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Gates of Midnight Issue #4 Cover by mirana  Gates of Midnight Issue #3 Cover by mirana   Gates of Midnight Issue #2 Cover by mirana   Gates of Midnight Issue #1 Cover (Standard) by mirana

All of the Gates of Midnight comics I worked on have now been released! I provided covers for all four issues, and interior color on #1 and #2. You can pick these supernatural action comics at Comixology or at booth M11 in the Small Press section of San Diego Comic Con this week! :)

This week on Humble Bundle is CATS themed! You can get 7 awesome cat games PLUS if you donate $25 or more you will get a T-shirt THAT I DESIGNED! :D 

This is the first tee I’ve ever designed and had produced, and it’s for an awesome, worthy cause, so I’m really excited!! The Humble Bundle this week supports World Land Trust and The Able Gamers

The “game” the kittens are playing is available as a desktop wallpaper on my site so you can recreate the tee with your own kittens!

This weekend I'll be at Retro Mega Comic Con as a Special Art Guest. I will have a table selling prints, originals, and new magnets! I will be surrounded by Power Rangers and Walking Dead zombies, so come on out and you can be too! :)
Our precious cat Leia was diagnosed with lung cancer a few days ago. If you have appreciated my art and would be interested in helping us fund the cost of her treatment, please check out our shops: Mirana's Shop, Mirana's Etsy, Casey's Etsy or our GoFundMe page. Thank you for thinking of her!
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This weekend March 6-8 I'll be in the Artist Alley at GnomeCon in Savannah, GA! I'll be selling prints, original art, necklaces, and magnets made of my popular Cat Archer and Cat Sorceress pieces! I just had these made and it's a serious struggle not to just cover my fridge in them instead of sell them to you guys. 

If you can't make it to Gnome Con, I've got your back! Just check out My Shop for more kitten goodness (and other stuff, if you're into that). The first five orders between now and the 8th will get a free magnet included! 

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Now through Dec 20th you can use the code HOLIDAY10 in my etsy shop  to get 10% off your order. Dec 20th is also the last day for Priority Mail delivery by the 25th. I have all of my most popular Fantasy Cats prints in stock, plus the very last of my necklaces and some framed original watercolors. Prints ship bagged and boarded, necklaces with gift boxes, and original pieces are framed, so all would make a great gift for anyone who loves fantasy art (and especially cats!)
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Dragon*Con is fast approaching Aug 29th through Labor Day in Atlanta, GA. I'll have gallery space to the left of the admin tables at the start of aisle 4. There will be lots of new art for sale not yet seen online! I will also have prints available in the Print Shop. If you can't make it, you can always pick up my prints and more at my shop. Any originals that I have left over will be in the online shop when I return. :)

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I have had the pleasure of working with comic book publisher Kymera Press on their first title, "Gates of Midnight." Started by a television script writer, and an agent for writers in film and TV, Kymera Press is setting out to be a comic book company that employs women to create comics for all fans. Their first title "Gates of Midnight" is about a supernatural thriller that pits Raven, a combat medic recently returned from Afghanistan, against creatures from another world. I've been providing the art for all of the covers, as well as doing colorist duties on the interiors.

If you would like to be a part of supporting such a spectacular company, and want to check out their first comic, please consider supporting and/or sharing their Kickstarter! The KS funds will see to printing, paying the creative team and printing for issues 5-8 of GoM, fund their next all-lady titles, and maybe even give them a shot at starting an all-woman comic convention!

We need more comic books that speak to female comic creatives and fans better, and I think these lovely ladies just might be the ones to prove that fans are interested in strong female protags and a different PoV! 

Thanks for taking a look! :)
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Today is the last day I'll be Gnome Con in Savannah, GA. To celebrate the con season, I'm having FREE SHIPPING at my shop on any purchase! Just enter code FREESHIP through April 19th. I'm also including a free postcard with purchase while supplies last. Pick up a print of one of my famous fantasy cat mashups, a necklace and more. :)
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This weekend I'll be at Ancient City Con in Jacksonville, FL, sharing a table with :iconquickmind:! Come by and check out my prints, original watercolors, necklaces and more! 
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Today, tomorrow and Sunday I'll be at Gnome Con in Savannah, GA with a table in the Artist Alley. The con opens at noon in the Coastal Georgia Center, and will run into the night on Friday and Saturday (though I'll probably dip out for dinner around 6 or 7PM)! Come out to play a whole lot of fun games and buy some art!
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Asajj Ventress and Clones by mirana

If you're a fan of my Ventress vs Clones piece, I've turned it into a T-shirt design for the We Love Fine Star Wars Dark Side contest. If you have a moment and are a fan of bald, female Sith, then go here to vote!
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If you are going to be heading down to Mid-South Con in Memphis, TN this March 22-24th I will have some prints for sale there! All prints come signed and with a free postcard! For those not in the area, you can always pick up one of my pieces at my shop!

I'm also still participating in the monthly Artist Bazaar in Savannah, Ga at DeSoto Row Gallery. They are the first friday in every month. The next one is April 5th from 6 to 9PM!

Another sequential color sample for my portfolio.

Mature Content

The Darkness by Mirana by mirana
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Vintage Tiefling by mirana Fantasy Cats by mirana Fantasy Cats 2 by mirana WARLORD Liliane Card by mirana

I have just restocked my shop for the holidays! There are many items that haven't been available online before. Prints, framed mini watercolors, cards and necklaces! Tomorrow I'm also releasing a very limited edition of a quirky "holiday" card, so stay tuned! :D

On Friday, December 7th I will be participating in a First Friday Art March bazaar located at DeSoto Row Gallery in downtown Savannah, GA. If you are in town stop by to see me and a bunch of stellar artists offering awesome art that will make wonderful gifts!
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Vintage Demon - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

I designed my first T-shirt using a black & white version of my ArtOrder-winning "Vintage Tiefling" piece. It's currently up for scoring at You can click the link above to score and/or comment if you have a moment to spare! :) You can also check out the design placement on more colors and on larger model pics here on my site.
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Wow, thanks to the judges that made my Gears of War piece a semi-finalist in their contest! :D I was not expecting that at all. There are a lot of great pieces!

This Saturday I'll be participating in a charity event at the Tantra Lounge in Savannah, GA. There will be arts and crafts for sale all day and night, live acts and bands, raffles and an auction all benefiting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure charity. If you live in the area, come by and have some fun while doing some good!
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I did a couple of new comic colorist samples yesterday featuring the lineart of my talented long-time friend Nina Matsumoto spacecoyote . One page is from her original graphic novel "Yokaiden" and the other is from her "Avatar: The Last Airbender" graphic novel "Zuko's Story." Both are excellent, so you should pick them up if you haven't. ;)
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A piece of mine will be on display this weekend at Radio City Music Hall in New York City! It's a group display and has a piece from my fiancee as well. The works are a tribute to The Lord of the Rings movies and coincide with the live performance of the "Two Towers" score. If you can't see them in person, you can see my piece here. :) The full color version of this piece is about 80% done, but I can't finish it this weekend as I'm attending New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest! I will not be doing any art display beyond the Radio City work, but there are plently of other awesome artists to check out!
Hmm, looks like I need to update around here. ;)
:iconspacecoyote: My long-time friend Nina Matsumoto had her first original graphic novel released today. It's printed through Del Ray's manga division and located at all your major bookstores (including

skeleton boys by spacecoyote kamen mask by spacecoyote  

Some of you might remember her from this article about her very well-known Simpsonzu fanart and subsequent Bongo work.

I just finished reading it myself and it's AWESOME. If you're a fan of her free webcomic Saturnalia of yore than you might like it even better. :D

(I want a Nue...and a Kyumon...)


A while back I did some color work and a pin-up for "The Clockwork Girl" through Arcana Comics and it just recently came back in-stock at Amazon. Pick it up if you like Disney style, dark fantasy, or steampunk. ;)
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