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Tajiy (commission)

By Mirax3163
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***PLEASE do not re-post any of this artwork to other websites like tumblr without my permission. I already have a tumblr blog and I post all of this artwork on my blog already, so if you would like to support me, please reblog those posts instead of making new ones.***

Just finished this commission of my OC Tajiy for :iconvennadda:! THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO WORK ON AND I ACTUALLY REALLY  LIKE HOW IT TURNED OUT FOR ONCE HNNGH He did turn out a little buffer than his body type is supposed to be (them legs hnngh) but that is ok I will just have to fix that next time I draw him ; u ; 

Thank you so much venn for commissioning my oc's it gives me life and makes me so happy when you do ; A ; -bear hugs and nuzzles forever-

face detail: Tajiystudy2-2detail
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So beautiful
Great job 👌
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Very nice! Congrats on the DD
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amazing !!!!!!!
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Wow, this is incredible!!! I love the details and the lighting! Well done! :D Congrats on the DD!
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Amazingly made! Your character looks so alive and great! I really adore your art!
Congratulations on the well deserved Daily Deviation!
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Congrazzles on the DD :D
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Congrats on the DD! :DALove: by Ikue
Have a nice day! :love: by CookiemagiK
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Your work is astounding!!!!! Keep up The Great Work!!! (:
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Really liked your brush work!!! It's so fluid and rough,  it makes the character more alive and vibrant! I'm practicing brush strokes and they're a lot harder than it seems, any tips on that?
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OH wow thank you! And I'm glad you like my brushwork! To be honest I don't usually spend too much time thinking about the directions I paint in, I think it comes naturally to me at this point because I've been painting for so long.

However a few things I've noticed along the way are that I generally just move my hand in the most comfortable way, and it ends up going in relation to the shape and volume of the form. It helps to go parallel with the edge of your lines, and then for blending, going perpendicular to those edges on the areas where you need to have two colors blended, in a sort of 'hatching' motion. I also tend to start with a larger brush to fill in colors and block in values, and then progressively get smaller when I need to blend or add in highlights/defining shadows. Make sure you don't try to smooth things out too much or you will lose the texture. I will probably make a post with all of my Paint Tool Sai brushes here soon, so you can also check that out to see the brushes I use. Brush shape definitely has a profound effect on the resulting texture and look of the painting. I hope that helps! 

Also if you would like to see my technique when painting, I usually post journals announcing my livestreams, so you are welcome to come on over and watch me paint if you would like! 
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He looks amazing!
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THank you babe! ; u ; 
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So lovely & agree with everyone else you just keep getting better! *sending tons of Tajiy love*
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Aaaah thank you bby!! I'm so glad you and so many people love him ; u ; :heart:
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The background is awesomely done!
And I've been falling in love with your rough paint style since... well... :D
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Aaaah thank you so much ; o ; :heart: Yeah in reality this seems to be the most polished I've been able to get lately. If I try to go in and smooth stuff out I lose that brush/painted texture that I love so much so I like to leave it rather loose looking ; u ; So I'm glad you like it!
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That texture is one of the things I love about your style! It makes the picture look like it was drawn with ease (I know it's not always like that, but still) and there's dynamics and movement... This is what makes your art live in my opinion :)
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My pleasure, honey Rose x Ten Hug tik tok tik tok tik tok 
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:heart: :heart: :heart: Don't tell anyone but you are my favorite commissioner. Because it's fucking amazing that you like my characters enough to commission them from me ; u ; and you are so sweet and kind about it and are open to pretty much everything ILOVEYOU. If I ever make prints out of these you are getting like 20 of them for free. One day you will wake up and there will be a horde of letters sticking out of your mailbox and shooting down your chimney. art santa is a hogwarts owl
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Thumbs Up SPN I won´t tell ;)
I really like them, and I love so so much my two commissions. I already know who I will ask you to draw if you open commissions again and I have money. :)
Haha, if one day I wake up and there´s a horde of letters with Tajiy prints in my house, I will faint from happiness, with heart-shaped eyes. XD
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very nice artwork! :)
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