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At the Skarsa harbour by Mirage-Epoque At the Skarsa harbour by Mirage-Epoque
Darn you Deviantart, why you won't let me write "ä" and "å" in the title section! :shakefist: "Skarsa" just sound so wrong. :XD:
This watercolor painting is based on a photograph that I took last summer 2016 and was made as a christmas gift to my step-grandparents the same year.
This holds a lot of personal value to me as this man survived an heart attack and despite the odds he survived two life changing opeartions and made a long, but successfull recovery. :)

Artist notes: The paints I used for the artwork were Royal & Langnickel Essentials and my old Lefrance & Bourgeois. The watercolor paper was from a brand I'm not too certain of, but if I had to make a guess I think it was "Aquarelle Etival Watercolour" and it was a 140lb Cold pressed-Grain Fin. I first started with the background, but it came out much worse than the current one here. So I decided to let the failed backgraound be, and shift my focus to paint the man instead and then cut him out. Afterward I used some other leftover paper of the same paper brand, where I colored the parts of the dock then cut them out as well. When these pieces where done I made this new background which looks alright. Then I glued all the pieces together, making them look as much alike the photograh as possible.
The feature in the background that I think turned out the best was the two boat houses to the right. One of the things I found most difficult to paint was the water and the waves, since it some parts of the photograp it looked calm, but in other places in the water, it had more waves.

Feel free to let me know what guys think, what looked good in this or adviced on what I can do to make it look even better. Comments or constructive criticism are always appreciated with me as it help me get a little better. :D

Take very great care of yourselves everyone and stay awesome! christmas wave 

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December 13, 2017
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