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Oops I should update this.


If everything goes as expected and our payment is processed, then me and lilpinkpeach will have a table at ACen! We will be there under the studio name "Miracle Peach". Once our table information is made available, I'll link to it as well. If you happen to be going to this convention, please stop by and pay us a visit! We'll have prints and stuff to sell. :>

I'm currently preparing lots of print stuff right now but I'm being too ambitious so I'm not sure if I'll make it in time. I hope to get most of the stuff done though. If only it was in May... I kind of hate that it was moved up to such an early date.

Although I guess I wouldn't be able to do it this year if it was held in May. Bum.

Ahh, my debit card expired though... Have to go pick up my new one which was unfortunately sent to my house augh.

Also, I'm really struggling with classes this time around. I'll have to work pretty hard but then there's ACen stuff to prepare and wow I'm feeling overwhelmed and on the verge of a breakdown hahaha :')

I have to get stuff signed as well; should go talk to my advisor and mentor today.

Also, that cats April Fools thing was kind of lame and disappointing. But yeah, it was cute at least to see all the cat deviations for the day.

Just getting that old journal off.

I want to make a Korra print.

EDIT: We will be at table 210 under the studio name "Miracle Peach" at ACen, near the second entrance into the hall and the expoteria!

Please refer to this map (our table is near the top): www.acen.org/content/artist-al…

If you are able to go to ACen, please stop by!
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Uwahhh, I wish I could go :(
Buuutt, I do have friends from my anime club going! XD I'll make sure they stop at your table, I'm sure they'll love all the things you'll have~!