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Lol old journal touch-up because I don't wanna spam my front-page with a new one.

:bulletred: What tool(s)/program(s) do you use to draw?
----Usually, I use a 0.5 lead mechanical pencil and regular sketch/computer paper for sketching. As for the lines/coloring, I currently use Photoshop CS2, Easy Paint Tool SAI, a wireless Logitech laser mouse, and a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

:bulletred: Do you have any tutorials?
----I have some old tutorials in my scraps, but they may not be very helpful because of several reasons: I digress a lot in my explaining, I actually don't lineart/color like that very much anymore, and there are many better tutorials on DA. 

:bulletred: How do you get your lines so smooth?
----This was asked mostly back when I used the pen tool primarily to draw. This tutorial will probably give you the best explanation. Nowadays, I can say that drawing on a huge canvas and resizing at the very end will also give pretty good results.

:bulletred: Do you take requests/will you draw "X" for me?
----No, sorry. Currently, I still have other things for people that I am neglecting to post. And I take a long time to draw things for other people anyways. I think it's an unconscious dislike of being told what to draw lol.

:bulletred: Do you take commissions?
----No, sorry. I am currently not in the position to take commissions at the moment; I'd like to focus on school and then draw when I can as an outlet.

:bulletred: Can I post/use/take your picture on/for "X"?
----This answer will always vary so you really need to just ask me directly. For the most part, please do not take my work and claim credit, and/or sell it without my permission.

Feel free to add any more questions if you want. <:
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