹🌹🌹🌹

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Thank you very much! :heart:

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Everything is perfect! first of all you, your pose, the dress, background, contrast of colors, your lovely skin tone and your beautiful round feminine shape.:hug: :heart:

Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

Thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful feedback! :hug:

I am glad you enjoy this piece so much - especially since you have an eye for all those different facets of the picture! :heart:

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A great dress and a great shot!

...and I can see how it's very Ventrue, too :)
Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

Thank you so much! :heart:

Especially for the second remark! :D

It's always great to hear people can see the clan in a still picture, even without over emphasizing it to the fullest... ^^; :hug:

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Great Work! You have the Number One Feature Photo for the next 48 hours in Tastefully-Done!


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Oh wow...! Thank you very much for having me! :o :heart:

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You are welcome! :)

Great Work!

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OMG and WOWWWWW!!!!! You, My Sweet, Lovely Princess, ARE THE Most Awesomely Gorgeous Model, Of All-time!!! Spectacular, Dear Mircalla, Spectacular!😍👑😘👑💟👑💝👑💖👑💘👑🌹👑✌️👑☮️👑🔥👑
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Damn! That is gorgeous! 👏👏👏❤

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Always have a soft spot for a gorgeous lady in a nice dress

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hehe. I have to admit: Glad you do! :D :heart:

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This may be over-analyzing the photo... but, what caught my eye (besides how amazingly stunning and breathtaking you look) is the choice to put you in front of the wall where the horizontal lines begin.

Did you see/do you remember in "The Matrix" movies when the camera pulls away from the characters in the matrix and then the lines appear in the image that indicate the camera was looking at the scene through a CRT monitor? Those lines remind me of that.

I imagine this image panning or sliding the left to the other "non-Matrix" side, and then we'd see you in jeans and t-shirt talking to someone or just casually smiling (rare though that is here on dA)... that the horizontal lines represent the world in which you are "in character" and the other side is the you the audience doesn't normally see.

So, I'm a hobbyist writer, and I can write a whole short story or poem based on one image or idea... so this interpretation is most likely all in my head... but I thought I'd share.

P.S. That cannot be an easy pose to hold, so kudos for pulling it off so well!

Mircalla-Tepez's avatar

Oh my god! Thank you so very much for that elaborated and well thought comment!

I totally love your whole idea, what you are reading into the picture!

That is pretty much what I love the most about my hobby: If my photos invoce vibes of a certaine concept, a faint idea or even a short story in the beholder's mind I am all over the moon! :hug:

Well, I remember the Matrix, even though I have to admit it didn't cross my own mind when we took those pictures. I see where you are coming from, so I just want to add only one small detail: Even in casual every day life I prefer skirts (especially vintage pencilskirts or ankle long skirts out of some light, flowy fabric) and wear almost never jeans. They just are sooo uncomfortable to me! ;) :D

And... you are actually right, I very rarely smile on my photos. That is because I don't like fake smiles and on a photo set in action, I rarely caught a mood (or are working on a topic..) that causes an honest laugh - or where that laugh would be appreciated in the final tone of the photo... ^^

So the few ones captured in my galery are authentic, at least...

I just have to loosen up a bit if I want to do my upcoming project justice... need to at least faintly smile for my cosplay idea...^^

Thank you for the kudos, I definately have to return this favor to you for letting me know about your amazing idea. Should you ever turn that idea into some story, please let me know! :)

As a fellow writer and studied master of arts with a degree in history and letters I really have a soft spot for stories in all their forms! :)

Have an amazing day, dear, and enjoy your upcoming weekend to the fulles! :heart:

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. It does mean a lot to me. I haven't come up with a story for this picture yet, but I have posted something new if you have the time...

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