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Guess what ! 

I just open a shop in Etsy for all fans that wanna purchase a print of my drawings ! :boogie:

Here's the link to my shop:

Don't be shy to ask me if you have any question !

See ya !! :w00t:
Hi !!!

For 2 years now, I do some graphic design, i have my own company at home. Dance! 

And today, I have a contest for all Canadian fans ! 
Because YOU like my art for so long now, it's time to LIKE my page on Facebook to get a chance to win a free drawing !!!

It's very simple, you just have to like my page and share the contest, right here :… !!

See you on Facebook !  Hi! 

Hello !!! :w00t:

Since January 2011, I run my own business! Yep, I'm now a freelance graphic designer!!! :pc:
I studied in Graphic design from 2003 to 2006 (Cegep Ste-Foy) and I worked for 4 years in a advertising agency where I was assigned on many different projects.

Now I can do websites, logos, business cards... and so many things ! You can see what I can do here :

Official website : (
Facebook page :…

I work in Québec, Canada and i'm always happy to have new clients. Just let me know what's your project and I will be able to give you a free estimate. :)
I usually work in french, but if you send me your final text in a good english, that's fine with me ;)

For those who want me to do drawings more often, i really think about it every week. I want to draw but i have many new projects (a new house, etc) so that's not in my priority right now. Really soon I will have a place for my drawing table in my workspace so that will be easier for me :aww:

( sorry for not answering everyone, I have too much messages here, I just want to thank you all for the great comments I receive everyday :blowkiss: )
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Hi !

I've got 30 000 pageviews today ! That's unbelievable ! :O_o:

Thank you everyone for your support and all the comments and favourites :hug:


I'm working on many drawing and project right now !
And i have a little surprise coming soon :aww:
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Hi everyone !

It's been a long time since i've come here.
I've watch all new deviation, many good ones !

That make me want to continue to draw. I have so much to do for my work that i don't draw often now.

I must continue, i know :aww:

I hope the new year brings up time to do that !

Happy new year everyone !
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Hi everyone!

Just got a really bad news today... after forever no longer exist... it's my favorite band.. it was.. omg i'm so sad...

I think i will do a drawing of them or just floor, to compare with the first drawing of my gallery... i will see

I'm doing a drawing in color in the moment.. and another drawing is on the way.

i hope you like the new drawing of my gallery, i've post it just like you suggest me to do.

sorry for my english tonight i'm so tired i can't find my words..

see ya!

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Hi everyone

It's seems that i've been gone for a long time.. i'm sorry... i've done some drawings but i don't know if you want to see commissions, thats not very interesting when you don't know people on the drawing.. what do you think ?

I'm in the mood to do some stuff now so i must do it :)

i'm happy to see many arts here, thats make me want to continue my stuff. Thanks for you all. See you soon :)


Hello hello !

Wed Jan 9, 2008, 6:10 PM
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Ok now i'm back here for real, i want to draw so many portraits that i've submit 4 drawings  in 3 days lol

Give me some ideal if you want!! :)

i'm on this club :

:iconportraitpencilart: :iconthepencilclub: :iconepicafans: :iconwithintemptationfc: :iconnightwishlovers: :iconmetalmusic:
and i'm searching for an Harry potter club..
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I've stop to draw... but i think this is something i have to do.

it makes me feel better with myself, ...a time just for me

so i have to be back here... we'll see...
I'm now working with other graphists, we are 10 persons to work together.

it's 35hours/week :)

it's seems to be good :)

i can't wait for tomorrow!!! :)

yeeeeh!!! :aww:
I'm now searching for many contracts in graphic arts AND in drawings of portraits!!!

so if you want a portraits made by me, just ask me :

It's not very expensive, it's depend of the model, the difficulty!
Of course, you'll have the original, that i gave in person or by mail.

So don't be shy and ask me, i have the time :)
Hi everybody!!

I've do a georgous travel... better than all my wishes...

I've meet many persons, i've do so many things...

but i'll remember one of the best thing:
The two shows i've see, Sonata Arctica at Paris and Epica at Amsterdam were so niiiiiice!!! I've meet Mark from Epica after the show, and he recognized me (for the drawing i've do for the DVD)!!!! yahoo!! :aww:

I'll go in Europe very soon, 'cause i really like the mentality of people there!!! I was feeling like at my home....

I just want to quit now!! and to return in europe!!!!
Hi all!! :)

this would be my first real travel of ever... i've do all the organisation... and now i think i'm ready to leave!!

i'll go one week in Paris, three weeks in belgium (Namur) and about 3 days in Netherlands (amsterdam)
i'll see epica for the special show of 4 may... I will be nice!

In europe, i'll do a work for the school about the graphic art in europe, i just can't wait to be there....

I want to thanks all french friends of mine who'll be there for my birthday in Paris (29april), it should be the greatest birthday of my whole life.... (about 50 persons...)

And for the other on DA, see you after my travel, in one month!!! :aww:

I'm very busy in my life right now... i don't have the time to draw anymore!!
I work, I study, I have a boyfriend...

this is my last year of study, this is very important.. and i have to make money to go in Europe... in April, i'll go in belgium to do a stage in Graphic Arts... and it takes money hehehe

So, i don't forget my count here, but i must take my time for what is the most important... but in my holidays of christmas.. i'll make some drawings for sure!! ;)

see you soon,
yes, it's my birthday!

i'm old lol but anyway... i'm still young i know lol but i just.. dont realise.. the last year had past so fast :|

My boyfriend give me a CD of Sonata Arctica (the concert at quebec city and montreal was so perfect... !!!) and... a ticket... FOR IRON MAIDEN!! 16 julyyy
I've take the ticket by myself, 'cause he doesnt live at québec city.. and maiden do a concert just here, in my cityyyyy!!  m/
so now i have two good tickets for a big show! :D
I'll see some many concert this year, one at each month, that's so cool!! the bands are : Alcoholica (tribute to metallica), Iron Maiden, Edguy & Hammerfall, Stratovarius
What a beautiful summer!! m/

i'm very happy, but very busy, i have to do my homework... erk.. lol

I'll try to post some drawings in the next weeks, i have to do some contracts..
no no i'm not dead!

I'm still alive but so many things to do, to think, to all of that lol

i finally saw the DVD of EPICA this weekend, that's really really nice!! I just say : GET IT, SEE IT :)
you'll dont be sad :)

about me now???... my boyfriends, the school, friends, drawings, babysit, forums.. i dont know what to do, so much things that i wanna do, soon i'll have to make a choose, somewhere yay... but what... i dont know what i'll do, but now i can still keep it up and sleep some hours to stay alive at the moment lol
I like all the things i do, that's the important, if i can do what i like, that's a really good beggining i think!!
At this time, i have many contracts of all around the world... the last one is from a Belgian, you'll have news of that soon!! =P

and to finish, i just want to say a BIG hello to aaaaall the people that i know or people redirected here by people i like, that's very precious for me, and if you want to ask me for a drawing or something, you have my mail adress in this page, in my informations!

Thank you, all. :hug:
hello!! :)
yes, i'm alive, but very tired and i'm not very motivated.. the school had start again since a month, and we had so many works to do.. :|
I've see the booklet of the new epica dvd in PDF, i'm in, i'm very happy, i can't wait to have this in my hands :)
it's in store 30 september, If you see this dvd, it makes not doubt that you'll see my drawings inside, it's take a good part of the booklet :) go see their offcial website :

i've put my drawing in felt tip pen (milla jovovich) in scrap 'cause i'll do better drawing in felt tip pen in the futur. (soon)
I know that i can do better than that =P

for all the people that i didn't answer : thank you very much for the support, don't be sad, i go see your works and i'm surprise each time of the talented person on DA, sometimes i can let a message, sometimes not, but it doesnt mean that your good or not =P
but be sure, i love read you all and i go see your page each time!
thank you all, see ya :)

i'm not here very much, i work too much lol
but i have one week of holidays!! ohhhhhhh !!! YAOUH!!!! :)

i've do the Epica portraits, but i dont show it right now ! hehe

i dont look at my message.. i have... 754 new messages LOL

Heyyyyyyy!!! :o :o

Simone of Epica asked me to draw all members of the group!!!! i cant believe it!!!
They want it for the DVD of the band, waaahh!!!
In return, i have the dvd free, i'll be thanked in the dvd, and they will put the adresse of my DA acount on the official website!
It's soooo great!!!
The idea is from Mark Jansen, and he was the one i prefer in the band before of this events, and he's more than ever now!! i'm very honored, he's the most important of the band!!

This Netherlands group is more and more knowed in europ, so I can't wait for news!!! :)
You can see the official website here :
Thank you SO much!!! thanks to believe in me :blushes:

now i know that i'll do all of members, the recordlabel is agree, they will decide if it's enough great to put it on the booklet or.. in the photogallery... anyway!! i'll do all i can !! :)
I was not here.. and I dont know what's happens to me, i feel really sad :(
I dont really know why.. excuse me.. i dont be there this weekend but.. i'll show a drawing.. ya.. i think.. i'll view your comments another day.. thanks...