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February 16, 2017
Simply splendid.
TRANSISTOR: In Circles by MiraMarta
Featured by pullingcandy
Suggested by GeorgeXVII
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Fandom: Transistor (game)
Character: Red
Cosplayer: MiraMarta 
Photographer: AnnetVoronaya 

TRANSISTOR:  Hey, Red...    they stole your voice! by MiraMarta TRANSISTOR: we all become... by MiraMarta TRANSISTOR by MiraMarta  TRANSISTOR: They will find us again by MiraMarta  TRANSISTOR: Look, no matter what happens, just... by MiraMarta  TRANSISTOR: Sadness.... by MiraMarta  TRANSISTOR: She Shines by MiraMarta

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AmoebaGagless's avatar
I love this game.
EdoanMello's avatar
I love this game, and this cosplay too!
as-obu's avatar
I love this game and your cosplay is amazing ;)
samofsam's avatar
WoW Nice Cosplay
TheXeroMetal's avatar
The sword blew my mind when I saw it. That game was amazing and so is this cosplay!
Jay-Jay-Edits's avatar
My mouth dropped open when I saw this! I wasn't expecting to see something Transistor related! Gorgeous!
I'm simply blown away with the similarities between this one photo and the game itself.
lumenix's avatar
LOrdalie's avatar
Supergiant Game is life !
I loved that gam so much when i did it in 2015.
That was with Monstr hunter 3 , the game of the year for me
Very good cosplay of a great character.
LeviaDraconia's avatar
:deviantart: Congrats on the DD! :heart: :clap: :deviantart:
Redje-inu's avatar
That is RAD! Look's natural! 
oddsbodkins's avatar
Yup. Just yup. 
Amazing. I really loved your cosplay, and you're so beautiful that it fits perfectly 💜
NaokoElric2250's avatar
Wow, the accuracy and details on the sword is amazing.
atram95's avatar
Is Incredible!!
DrPlutonium007's avatar
Congrats on the DD!
Celem's avatar
Congrats on the DD :)
yumybunnygirl's avatar
Circuit board sword? That is excellent! Especially the lightning effects.
GeorgeXVII's avatar
Congrats on the DD MiraMarta :clap:
You've done an awesome cosplay :star:
great colors and details, beautiful character ! Keep up the good work.
Jack-Dan's avatar
Love the design of that game and wow that Transistor sure looks amazing!!! Great work <3
ArtbroJohn's avatar
Amafel-Elf's avatar
I loved this game! Lovely cosplay!
SirGryphon's avatar
Holy crap! Did a double take thought this was art not cosplay! It came out great! What elements went into the sword? How does it glow? Is that editing or part of its mechanics.

Great jorb!
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