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Sisyphean pains

By Miradge
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There was no talking. There was no smiling. There were only rocks... Derp!
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The worst part of working on a rock farm must be bringing the product to market.
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The only thing is you have to change her cutie mark on something about dirt `casse if you want it ti be `what if?` pic of her she didn`t have to have a cutie mark with the party baloons.
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Paw07Hobbyist Writer
A great 'what if' pic of Pinkie Pie. I imagine that's how her life would be if she hadn't seen Rainbow Dash's handy work that day. :D
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You move 16 tons and what do you get?
Worn down hooves and derper in debt...

Looks great.
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Katamari is getting hardcore lol
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tom's as lazy as a ro.... oh wait
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IcaronHobbyist Digital Artist
Sisyphus Pinkie Pie? Classy reference good sir! =D
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SynthesisGrayPieStudent Artist
Бедная Пинки Пай ... У неё было тяжёлое детство.
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I really like this in artistic sense. If some ancient master would have made this, it would hang in a museum. The expression of a pony's fruitless labor. Or something.
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CharelzzzHobbyist Digital Artist
Is that a 12 sided die?
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This is an excellent pic of truly mythic proportions, but I think it's a mistake (and an anachronism) to include Pinkie's cutie mark. This pic would have been of her before she saw the rainbow and acquired her cutie mark (and her happy attitude).
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Musicalmutt2Hobbyist Digital Artist
that's amazing..
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Blackneck Traditional Artist
makes me think of Sisyfos
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Is that tom she is pushing?
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MiradgeStudent Digital Artist
It's not Tom. It is a rock.
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Ye ol' rock farm? Never did understand the purpose of farming rocks....
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muzza299Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gems inside the rocks, wasn't it?
Like the one Rarity's horn dragged her to.
Super-Zombie's avatar
I'm not really sure, cause rolling rocks around wouldn't really grow gems in them...... or would they in the equestrian universe?
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muzza299Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gems are just compressed minerals, aren't they?
Perhaps it would be feasible if the force required was MUCH less in Equestria?
Or we could just assume "Magic" and leave it at that.
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Yeah gems are minerals.... maybe they grow based on the ambient magic that is in the air, and rolling the rocks around just allows for a equal amount of magic to permeate the rocks and cause crystals to grow?
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muzza299Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think we're thinking too far into this...
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Sisyphus Pinkie? Interesting...
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lol1759Student Digital Artist
I love it.
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Wow I apologize for writing a long winded comment but I just had two of my worlds combined. My world devoid of hate, and my world devoid of belief; quite an amazing concept if it is possible. Anyway great job I really like this, are you simply nodding to Sisyphus or are you also nodding to Camus as well?
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