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I just had around 250 msgcenter items this time. I wasn't away for that long time time, or people simply weren't as productive as they usually are :P

Well, it's time to focus on studies then, I'll be back ;)
..and have dealt with nearly 400 msg items.. but it sure was a too quick catching up I had to do. Home exam in my current course awaits as well as other ElfQuest related things. If I am disciplined enough I could actually finish this home exam some days early...
I'm sorry for my lack of updates and replies to comments.. uni is keeping me busy!

But I will try and get back on track, (even if it's atm 233 new things waiting for my attention >_< ) with updates and comments and replies soon...
Finally, decided to work!

I reformatted my puter some weeks ago and lost all autologin stuff, and then when I tried getting a new, that bloody email wouldn't work, grr. I also noticed other notifications and emails didn't either reach me at all or some days late.

But at last I it decided to work, now I just need to study for the two last exams and then catch up on all things DA :)

Still, thank you vandyt-xain for pokling the helpdesk in my stead, it did work out the end after a few weeks of whipping my email...
So I went ahead and posted in the "deviantART Forum: Suggestions" section.

Namely "Community / Interest Group Feature?".

Any other opinions? so far I can only claim membership of a community by listing its icon somewhere, like here :P
I think they ought to fiddle here on DA, so there's a distinct community info thing, similar to the "Watched By" listing. Or maybe they are working on a such, to only make it available to subscribers..

Anyhow, I hope this means I am a member of :iconfishnet-fetish: :)