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[Genshin Impact] Lisa | Remake

Character  Lisa (Genshin Impact)Location  Genshin Impact
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A little remake to the original Lisa piece I did ^^
I am happy with the improvements since doing the original

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TheyTookHisName's avatar

why must my favorite game have a community like this

MiraiHikariArt's avatar

Dunno but whenever something does get popular, it sure does bring the whiney cringey people out that think everything should be catered and inclusive to their own tastes and just theirs alone. It's bizarre I agree :c

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OofxParis's avatar
this is stunning!!

Her boob's are so huge they can't fit in her shirt! LOL!

agh5eventh's avatar

How sexy and beautiful Lisa

you're so amazing nwn

vanBlood's avatar
MiraiHikariArt's avatar

thank you Van ♥

LuciaAuditore's avatar

Now we are talking the same language! :meow: , a very sexy dress with gloves and stockings Cat lick for NyanQueen :+favlove: .

Now, afther the perverted comentary (yeah i accept it :dignity-laugh: ) the real one: another great work Mirai! :nod: , beauty and sexy remake Cool Smile .

MiraiHikariArt's avatar

really glad you like the remake hehehe ♥

seems this piece spurred some nice reactions for you, I'll have to do the same with the lingerie Lisa piece ^^

thank you for the kind words also, lucia ! :3

LuciaAuditore's avatar

Well, -maaybe i have a thing with blonde girls and sexy lingerie (stockings) :giggle: , but there is not the right place to talk about these ;P .

You don't have to thanks me you know! wink grin , and ill be waiting for your next works :D .

TheTubich's avatar
MiraiHikariArt's avatar

thank you Tubi ! ♥

TheTubich's avatar

Welcome =w=-b* <3

Evodolka's avatar

looks absolutely stunning :meow:

MiraiHikariArt's avatar

thank you, Evodolka! ^-^ ♥

Evodolka's avatar

your welcome MiraiHikari :aww:

StarGizar's avatar
Just when you think she can’t get any hotter.
MiraiHikariArt's avatar

aaaaaa im so glad you like the remake ! ^-^ ♥

and she can get hotter, lingerie series piece for her later this month / early feb hehehe

MiraiHikariArt's avatar

Thank you, Shadow ! ♥

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