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I can understand that it's strange that after a long absence and silence I make myself known with this, but this isn't about me, but about a mother who's name is Jessica. From what I understand she's fighting for her life against cancer and it has progressed to stage 4, meaning that it has now infected several lymph-nodes. This makes it incredibly easy for the cancer to spread further through her bloodstream to infect other vital organs like her heart, and it makes treating it more difficult. Because of how far the cancer has gone, she has become too sick to continue to go to work, thus she has on top of combating cancer, she has a very hard time to provide for her children.
While Jessica hasn't asked for help from the FnaF community, she's is very loved by the Community itself that they willingy created a fund page in her name where everyone can ship in what they can give to help her continuing her fight against the cancer and to also combat poverty so she can be able to support her family. 

I personally don't believe that any children should have to grow up without their parent/s, but I believe that together we can help her to even the odds that are unfairly staked against her.

Negaduck9 is currently doing commissions in exchange for small donations to help Jessica and any contribution will make it possible for her and her family to get through this.

You can click on the Negaduck9‘s Springaling page where you can read more about the commission terms or how to get Jessica's fund page there you can find more information about her current situation.

Springaling 332: Mouse drawn by Negaduck9

Please, would you also be so kind to copy and paste this in your own journal so the word can get spread around quickly? The more people who knows about this the better!

Thank you all so much for reading this and take very great care of yourselves!
Thank great muffin in the sky! The internet to my computer has finally found its way back home! I've missed it so! :happycry:

To celebrate this I will answer another tag by Leda456! :D

Let's do this!

1. what is the best thing what happened in the last 2 years?
That's kind of hard to say, 'cause it has happen A LOT of great things during these two years, but in no particular order I'll be counting up the things that are the best things that has happened to me.
One is that I got a few, but very dear close friends (like Negaduck9, Leda456, YoshikageRa amongst others! :)). I've been a part of a theater crew where we also performed Urinetown; The Musical and later on got a small award for the work I've done while being a part of said musical which has increased my confidence a lot. All the kind comments, advices, faves and watches from all of you is slowly, but steadily helping me getting over my perfectionism and artist block bit by bit which I can't thank you all enough for! And last, but not the least, I've applied to a new folk highschool course, but instead of theater, I decided to pursue a one year course of making cakes and confections and--I got accepted! It will be in a city that is going to be close to my hometown so I won't have to move. The course itself will begin in january the 23st 2017! :boogie:

2. what brought you to DA?
What brought me to DeviantArt was that I wanted to find my love to making art again.

3. do you like it to let somebody else decide for you?
No, I don't. I can be open to hear out other people's opinions or advices on special matter before I make a final decision,in the end I'd like it to be up to me when I make the decisions concerning myself. 

4. hard life or boring Life?
To be honest? I think I would choose a hard Life, but for me (Of course, it all depends in what is to be considered a hard life and a boring one)-- I think a boring life where it follows a constant predictable pattern is like missing the chances to fully live and to experience learn new things. The best real life example I can be open with to share is what has been happening in my life until recently. I live on a fixed income while I practise at a very nice cafeteria. It isn't the same as having a real paid job even though I'm at the point in my life where I feel I'm finally ready to enter the workforce.  I've no doubt it won't be easy and will be very hard and stressful, but I rather work so I can feel I've rightfully earned my paycheck than being giving things without having the oppertunity to earn them.

5. do you have somebody special in your life?
Depends on what you mean as special. Romantically? No, I don't swing that way, but I believe family and close friends are special to me. :D 
6. what is the meaning of life (serious question)?
hat's a tough question because, well, what is the meaning of life to me may not be the same for someone else. I mean we all live through different worldviews depeding on where we grew up or may have to deal with. I used to believe that if I couldn't fulfill my greatest dream to become a graphic artist, my life would then not worth or meaning to be alive at all, which really wasn't a healthy way of thinking when it comes to any desires or dreams. The best I can think of now today is to learn from your mistakes and be the kind of person you would've wanted to have as a friend, a familymember or perhaps even as a mentor. All in all, the kind kind of person. I'm sorry for this vauge answer, it didn't really answer the meaning of life, but was the hardest question to find words to. ^^;

7. have you ever thought about an carrer as REAL artist?
Indeed I have! But it has been put on the shelf for now, after all it's hard to fully make money solely on art, so another proffession by the side is always useful too. :)

8. would you prever digital or classical art?
I have no real preference over the other. Each of them have their own share of pros and cons so I'd go for both!

9. did you ever raged so much that you destroyed something?
I don't remember to give a clear example, but... well, I'll admit have done so once or so in the past. However it's not something I'm at all proud over of today.

10. do you like me XD?

Sure I do! :XD:

11. are those questions boring?

No, I don't find these questions boring.

12. have you ever done something against the law and didnt regret it?

Well, I've used to lie about my age in order to not pay the adult fee on the bus. Stopped doing it when I finally got caught and paid a hefty fee for it. Never cheated about my age on the bus, but never regretted about it either. :XD:

13. do you wanna met an famous star?
Ehmm... I'm not really crazy or into celebrities, but if it were economially possible, I wouldn't mind meeting David Lynch and the people in the Twin Peaks cast. =)

Alright! I'm not sure how many have come this far in this journal post, but to those who are, I say; thank you for taking your time and happy new year! :D

Stay awesome everyone! =D

Say... can you read between the lines? ;)

Hello everybody! How are you all doing?

Do you guys remember my last journal? Where I wrote before that I had been accepted to the one year acting course at a folk high school?
This time I've bad news. I haven't been able to find anyone to sublease my apartment to in time for the proper preparations to move away, so I had to call them today and decline my place at their school. I'm going to have to wait for another year where I hopefully will be in a better position to afford and get more time to prepare in subleasing my home.

I'm not going to lie, I'm still feeling sad, but mostly disappointed over how things turned out. However, I've gotten some time to cope with that I need to put that course on hold for now, so I'm starting to feel a bit better, while at the same time, I'm also going to see this as an experience for me to learn from. I'm not going to give up on the course or the desire in pursuing the experience of acting either. That they did first accept me was a big boost for me, So right now, I've decided to instead use the time I have to look for a new workplace where I won't be practising there, but get the chance to earn my own salary. =)

Despite that things didn't go the way I hoped they would, I'm still very grateful for all the best wishes and want to thank all of you for your support!

Thank you everyone for being awesome! Take great care of yourselves, guys! :hug:

//Mirage-Epoque  ( ' u ' )
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Hey! First of all; how are you guys doing? :D

I'm doing fine, I'm currently relaxing and spending some of my vacation days at my grandparents place, where there's though no computer to use. So this journal is written and posted from my phone. :)
Apologizes in advance for any misspellings and weird typos! ^^;

There's a lot of things that I wish to bring up to you all, but let's start with the bigger news.
On my last vacation in may, I traveled to a folk highschool called Edelvik in Burträsk ( I guess in English it would be called "Bortrask" :XD:), where I did an audition to their  one year "acting and performance in movies" course.
Some weeks ago, their secretary called me and said that there's now a free spot on the list for the course if I still want it (I was the only one on the reserve list too).
I have asked them for some time to think over and prepare since I didn't believe I would've been accepted to the school at all. I really want to go there, but there's practical things that needs to be taken care of first before I can fully go through with my decision.

If things does go as I hope they will, I will move to the school to study acting and live there for a year.
Will that change my presence on here?
Actually, it won't really change much. I'll still try to be as frequent on here and in chat as real life permits me to be. If I move to Edelvik, the only things that I'll be able to take with me will be my computer and it's screen, along with some books and papers to doodle on. So I won't stop drawing, keeping in touch with you or uploading art. :)

That was a big news, now let's move on unto something else. I've noticed recently that over 50 people are following me, and 10 000 people who have also passed by my page. :wow:

I want to thank each and everyone of you so very much for choosing to following me, for giving feedback and last, but not the least; for your patience. I'm not usually a very huggable person, but hey, what the heck! For you awesome people, here's one big virtual hug from me! :hug: :D

Thank you all again!
Stay awesome everyone and take great care of yourselves!  :thumbsup::D

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I got tagged by NigthmareWolf, thank you, Wolf, for tagging me and... sorry for being so late with this! ^^; :XD:

1.) Real Name: I'll be nice and give you a clue; it has two "A's" in it. =P
2.) Nickname(s): Well, here you can call me Mirage. Otherwise on Skype, my friends call my Bootman (It's a silly super hero name, a parody of "Batman" but I love it! :XD:)
3.) Zodiac Sign: Aries or Aries-Tairus cusp to be more precise.
4.) Male or Female: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
5.) Nursery: What exactly is the question to this?
6.) Primary School: I don't understand the question, it's too ambiguous. Did I like being in primary school? Not really.
7.) Secondary School: Which one? The "higher stage" or the gymnasium? Be specific! Either way, it's too personal for me to answer that.
8.) Hair Color: Ginger with different natural shades of red, brown and blonde.
9.) Long or Short: Very short.
10.) Loud or Quiet: This one is a bit trickier to answer. It depends both on the situation, who I'm hanging out with or/and how much sleep I had or how much caffiene intake I had previously. With other words; You never know. =)
11.) Sweats or Jeans: Jeans. Jeans all the way! :dummy: But sweats can be nice, if I want to train on my couch potato pose.
12.) Phone or Camera: Humm, I suppose this means if I would take photos with my phone or with an ordinary camera? If so, than yeah; I use my phone more for photography, but I do wish to have my own camera someday. :)
13.) Health Freak: I'd say I'm somewhere inbetween. I used to do martial arts, but it got put aside when I participated in "Urinetown; The musical". Since then I've a bit hard to get back to it. Though, I still try to live healthy, eat healthy and work out. ^^;
14.) Drink or Smoke: Nope! Though I admit I tried a couple of times in my mid teens. First time was 'cause I wanted to understand why some people like to smoke. Second time (a couple of years after) was to try and see if I had changed my mind about it (Spoiler alert! I didn't. ;P). I don't drink alchohol, never tried and don't want to either.
15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Nah, I can't say I currently have one.
16.) Political orientation: So you're asking me to be judged? Well, I can say at least say that I'm neither on the blue or the red team. To be honest, while I'm interested in politics, I don't have much faith in politicians.
17.) Piercings: I used to have piercings.
18.) Tattoos: No thanks, while I think it's neat, I don't feel like getting tattoos myself.

19.) Airplane: Oh, yes! I've flied in a aiplane since I was a little kid.
20.) Car Accident:  I've been in one once, but to my defence. I wasn't the driver! =P Dumb joke aside, thankfully nobody got hurt when it happened.
21.) Fist Fight:  Yeah... But usually it was me versus my older sister (But it happened that I fought with the other children too, but it didn'r happen as often as it did with my sis). Thankfully, I got the right help when I swithced schools in fifth grade, calmed down significantly and haven't been in a real fist fight since then.

22.) First piercing
: In pre-teens if I remember correctly, but where I pierced it will stay as a secret. =P
23.) First Best Friend: That I won’t answer, that's too personal for me to reveal.
24.) First Instrument played: Aucostic guitar. :)
25.) First award: None! :la:
26.) First Crush: I haven't really had a crush. To be honest, maybe an infatuation, but never a fullblown crush.
27.) First Language: Swedish.
28.) First Big Vacation: Depends what would be considered "the first". The first big vacation outside of Sweden I've ever experienced, happened in Tenerife, but the one I've most memories of was perhaps three years ago, where I ineterrail traveled from Sweden to Denmark, then Prague, to Warsawa and last but not the least Berlin, then back to Denmark and home again together with my step-father. Now, that's something I'd love to do again very soon! :D If not next year, then maybe in two years. :)

29.) Last Person you talked to:
In real life? My mother. Online? Leda456. :D
30.) Last Person You texted: My younger brother.
31.) Last Person You Watched: :kir-tat:
32.) Last Food You Ate: a banana pancake!
32.) Last Movie You Watched: Iron Man 1 and 2. They were okay, they were not bad, but... They were good in the sense that they taught me how a comic/movie script can be built, so that gives both the movies a plus from me. :)
34.) Last Song You listened to: "Jump" by Van Halen.
35.) Last Thing You Bought: Groceries and polymer clay,
36.) Last Person You Hugged: Physically? My mentor and best friend. Online? That would be Leda456. :D

37.) Food:
Man, there too many to choose from, but if I have to choose a favorite it's homemade pizza, or even better; my grandma's homemade pork dumplings with  (the only dish where I will ever willingly eat pork). :la:
38.) Drinks: Water, but I'm in a steady polygamous relationship with tea and coffee. :heart:
39.) Clothing: Jeans, shirt, socks and shoes. And a white t-shirt for work.
40.) Book: Oh, geez... Too many to even begin to list. :facepalm:
41.) Color: Black, Blue (in different shades except for "baby blue"), Green and red.
42.) Flower: I can at least not think of any flower that I don't like.
43.) Music: Anything that sparks my imagination. =)
44.) Movie: I can't give a straight anwser on this one either, I'm sorry! ^^;
46.) Subjects: Art, baking, books, cross stitching, drawing, different forms of literature, history, psychology, politics, reading, training, ect.

47.) [   ] Kissed in the rain
--It did happen, twice, but it didn't happen this year, it was years ago.
48.) [   ] Celebrated Halloween. -- I don't really celebrate it. During that time I go to the graveyards and lit a candle for my loved ones. However! I've decided that this year beside doing what I usually do; I'll also carve a happy pumpkin! :derp:
49.) [   ]
Had Your Heart Broken -- It hasn't happened to me so far in this year. But I can assure you that it has been broken and patched up again lots of times. =P
50.) [   ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone --
51.) [X] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation. --Does a bear crap in the woods? Does the pope wear a silly tea cosy? So many questions that have such simple answers. :hmm:
52.) [   ] Used a Weapon --
Thankfully not!
53.) [   ] Breathed fire
-- Nope!
54.) [   ] Had an Abortion .
 --  How many women here would be open about that they made an abortion? Not that I think anyone should feel ashamed of, since it is a very tough choice make. And how many men can actually answer that question too? They can't even get pregnant! :hmm:
54/B.) Punched a microwave so hard that i broke it [   ] --Nope, I haven't! :XD: But I've watched someone punch their own poor computer in pure rage. ^^;
55.) [X] Done something you've Regretted  --Oh, there's too many things I've done that I regret. We all have regrets.
56.) [X] Broke a Promise  --
I hate when that happens and try my best to get better at keeping them.
57.) [X] Kept a Secret  --
Oh, yes, I keep people's secrets and they'll all stay even when after my Death.
58.) [X] Pretended To Be Happy --
I have, especially when I have a bad day at work, but you got to keep a nice and polite expression and attitude for every costumer, even for the less then pleasent ones.
59.) [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life
--Actually... Yeah, I have! Many people in fact! :D
60.) [   ] Pretended To Be Sick --
No way! How am I supposed to get my vacation days if I pretend to be sick?!
61.) [   ] Left The Country  --
I wouldn't mind doing some traveling, but where? I don't know yet. :)
62.) [   ] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it. --
No. :shrug:
63.) [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing--
I don't remember which one, but I've definitly cried over things, that in the long run would've be considered as silly. :lol:
64.) [   ] Ran a Mile --
Hahaha! Maybe later on this year! :rofl:
65.) [ ] Went To the Beach--
Nope! C:
66.) [X] Stayed Single --
Single is love, single is life! =P

67.) Eating:
68.) Drinking:
69.) Getting Ready To: finishing my art work! :D And also various projects that needs tending too. ^^;
70.) Listening To: various playlists on Spotify. :)
71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Working for the last time tomorrow and packing my stuff, maybe skyping for a bit. :D
72.) Waiting For: another dark stormy weather with a chance of lightning! The summer is long and I've can wait! :la:

73.) Want Kids:
No, thank you! I'm not too fond of kids, but I won't act nasty towards them. I'm okay with them if they're at a safe distance at my workplace ('cause I won't be able to avoid them either way. :lol:), but I'm alright with my coworkers/friends children and with my much younger cousins. :)
74.) Want To Get Married: Maybe, but probably not. I don't consider myself as the most easiest person to hang around with and this I'm speaking as someone with the experience of living with myself 24/7. :XD:
75.) Careers in minds: For now, I'm practising at a Café, but I'm pending on whether to choose studying at a folk high school where they teaches acting performances. Otherwise I'm very uncertain of what I would fit working with, being who I am.

76.) Lips or Eyes:
Doesen't really matter.
77.) Shorter or Taller: One of the coolest guy I've met was very short. He could talk in almost every Swedish accent! 8D
78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: I'm not really interested in romance, though I appreciate friendly affection as well as spontaneous.
79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Either or neither works as fine. Your stomach or arms are none of my business. =P
80.) Sensitive or Loud: I'd like a bit of both.
81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: I guess friendship is out of the question...? :XD:
82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: I don't mind being around people who lets themselves loose (like joking around, being random or silly), but I don't mind either others doesn't do that either.

83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts:
It happenes that I've lost my glasses(one of the reasons to why I'm not using them as much anymore), but I always find them in the end.
84.) Ran Away From Home: Yes, it has happened a couple of times... :facepalm:
85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: Not exactly a weapon (as it was my foot), but yes I have used self-defence once in school.
86.) Killed Somebody: Hehe, no! :XD:
87.) Broken Someone's Heart: I don't know, though it's very possible I have broken someone's heart during the years.
88.) Been Arrested: I never did anything criminal that would've warrented for a arrest.

90.) Yourself:
Sometimes, I can have the confidence and the belief in myself, but I don't always trust myself.
91.) Miracles: Well, I don't really know how to answer that one. To me, miracles are like positive actions done through the drive of other people, not from fate or by a God.
92.) Love at First Sight: No, I don't believe in that. I can believe that people can get attracted to the other at first sight, but love? No.
93.) Heaven: I'm more open minded today about the belief that there might exist a higher power out there, but it's beyond the understanding of any religious texts interpretations, and whatever is out there, it doesn't care that much about humanity.
94.) Santa Claus: Hah, No!
96.) Magic: Nope, I don't!

97.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Actually, it isn't just one person. There's so many other more that I would loved to meet in one place. At a grand disco party in the woods! :dummy:
98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are In Life: I am happier than I've been for seven years, but I don't like to keep myself stuck in one place, it's possible that it can be changed. But I'll explain more in a Another journal! =D
99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: I'm not together with anyone, so... there's really no truth to be gained from this question.

100.) Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People:
Never! Muahahahahahaa! C :< Plushtrap's New Method (Chat Icon) 

Another journal will be posted soon, but it won't be about tags, so until next time, take great care of yourselfves guys and stay awesome! ;D Dancing Pumkin head 2 

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Yesterday I turned twentyfour years, but I didn't do anything special about. Last weekend I along with my mother and step-father got celebrated (my mother is born a week before me and my step-father's is one day after mine)  and spent a normal day with the closest family, eating good food and just enjoying life. 

Today I got surprised when I looked throgh my email to see that someone, someone anymous had bought a month subscription on DeviantArt for me... :wow:

While I think it's a bummer to not know you are, if you're one the people who are watching me or someone else, I respect your privacy, but wish you to know I'm very grateful for the kind gift! :D
I don't know if you'll see this journal, nonetheless I still want to show my thanks! :la:

Take very great care of yourself, dear Anonymous DA user! I hope you'll have an awesome day! :D

Take care of yourself too, guys and stay awesome! ;)

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What the feck...? This year has gone by in such incredible fast pace! Yikes! It feel like it was just three weeks ago I celebrated the incoming new year in 2014. :omg:

For this occassion I uploaded this tag thing in which I got tagged by :iconleda456:. In this I have to answer ten questions asked by them, then tell you guys ten facts about myself and afterwards give you my questions! :)

Here are the rules for this tag quest!
  1. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
  2. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your 10 tags.
  3. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
  4. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged.
  5. NOT something like "you're tagged if you read this."
  6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
  7. No tag-backs.
  8. You can't say you don't do tags.
  9. You MUST make a journal entry 

(I'll try to remember some fun facts about myself  (because I don't know too many fun facts about myself. :XD:))

Here are the questions by Leda456

1. Do you have any pets? If yes, how many, and what are they? 
Yes, I have pets! Two cats, one old male and one much younger female, both sterile. They're however, more like the whole family's kitties. They both live at my mom's place. I guess the youngest one of the two; could be counted as my cat despite that she isn't living with me, since my allergi makes it hard for me to live with hairy pets so she can't stay in my apartment, but I still come over to take Miss Twiggy out for her daily walks.

2. Do you have a fav artist? If yes, who? 

Now, that's a good question! And a really hard one too to boot! I mean, there's so many great and talented artists both in real life and here on DeviantArt that makes it very hard for me to pick and choose from and the list would be too long and boring for anyone's liking. So I'll shorten it a bit by writing about the artists that I really like and admire, based both on (From what I know about them as persons through the conversation we've had both long and short) and not just solely for their artistic skill). :)

The list in alphabetical order;

:icon505cf: - Two amazing artists from Italy who are great at what they do, especially with the abstract art and illustrations! They always answers their messages and are overall nice and pleasant people! :D

:iconcheyanne-mia2: - His name's Charlie and he's the sweetest man you'd ever have the pleasure to meet and a very talented artist at various thing! Photograph, coal drawing, oil, acrylic paints, you name it! Check out his art gallery! :D :heart:

:iconeyeofsemicolon: - My impression of him is that he's a great and kind guy, hardworking, 
professional at he does and does it great! He's now currently working on two comics. One of them are from his own work called KRONOS and the other's a fan comic based on the FnaF games. I recommend both of them a long good read. :thumbsup: :D

:iconleda456: - The Deviant in question who tagged me (Thank you very much!), who's also a very fun and nice person to converse with and really fantastic with 
lineart, coloring and has a slick art style! They're also in progress with a fan comic that's also based on the FnaF franchise. It's really a great read, both coming from a fan's and an artist's point of view. :love:

:iconmattartist25: - Another amazing and hardworking proffessional aritist, who gives out good advices on art and draws with great detail and care with the art he enjoys to make whether it's fan based or personal! He's doing a very fun and enjoyable comic that's based on the FnaF series and it's characters and his take on them are hilarious! :lol: :XD:

:iconnegaduck9: - From what I know about her is that she's a very good friend to those who are close to her, who's not afraid to put her foot down when people disrespect her or others on her comment page and got in my opinion a sassy and fun sense of humour.  She created a very cool fan comic based on FnaF series and is now currently drawing on a spinoff of silliness, easter eggs and tears. :D

:iconthegalleryofeve: The first person I met here on DeviantArt whose kind and cheerful personality inspires me to try and be good and nice as much as I can when I'm online here. Her gallery in my opinion is very chic and an treat to look at for those who are like that form of art. :D

I'm sorry if any of the descriptions came across as idiolizing. I don't see these people as idols or super stars, I just really respect them a whole lot as persons and artists because they all inspire me in some way. Whether it comes from personality, attitude or drawing technique, they're all great people in my book. :) 

3. Were you a diligent, hard-working, student with good grades is school? (Or are you if you are still a student) Or you are/were not that kind? :D (Big Grin) 
I was a student, but due to my own stupidity for hanging with the wrong people, I turned out even more stupid and lazy which caused most of my decent grades to drop like a canon ball. A couple of the grades were so bad that I had to go to a special class after I had finished gymnasium to make them turn out better. :stupidme:

4. What is your fav song/music? 
It depends. I think I'm pretty open to listening to most music genres. What I like though, is music that triggers my imagination and make me feel something (doesn't matter if there are lyrics in them or not, what matters is the feeling), just like how art does to me as well. But I do have one that has one special place in my art and that's the Swedish Indie Pop and Synth group; Kent. And my favorite song from them are; "The Boy with the Hole in His Hand". :D

5. Which is your fav holiday? Why? 
I don't think I have any favorite holiday. But if I have to I think my favorite would be Christmas because I remember how I used to feel about it as a child both before and during the big day of the holiday so 'cause of that Christmas still holds a special place to me even though I don't "feel"  the same way about it anymore. :)

6. Which one would you prefer more: a private jet or an own yacht? 
Soo... crashing or drowning? :XD: What about a third option? Like owning my very own red wooden cottage? :D But since it's not among the choices, I go for a jet. =P  

7. If you'd have a chance to travel anywhere for a week, where would you want to go?

Hmm... I think I understand why you asked whether I would want a jet or a yacht. :) Since I got my private jet I would first travel to Prauge. Even though I've been there before there's lots of things that's undiscovered there, then on the third day I would fly to France and then Finland.

8. Fav book, movie?
This journal is already long enough as it is if I listed my favorite books and movies now. I promise I'll make a list someday though. :)
9. Do you have siblings? 
I do! I have one older sister who currently live far up in the north of Sweden and I have two younger brothers (they're technically my step-siblings since we share the same dad, but different mothers, yet I've never felt any antagonizing feelings or seen them as half-siblings. To me, my brothers are "whole" and not "half" and I'd give an arm and a leg for them if the situation called for it).

10. Do you know someone from DA in real life? 
Nope, sadly I don't know anyone from outside from DeviantArt in real life.

11. BONUS: Am i doing it right? 
Are you kidding? :) You did it excellent! :thumbsup::D

Alright! Time for the random facts! (Brace yourselves since some of them may be long and a bit personal... ^^;)

1. I like to analyse stuff. 
I like to guess things and picking them apart, anything from real-life situations to more fictional stuff like for an example stories and art. I like to pick them into pieces so I can understand and/or predict the outcome better, but it does not mean my gueses are always right. I find it rather refreshing and fun when I'm not right and instead can learn and gain some new experience from it. :)
2. I often tend to be absent-minded. --- Eh... Come again? Where you talking to him or me and what did you say? Wut 

3. I have a small tic.  
When I'm in concentration, I purse my lips, push them up infront of my nose and keep them there for a moment or two. And I'm rarely aware that I do it until someone points it out for me. :blush:

4. I'm a slow learner.  
When it comes to art, it takes a bit longer for me to get over certain habits before I can finally do them. An example; When I was a kid I could only draw a one eye-less face, after a year or so I finally convinced myself that two eyes in one face can't look exactly the same (a perfectionist at it's "finest" :XD:). Now I only got the rest of the human anatomy to cover. Yay! =P

5. I'm a BIG perfectionist.
Which is one of the main reasons I don't upload so much on DeviantArt. And the other main reason my comic doesn't seem to get finished either...

6. I sketch... like A LOT!
This is pretty much tied in with fact number 5. 'Cause you guys have no idea how many unfinished drawings I got hidden in my box. ^^; :lol: 

7. I once got a sudden nosebleed when I watched a clip from a perverted game.
Years ago, I watched a "Top Ten"  that was about controversial video games on Youtube together with an ex-friend 'cause we were both bored. When we came to the part were the guy did something naughty to the girl, blood started to suddenly pour out from my right nostril and it didn't stop for minutes! :XD:

8. I love most different artstyles both in comic books, illustrations, paintings or just anything creative. 
They can be anything from cartoonish to realistic, light and upbeat, to mysterious and mellow or much more darker and gritty. Just how I like my tea or coffee. :D

9. I have Aspergers Syndrome.
I was professionally diagnosed by a psychiatrist when I was twelve years old. I don't know what else I can say about it other than that it belongs in this fact corner. :)

10. I once saved *cough* kidnapped *cough* a baby hedgehog. 
One early morning I saw a hedgehog with it's baby troddle in the bushes while getting dangerously closer to the main road. I was worried they would get killed by the running cars, so I decided to go on a solo rescue mission to get mama hedgehog and baby to safety. My plan; I would sneak out while my mom and sis were still asleep, get an empty shoe box, take Ma's cooking gloves, gather the hedgehogs and put them in the box then take them back inside. In short; a strike of genius and totally failproof! :XD:

I realised though when I got them that the box was too small to fit both of them so I took the baby first and brought it to the kitchen. In there I tried to hatch a new plan to catch the mother while our cats were meowing and scratching outside on the kitchen door like crazy. My sis woke up and caught me in the act so I shamelessly told her the truth. Sis flipped her lid and ran off to tattle to mom. Then mom forced me to take Hoggy (Kotte in Swedish) back to it's mother. Mother and child got reunited. The end.
Say whatever it has to be said about me today, but as a kid I must say I was one clever little bastard. ;) :lol:

Roll the drums! Here are my questions:
  1. What was your reason to join DeviantArt in the first place? It can be ranging from the desire for fame and glory to finding similar minded people or for the sake of looking at art or ect. Whatever the reason might be; Do you still hold the same views like you had back then or has it changed over time?
  2. What else do you like to do on your freetime that doesn't including "arting" or other similar creativity?
  3. Do you have a favorite show that you like to watch?
  4. If you'd have a chance to travel to the past, where would you be and what would you like to change about your life or make an important historical event's outcome turn out differently?
  5. What is your favorite mythology? If you have none, then what's your favorite story?
  6. If you could be inside in one of you favorite games, which one would it be? :D
  7. What is your one best personality trait and what is your one worse trait you don't like about yourself? Be introspective and brutally honest. :D If it's hard to find it out, you can ask a friend or someone close that you trust will be honest to you. :)
  8. What is art to you?
  9. What is your favorite art style? Both to use and to look at?
  10. What was the first art piece you uploaded here on DeviantArt?

Sorry, but it's tagging time. However, none of you have to do it if you don't want to. :)

Brace yourselves! The (un) lucky ones are:


And if there's anyone who wasn't on the list, but want to do it anyway; Do so, I hope you'll enjoy it! :D

I wish each and everyone who are watching my page or simply just passing through that you'll have happy new year! Enjoying the Fireworks - NaNoEmo Day 7 

Take care! :wave:

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As the title says, I'm going to be off from DeviantArt for unknown period of time so I can't write an exact date when I'll be back, but I will come back.

The reason why I'm shutting off from DA is because I've been taking comic art lessons in storybuilding and how to draw it. I'll be needing all the concentration I can get in order to pass the upcoming exam so if I've been favoriting any art, but not commented on it I sincerely apologise for not doing so, but I will write one when this is all over. :)

Important update;

Hi everybody! I've developed an addiction... to surfing, browsing and faving stuff here on DeviantArt which made my sleeping habits... a bit loopy when I should focus more on my comic. :XD: Now, however it's not just the comic that I need to pay more attention to anymore. 

Last week I was asked by my song teacher if I could participate in a musical called "Urinetown"! :wow: Woohooooo!   I've never in my life been in a musical before so I said; Yes! :D I've got a role now and are trying to get myself settled in with the character I'm playing as well as rehearsing the dialogs and the songs. I've been lurking on Deviantart for a long time despite how hard I've tried to focus on something else and that's because of you awesome people who're talking to me, watching me, commenting, fave or just trading llamas with me. It makes me want to check up more often on DeviantArt then I should. I love deviantART! 

I will still answer some messages today, but after that I have to get my gear back on. So any great art, comments, faves or notes may go unnoticed for an uncertain period of time. 

We'll see each other soon though! Until then, take very good care of yourselves! :hug: Hi! 

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1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
For about three months now.

2. What does your username mean?

Both words are titles of two songs ("La Belle Epoque" and "Mirage" taken from the Swedish alternative rock, pop and synthpop band Kent's recent album "Tigerdrottningen" "The Tigerqueen"

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Perfectionist, cheerful, kind

4.Are you left or right handed?
I'm righthanded, but it would be pretty neat to draw with my left hand too! 

5. What was your first deviation?
A strange scene... by Mirage-EpoqueThis weird thing not even its creator could love... :XD: I mean look at his hand and arm!

6. What is your favourite type of art to create? 
Well, the art I mostly create is the ones I draw by hand and then scan in it on my computer. I usually use my inkpen and nibs, but in the long run I end up redrawing it with my Bamboo drawing board. But from a "feeling" perspective I mostly draw just what pops into my mind, whether it's original content or fan art. Though, because of me always nitpicking my own art I haven't uploaded anything yet. 

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Gah! I don't care as long as it dosen't look horrible (and are fullbody poses too)!

8. What was your first favourite?
North Face by MaximeDaviron

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
I tend mostly to favorite art that makes me experience something. It dosen't matter whether the emotions are anger, happiness, sadness, freaked out ect. As long it me feel and/or challenge me to think. But I also like to favorite fan art and tutorials as well. :)

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I won't write that. Reason of why is because then this journal would become veeeeery long! ;)

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
That's something I can't answer yet. I mean I've only been a member here for three months, if a similar question like this will show up five years in the future. I can hopefully answer by the next time! 

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Well, there's a couple of users who are an inspiration to me about how you treat others online and not letting the condescending, nitpicking inner critic get to you.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
The undo button! No, really. It can be a mental life saver. :lol: The honest answer is; Pens, easures, ink, nibs, scanner and my bamboo tablet.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Going for a walk by myself, preferably in the woods.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
My favorite memory... is perhaps the one when there was a FnaF contest where you were supposed to draw what happens to the night guard between being jumpscared and getting stuffed in a suit. I remember the drawing process as exhausting, but very fun at the same time because it made me challenge myself and it was the second comic I've ever made in my life, so you can bet I was proud! :D
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On friday the 17th I'm going to travel with my family to the mountains called Ramundsberget to hike and enjoy the view. While it's possible there might be available Wi-Fi in our cottage. I decided to not be on the internet so much since I'd wish to spend some quality time with my family.
However, when I'm off the internet and not socializing for the moment with my family, I'll be taking the time to learn how to draw hands and continue to work on my original content. I will return back to the civilization the 24th.

By the way! Please check out Negaduck9 commissions for charity and share it around!

Commissions for charity! (Or: I draw you stuff!)EDIT: Geena's fund has met its goal, with substantial help from Deviants who commissioned me!  I'm still working on the commissions, and will post them here as I finish them.
I'm not taking more commissions right now.  I want to meet all my current obligations before I take on new ones.  When I'm ready to take on more commissions I'll post to my Journal about it.

Want me to draw you stuff?  Now's your chance!
I have a friend who needs funds for medical reasons.  I know her personally; she's been a friend for over two decades.  She would not ask for help unless she truly needed it.  I don't have lots of money to give, but I do have Sharpies and paper and Photoshop.  So, would you like to help my friend out and get a drawing from me?
These are my basic prices for this "event":
1 character, bust (waist up), B&W lineart: $7
1 character, full body, B&W lineart: $10
Add crosshatching: $5
Add flat color: $5
Each additional characte

Thank you! :)

And whether you're a watcher or someone who happened to stumble across this account; I wish you the best! :)

Take care!


I'm back! I've returned home a bit earlier than what I originally expected, but I don't complain at all! :D
I had a great time and was sad to leave, but I'm also glad that I'll be able to scan in and tweak of what I've been drawing while I was away.
During my time at the mountains I also took a lot of photographs and I mean A LOT. I'm not a professional photographer, but I had lots of fun taking pictures of Hälsingland's beautiful nature and as soon as my stepfather have loaded up them all on their computer (it was his camera) I will post those I took myself and personally liked on here. :)

Take care!
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Hi everyone! This is my very first journal ever posted since I’ve became member here on DA so…

For some time ago I stumbled upon a journal where a friend of Negaduck9‘s, Geena has fallen on hard times this summer since the news that there’s a high risk she has cancer.

From what I also gathered about Geena is that it is sadly common in her family, so instead of dismissing it and taking the 
risk of getting worse she’s going to undergo surgery to remove it.

However, because of how life have a tendency of throwing bad stuff at you all at once when you least expect it, she’s very low on money this summer.
But in order to be able to afford the operation and other medical bills she needs help.

Negaduck9 do now commissions in exchange for donations to help her friend and any contribution will make it possible for Geena to get through this.

You can click on this link if you’re interested to contribute or just checking it out.
It’ll get you directly to Negaduck9‘s journal where you can read more about the commission terms or get to Geena's fund page there you'll find more information about her situation.

Commissions for charity! (Or: I draw you stuff!)EDIT: Geena's fund has met its goal, with substantial help from Deviants who commissioned me!  I'm still working on the commissions, and will post them here as I finish them.
I'm not taking more commissions right now.  I want to meet all my current obligations before I take on new ones.  When I'm ready to take on more commissions I'll post to my Journal about it.

Want me to draw you stuff?  Now's your chance!
I have a friend who needs funds for medical reasons.  I know her personally; she's been a friend for over two decades.  She would not ask for help unless she truly needed it.  I don't have lots of money to give, but I do have Sharpies and paper and Photoshop.  So, would you like to help my friend out and get a drawing from me?
These are my basic prices for this "event":
1 character, bust (waist up), B&W lineart: $7
1 character, full body, B&W lineart: $10
Add crosshatching: $5
Add flat color: $5
Each additional characte

Please, would you also be so kind to copy and paste this in your own journal so the word can be spread around? The more people who gets to know about this the better! 

Thank you so much for reading this and take care of yourself!

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