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Bahadur | Oakfern colt | Herd Member

By MiraeChaos
All roleplay open! Casual and plot! 
Sparring and training open!
Colab arts open!


Ref without paint on white bg:

Basic Information

Name: Bahadur (Bon, Bonbon)
Gender: Colt
Age: 4
Year of Birth: 760 of the New Age
Predicted Height: 9 hh (currently 7.3 hh)
Build: medium Heavy =
Orientation: Definitely straight.
Phenotype Silver Brown Dun Part Restricted Fawn
Genotype: Ee/AtAt/nD/nZ/fwfw/nrz
Eye Colour: Brown
Design Sheet:

Sire: Unknown fawntaker
Dam: Unknown oakfern doe
Bloodline: 100% oakfern
Magic Type: Water

Skill Points

Speed: 10 [Basic Level] (age cap) (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 9 [Basic Level] (age cap)
Strength: 10 [Basic Level] (Age cap)

Magic: 11 [Basic Level] (Age cap)
Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+1 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+5 strength - base bonus
+2 stamina - starter bonus
+5 strength - starter bonus
+4 magic - starter bonus
+ 3 speed - Literature roleplay 1,423 words - Tunnel adventures part 1
+2 speed - collab art - An Unexpected Strike
+2 speed - training/sparring with a Fawnling of higher level
+3 Stamina - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - The cave in
Adventure to the land of plenty
+2 Magic - collab art - Bon meets watermelon
+3 Magic - collab lit - 1000-1999 words - Bon meets grass
+2 Magic - Practicing with a Fawnling of higher level (I think)
+2 Speed - colab lit - 500-999 words - the good the bad and the pants

Herd Information

Herd: Oakfern
Herd Position: member
Mates: none
Current Location: Oakfern


Personality: Bahadur does his name proud, rarely there was a braver or more fearless fawn. His bravery makes him strong, but bon lack both caution and common sense, at least according to his fellow oakferns, making them warry of taking part in his games and adventures. Bahadur has never had it easy, his family torn apart by death, but precisely for that reason he has a very positive attitude to live. He faces hardship with a big grin and puts in all his efforts to make his world a better place. However, that attitude doesn’t always turn out well. Bon is terrible when it comes to showing sympathy. He’s used to his own positivity so he expects everyone around him to take it the same way.
Bon is also careless, messy and has a horrific memory. Despite all this he’s a loyal friend who’d give his live to protect a good friend or a lover.

Appearance: Bon has a very fluffy coat, contrasting his tall and lanky frame. Bon’s still immature body featured long clumsy legs and he is thin enough to count his ribs, but he is no less healthy for it. Despite his appearance non is quite strong, and up for a challenge. A challenge suitable for his age that is.
Bon has a few lighter stretched spots on his coat from long healed scars he suffered during birth, he sometimes likes to stick feathers in his manes but he usually doesn’t wear jewelry of any kind.
Bon is still too young to paint himself properly, so instead he rolls around in the mosses resulting in random glowing blue, red and green smudges over his back.

History: Bon was actually half of a twin, however, his brother and mother both died when she gave birth to them, Bon was lucky to survive the ordeal, and even luckier to find a fine oakfern doe with enough patience and milk to nurse him. She took care of his basic needs until he grew old enough to eat solid food, but she never raised him, far preferring to put her time into her own fawn.
The job instead fell on his father, a soldier. He thought Bon to be strong and to be brave, and trained him in his very first steps into magic use. However he often couldn’t be there as he had a honorable job to do. Due to this Bon spend a lot of time alone, or playing with other fawns. He thought he owned the world as he tended to be one of the stronger fawns, and has yet to learn this is not the case.

Recently however, his father died on a mission. Bon now has to fend for himself, and he never quite learned to be careful…. Bon still adores his father and believes his father’s spirit will enter him once he’s grown up and make him super extra strong. He aspires to be a high ranking soldier and to have doe’s fawning over him from all over oakfern. Dreams will be dreams.

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