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Phew, more (snowy) photos added, but those I had intended to add earlier I best find again and add later. As my own puter has not been very cooperative lately. Partition errors, bluescreens etc, and I've still not located the error, hdd diagnostics program seemed to indicate hdd is fine, but considering I still have a socket A cpu, my puter overall indeed is ancient. Anyhow, with most graphics stuff is still on backups, somewhere. But new puters is hopefully going to be built, soon, so I can get around to adding more photos soon.

I was also thinking of combining pleasure with pain, and take university courses in digital photo stuff this fall. As eo has said if only my technical skills were better.. Currently I'm just on a click-and-go rampage, whenever I feel that internal camera in my head has found a good image I should capture with my digicam also.

*goes back to lurking again*
I just had around 250 msgcenter items this time. I wasn't away for that long time time, or people simply weren't as productive as they usually are :P

Well, it's time to focus on studies then, I'll be back ;)
..and have dealt with nearly 400 msg items.. but it sure was a too quick catching up I had to do. Home exam in my current course awaits as well as other ElfQuest related things. If I am disciplined enough I could actually finish this home exam some days early...
I'm sorry for my lack of updates and replies to comments.. uni is keeping me busy!

But I will try and get back on track, (even if it's atm 233 new things waiting for my attention >_< ) with updates and comments and replies soon...
Finally, decided to work!

I reformatted my puter some weeks ago and lost all autologin stuff, and then when I tried getting a new, that bloody email wouldn't work, grr. I also noticed other notifications and emails didn't either reach me at all or some days late.

But at last I it decided to work, now I just need to study for the two last exams and then catch up on all things DA :)

Still, thank you vandyt-xain for pokling the helpdesk in my stead, it did work out the end after a few weeks of whipping my email...
So I went ahead and posted in the "deviantART Forum: Suggestions" section.

Namely "Community / Interest Group Feature?".

Any other opinions? so far I can only claim membership of a community by listing its icon somewhere, like here :P
I think they ought to fiddle here on DA, so there's a distinct community info thing, similar to the "Watched By" listing. Or maybe they are working on a such, to only make it available to subscribers..

Anyhow, I hope this means I am a member of :iconfishnet-fetish: :)