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My artworks and shtuff are dere


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Some pretty artworks by some very great artists ^w^


:iconthevixenofinkwell: :iconmulberryunicorn: :iconhaze-bee: :icontobeginagain2: :iconcassacuervo: :iconazu-tsumetai: :iconsimplyaran: :iconredkoopashell85:




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
•《Every Angel has their Demons》•

•《「Hello! I’m Ariadne, you guys can call me Aia.(*´ω`*)
Welcome to my page, I’m still new here and I hope to have a great time. I hope you guys will enjoy your stay! ٩( ᐛ )و 」》•

【Requests】: 「I do requests, selected only; don’t feel down if I didn’t choose you.」

「Types of requests I do:」
• Furry, anthro, monsters, & ocs (No* Humans)
• Cuphead ocs/ Canon Cuphead characters
• BATIM ocs/ Canon BATIM characters
• Pairings/Ships/Couples
• MLP Ocs/ Canon Mlp characters

【Art trades】: 「Close friends/friends only.」
【Gifts】: 「Close friends/friends only.」


:There there, Cagney:
“Even Flowers have bad days, and thorny moments.”

My Cuphead Oc Persephone Puppet trying to pacify her raging Carnation friend YOU'RE TEARING ME APART before hell breaks loose.

She gotta do it before he’ll end up destroying the whole area around him in his final form Cagney Carnation Icon  YOU GOTTA CALM ‘IM PERSI GO GO GOOO—
Poor Cags, whatever Hilda had done to upset him so Yato Nervous Neck Rub Icon 

Might Ink this up tomorrow or later Cute doggo 

[Cagney Carnation © Studio MDHR]

Persephone Puppet and Art by…
:Future Cuphead Oc? (Will digitalize soon):
Cuphead has been in my head for quite a while, so I’ve thought of exploiting some designs and things that haven’t (or have been used as) ocs and fan-character. Here, let me introduce you to my future Cuphead Oc— Persephone (Or maybe Periwinkle if I rename her) the Puppet! 

Her outfit and design was hard to come up with. The lines and joints are hard to draw also, because she’s a puppet Sweating a little....

But anyways, Persephone (Might rename her to Periwinkle) is the beautiful masterpiece of a former Ballet instructor and puppeteer owning an opera theater, who has passed away months after her creation. Persi (or Peri, if I’m to rename her) was the sole heir to her ‘fathers’ career. Her father has lived most of his life with ballet dancers and fellow puppeteers such as himself. He never had a spouse, nor did he adopt a child. At the age of his late 60’s (maybe 67 or 69) he decided, thinking he needed to create his own ‘child’ as he looked back on his previous creations. He fashioned and polished her body and form from Pur white Ivory, while her Chocolate Brown hair was dyed dogs fur. He had worked on her for months, with little rest and no stop.

When she was finished, he was happy with the result, although one thing was missing: the lifespark in her form, and eyes. He knew it wouldn’t be the same if she were just one of his very collection of puppets, he needed her to be alive; to breathe, walk, and talk. So, knowing what consequences he had, he went in the devils casino and pledged a deal with the devil. He wanted the devil to bring life to his creation, and the devil accepted, but in one condition: that he will work and do as the devil says, for he will be his sole servant for eternity. The puppeteer accepted, not knowing that that isn’t all that the devil had planned: the devil, not mentioning this to the pupetteer for he is cunning and deceptive, that if the puppeteer dies, his binding deal will be passed on to his ‘daughter’. But, when the puppeteer came, he was happy to see his own version of a ‘daughter’, alive and moving, with the puppet able to feel feelings and express them. For months he spent time teaching his ‘daughter’ what he has learned althroughout the years in the opera and as a Ballet instructor, and she learned quickly as she too, adapted to her new surroundings. The puppeteer named her “Persephone”, but also calling her “Peri” or “Periwinkle”.

But, as time passed, her ‘father’ died of old age, and his binding pledge had been passed to Persephone. King Dice came to her Opera, which she owns now, and he informs her that her fathers binding pldege has now passed to her, so she needs to move to the Devils Casino since she is now the property of the Devil, which is the reason why King Dice came for her. Persephone was still naiive and shy those times, trying to refuse although gave in the moment King Dice threatens her. So, she moved to the Casino, meeting the Devil upon her entrance, and he greets her with a kind gesture and a kiss on her wooden palm, complimenting she looks “Marvelously astounding.”, as he saw she was attractive and greaceful with the way she walked and spoke, causing the devil to take interest in her. But Persephone was one to be wary around suspicious people, so she looked unperturbed, but scared as she saw him do this to her, knowing her ‘father’ warned her to be cautious with people, even ones she just met.

For the rest of her months in the casino, she danced for entertainment there, but recieved backlash from the ones requesting for her to dance, seeing that her ballet dance was too ‘boring’ and ‘An eye-sore’, also she was scared to dance in front of many people, due to her father fearing debtors would try wanting to buy a living, life-sized puppet such as her for money and show. These times often caused her to break down on stage. At the same time those times the devil offered her to only dance for him, seeing she was too sensitive to dance in front of people too. She accepted, but immediately refused to come after an evening event that caused her to become even more sensitive and emotional. When she refused, the devil came up to her and asked what was wrong, but she denied trying to tell him what’s wrong with her. The devil tried and tried, but she kept refusing. This, enraged him and lashed out at her, forcing her to run away out of the casino. Seeking refuge only in her old Opera house where it was secluded deep in the woods, she dances there when no one will ever watch her dance, and will stay there confided inside the walls for fear of being found. The devil is still searching for her, knowing she will pay for she escaped the casino and is in debt to him and will serve him. For this, he ordered his staff to go on a search party for her, with King Dice taking the lead.

For years she’s still secluded inside her old Opera home, and no one has found her. Not yet, at least.

Man that was some long backstory :o (Eek)  buut yeah, I think she might be my future Cuphead oc somehow??Mr.Hippo - Thinking  maybe, probably, but mostly maybe.

Edit: Edited the drawing, now it’s fixed Meow :3 .

Art by…
Okay, tomorrow until Friday is the monthly exams. I might be active but only for a little in a while, because of reviewing and so, so much school work to do. I’ll be more online once it’s the end of the week and monthly exams.
:Magelet (W.I.P. 5):
The little rookie Magelet is ready for battle Star Angry! LET THE BATTLE COMMENCCCE[BnHA S3 Emotes] Momo Yaoyorozu Yelling 
Anyways—Changed her outfit Mr.Hippo - Thinking  And soon enough I’ll be ready to make the rest of her Ref. Sheet bcs I need to bcs I need to update the last one ref of her on paper from last year in my previous sketchbook, but it was unfinished and now looks, weird Gaster In Sweater Down 

And with a touch of the magic of my stylus and imagination, this new Ref. Sheet will be as good as a shiny new gem Sailor Moon: Moon Cosmic Power III 

//Claps slowlyJust wow (Gif) 
///Dashes out of the room and screams ‘TESTS ARE DUE IN TUESDAAAAAYYYY’Bonnie Scary - Jumpscare (FNAF-UCN) STRAWBERRY CAKE INTENSIFIES 

Art by…
:Meeting Little me:
Inspired by Little Mixs’ song “Little me”. Here my main meets her younger self (so small and tiny she was..). Her little self had many bandages on because of her sister, Blaires constant abuse towards her (from her chest there’s a dark line, which is a cut.). She was also a petite and thin 5 year old, nearly malnourished due to her sister forcing her to only eat Pumpkin skin soup and some thin vegetables, her eldest step-sister, Elissa, don’ give 10 damns about her two younger step-sisters because she has other things to do than meddle with her infantile siblings.

Miras parents neither cared nor did they punish Blaire, because they’re too busy with their jobs, always out and all that. They constantly spoil the girls just so they wouldn’t bother them, and never gave proper care, attention, and love to their girls, leaving only their caretakers (one of which is Brownie, whom was assigned to Mira and loves her more than she ever did; she only hid it well enough because she doesn’t want to ruin her reputation and look ‘soft’.) and butlers. Their daughters are only trophies out up for display and nothing more. Their maids and servants, know nothing of this torture and abuse becuase they respect the girls’ ‘privacies’.

Anyways, I didn’t ink this piece because I got lazy to finish it all Gaster In Sweater Down and some Trivia of Mira’s past, because I need to uNHoLy SCReeCHiNG   mybabyneedstheattentionhnng—

Art by… 


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