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I want to strike a new path. This year I´ll release my first "ready to custom" dolls. They are only available for preorder.
Cerridwen and Pip are the models in 2014. They are sculpted by myself and sent as prototypes to a manufacturer, who produces them in high quality resin.
Cerridwen is a fairy and about 40 cm (16") tall. Pip is a pixie girl, about 29 cm (11") tall.

Current information are at first on my
Current works:

Ladies, 17 inches (44 cm) tall, head mold F to K, body with 14 joints and different versions of the hands, feet and knees.
The initial letter of the doll name is identical to the doll series. So Gemma and Gina are sisters from the same head series.

Teens, 15 inches (40 cm) tall, head mold Lil´A. my newest project.

Probably I will give up the series of children dolls.

Please note:
I´m on Etsy and FB as miradolls.
The first new dolls are ready, other ones coming soon.

"Ladys of the Night"
This series contains two bodies and 4 different heads. Achat, Coralin, Fortuna and Gemma.

"Children of the Dusk"
This series contains one body and two heads. Esmé and Ella-Rose.

All dolls are produced and dressed by me. Each is unique and has its own personality.
Sometimes I sell select dolls on ebay. But not very often. If you like to be informed about my next ebay auctions, subscribe to my newsletter on my website.
The next doll exhibition in Germany gets closer. 3 new dolls are in work. I do not have a lot of time any more, therefore, there will be only in May new photos. The exhibition of the federation of European doll Artists is to be seen from the 13th to 15th May 2010, in Neustadt near Coburg, Germany. I am involved with 3 dolls.
Or rather, 2 projects. Firstly I want to introduce the dolls that have arisen in the past years, here at deviantArt.
Secondly I have a brand new, still unfinished doll model named Esmee.

My resin ball-jointed dolls are completely handmade by me. I sculpt my dolls in airdrying clay. From That I pull silocone molds and cast in a custom resin mix. The dolls are completely poseable.