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Background: 4 Shibuya Stages

I started my boards before the clarification/revision of the WEWY contest, so I went with the premise of playable stage concepts for the game. I used 4 real Shibuya locations that I didn't see in game screen shots and made sure the designs had hallmarks of WEWY style like distorted perspective and 1/2 or 2/3 screen playable area.

This is the first time I've ever done environ concepts and I had lots of fun. I wish I'd had time to bring more than one to a completed concept stage. Wished I'd spent more time in Shibuya than I did, because I obviously missed out on seeing some amazing architecture first-hand.

EDIT: Holy hell, Batman! Thanks to the judges and Square for choosing this as one of the ten finalist pieces. Major kudos to everyone who entered! Keep drawing and take a little time to make a critique/comment on a few pieces that didn't place. :D If you note me with a link to your entry, I'll send a little critique love your way.
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Nice, I like the environment . :)
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Wow! This is incredible! You're really on the right track here! Keep this up and you'll become a great background designer.
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Hey, gratz Mirana. :D I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I just wanted to throw some love your way. Have you mentioned it in the girl's forum? *Goes to check*
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No...I'm glad you guys are getting use outta the gal forum, but I was always a little weird by the idea (not that there is one, but that it's "secret"). Anyhoo, thanks for the comment. :)
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*sets pride aside* Congrats. You came with a fine background design.
Nice work Mirana

(BTW I am Lindsays Roomie and she told me about the final 10 XD)

Also, I have been playing this game and it's awesome, your art feels like it should have been in the game.
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Which roomie? :D

I had to do so much research about the game to do the backgrounds right, that I knew I'd have to buy the game if I didn't win it. Guess that's the point of the contest anyway. ;)
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simply awesome art
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Wow, it's amazing and it's your first time! You sure have talent :D

It really deserves a place in the top ten, congrats!
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wow amazing major kudos to you, i wish i was this good :-/
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Well deserved, great concept art, you deserve the win bask man, BASK!!
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Ooooh, I recognize most of those places! Really makes me nostalgic for Tokyo~ :heart: Nice to see someone tackling something a little less character-based. : D
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Yah, unfortunately I only went to the Meiji Shrine, Ota Museum and a little bit of Harajuku...and none of those areas were in the scope of the game's playing area (or style) in Shibuya. Ah well, at least now I know where all the awesome architecture is for next time. :)
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Ooh, I haven't heard of the Ota Museum, is it in the same area as Harajuku/Meiji Shrine, etc? What kind of exhibits are there?
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It's about a couple blocks away from the Meiji and the major Harajuku station there. It's a smallish (well, compared to the National or the Edo) museum of Ukiyo-e prints and scroll work.
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congratulations with being in the finals
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good job on being in the finals!!
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These are really great! Congrats!!!!
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Wow, congrats for being in the top ten!:D
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