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So I've had the flu for two weeks, which has been bullshit ... but with only two and a half weeks left of school I have to just power through it. I have zero dollars right now, my bank account's overdrawn by 50+ dollars, and I have rent and other bills due in a few days. Shit sucks, so any commissions are welcome - big or small. I'll be streaming all night tonight, though I should be doing homework and assignments, but can't afford to have all my shit shut off tomorrow - so I'll be around. email me for a commissions /art slot/ hours/ etc: smokingpendotcom@gmail.com
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Hey all - it's the end of the month and I'm busting my ass to get rent and bills paid. Please buy commission slots and art hours - Most of the weekend is available, Friday Sat and Sunday! Also my shop has a brand new TGTF comic on it: Squeek Squad! Go here: http://www.smokingpen.com Commission Streaming Slots: 2 hours streaming art slot - 100$ 4 hours streaming art slot - 200$ you get pretty much anything you want, from inks and sketches to color, comics, and pinups. Regular Commissions: 5 page single character basic ink sequence is 100$ BIG COMIC SALE: 5 PAGE COMIC (Inks) - ONLY 350$!!! This is a savings of 150$. Generally I don't d
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Hey all, been a shitty week and a half because we've pretty much had non-stop rain, so my arthritis has been extra awful.... hard to get out of bed when you're in so much pain you just wish someone would shoot you, preferably in the legs. I forgot February is short and shitty - so I'm in a desperate need for commissions and funds to pay rent. I'm currently negative money in my bank account and need to earn rent and my car payment at a minimum. Here's the commissions available: HOURLY ART STREAM- Schedule for any night of the week or weekend! Just let me know your schedule as I have classes at night and during the day. 2 hours is 100$ 4 h
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Could you check the configuration of your smokingpen website it is not letting me connect and says it's owner may have configured it improperly.
hey there my name is carlos now i want to be a manga artist (like you) where i can created my storys (for hobbys of course) and also animating (if you don't about animating that fine) but i got so many questions for being an artist of manga and animating (but i'm you know about manga sorry if that offend you)

1.is drawing characters are easy (like use your imagination to create including some fantasy characters also) cause i create alot of characters on dress up games and took a picture of them on my phone (don't judge i was very creative) 

2.you can draw background by using your imaginations? (not like took a picture and draw it right? cause i seen something fantasy like naruto,tokyo ghouls backrounds and stuff)

3.i seen alot of mistakes and i'm worried that i might screwed up how can you tell of which mistake you can spot? (apologize if that was offended if you know about it but again i apologize)

4.animating are easy right like you can do it on your own? (like honestly i seen alot of animators on youtube who can animate so i was wondering that it fun to do that can it? like i want to do anime series on youtube)

5.(it may or may not be an important question) is using any tablets like matter? cause i honestly seen artist who has like a few tablets and stuff and wonder which tablet to animate/draw on and also only used one tablet?

those are my questions hope you understand cause i really want to be a manga artist and create my storys to be honest