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Black Angel Jezebel

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Absolutely amazing concept! It's Bright, Vibrant and natural. The use of light and shadow really shows through all the amazing color!

It's Mary Magdalene right ? 😐

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beautiful work! 
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i don't why, but this art is very alluring, can't help but stare at it La la la la 
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The colours are magnificent!
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What's the story behind this wonderful piece of art?  It looks magnificent ~
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Story is almost the same as it is in most of my non-fanart digital paintings) It's a character that I've seen in a dream. Sometimes she has black wings, and sometimes flower petals grow from some parts of her body (as well as from eyes here). Usually when I see this girl, there's a chance that I will encounter him The Devil I see by MirageMari . Jezebel never spoke to me or did anything, never helped or prevented me, she usually just watches me from a distance where I can't reach her. I don't even know if really her name is Jezebel, but I call her like this :)
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This is beautiful!! I love the colours and the drawing is so detailed, amazing!! 
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That's really pretty.
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Marvelous. No explanation needed. Just simple marvelous.
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Wow! This is really amazing! I love how you put all those colors togheter and it look so well and so united. Great job! :)
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