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Miraculous Adventures is an RP Group based on the French TV show, Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

After 5 years of crime fighting, Ladybug and Cat Noir, the most well known superheros throughout France have mysteriously disappeared. With the disappearance of our two heroes, Paris has been under control of Hawk Moth. But do not fear! A new generation of super heroes have emerged from hiding to confront the mastermind behind these akumas.
However, with the emergence of heroes also sparks the rise of new villains. Hawk Moth has recruited several young minds under his wing to wreck havoc on the city.
Will you be able to answer to the plea of the citizens of Paris? Or let them be engulfed by the evil that plagues them?

Status: Closed .2 by Seii-a | Next Public Opening: TBD
Miraculous Adventures is a semi-private group. We usually invite members and rarely have public openings.

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no rush tho, I just want to stop checking my messages compulsively if I can ;w; happy holidays and I hope your Christmas went well!!!
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