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A tool for the disaster.The cars were destroyed after the impact of the creature in the street. With a superhuman ability, the raptor opened the doors of the vehicles, searching the oportunity of kill the police near to him.-You can have a very special gift¡The parts of the car opened the chest of a few officers. The agility of the creature took a new level of menace. With the rest of the car created a some kind of shield, pushing aapart the rest of the vehicles with the goal of find the Burgeois residence.-Say goodbye to your centuries of glory Paris, and all of yourselves, f"#$$! humans¡But the surviving officers established a line beetween the 348 street and the monster.-This is your last oportunity, stop¡ Say the female police woman.She stayed in her position, listening the order of the officer Roger. Her partners opened fire to kill the creature, but the dark sky covered the tool of the creature. The beast laughed, frozing the blood of the police officers.-It´s my turn¡The shield started to moving fast in circles, sending the bullets to the officers. In only nine seconds, the raptor was the only living being in the zone, without any human to stop his mission.- I'm so close at this point. Only sixteen more blocks to that fatty mayor.The creature decided do a shortcut in the near building. -I see only seventeen teenagers, It´s okay for a meal.The window was gone, crashed by this powerfull menace. The teens ran in different ways from the monster. it was useless, the raptor was so fast, strong, and intelligent, much than any human in the world.After feeding in the building, the dinosaur started again his marathon to the town hall. In the middle of the road, the firemen blocked the street with they truck, trying to stop the monster.-Oh, cmon¡ The police have gotten weapons better than you¡ The axe of yourselves is nothing to me.The leader of the firemen was standing in the middle of the truck, seeing to the raptor's eyes.-We will fight for this city and their population. We will never give up, take that to your intelectual brain, pigeon.The raptor was really furious, It had never been humiliated in his life with an horrible nickname.What the hell you say? The firemen answered: You mother f!"##$ listened my limbs very well. We will never give up to terrorists like you¡The shield flyed away, cutting the truck in two, killing the firemen in the process.After returning the tool, it´s owner jumped in the edifices, only 50 meters from the burgeois´s home.Inside the house, the mayor was occuped, listening the calls from all the inhabitans who were awoken by the menace, a mortal menace standing in his door.
Miraculous Team: Cosplay Chaos - Chapter 4Chapter 4: The PhotoshootIt was not easy for the whole Miraculous gang to find an afternoon where they would all be free, so the photoshoot for charity could take place. But in the end, they managed to agree that the following Wednesday would be the best choice for them all. Some would have to cancel some plans they had for that afternoon, but they all agreed that the sooner they did that photoshoot, the better. And with that decision made, the day after, Alya as Rena Rouge, went back to charitable organization’s building, where Jacques Malraux was waiting for an answer. Once she told him that the whole team had agreed to the photoshoot, adding that they would prefer if this one took place the following Wednesday, which he said, he could make it happen.And on the following Wednesday, the whole team was ready for the photoshoot. After a full morning of classes, they were all happy that they would get to unwind a little. Heading to one of the numerous discreet places they knew they could change into their hero selves, they quickly did just that and made their way to the 7th arrondissement, where the Musée Rodin was located. As they made their way to it, they could not help but to show off some of their abilities, as they went up and down the building’s rooftops. Quickly, what was supposed to be a straight trip towards the 7th arrondissement, turned into a full-blown urban training session. On more than one occasion, they all descended down to the street level, where they were met with friendly smiles and welcomes from the pedestrians that happened to be nearby, with some even asking them if there was any problem, or if there was an Akuma attack taking place. “No, there’s nothing wrong. We’re just out in a training session.” -Ladybug answered to an old man, who asked her if there was something wrong happening, before using her yo-yo on a nearby streetlamp and swung out of there. –“Guys, hold on! I’m the leader here! It’s supposed for you guys to follow me, not the way around.” -she chuckled, as she tried to catch up. “Then try to catch us!” -Corbeau Noire said, as she ran and then used a nearby parked car to get airborne. “Hey! No flying! You know the rules, Corbeau!” -Ladybug said, as she tried to catch her and the others, closing in on them. No matter how much time passed, or how many times they put on their costumes, the excitement and the joy of it, did not disappear or grew old. And that was reflected on their carefree attitudes, while not on hero duty. They were teenagers, after all, and whether they were superheroes or not, they liked to behave as such, whenever they had the opportunity. It had been at least a month, since they last went on one of those urban training sessions. And even if this one, was one they had not planned, it did not make it any less thrilling or special as the others. Usually, training was a way for them to unwind and also perfect their skills. But urban training was the closest thing they had to recess, when it came to hero duty. Crossing the Seine, they continued to make their way towards the museum. And as they approached it, Ladybug signalled them all to land on a nearby rooftop, as she wanted to talk to them. Landing on the rooftop, the scarlet heroine waited until the last one of them had landed and caught its breath back, before starting to talk. She wanted to make sure that all of them remembered what they had all decided as a group, when it came to that photoshoot. She believed that they all knew, but being the leader, she felt it was up to her to make sure they did. “Okay, remember, everyone…” -Ladybug said. –“Try your best to not make anything, or say anything that gives away that some of us are dating each other.” -she said. –“I know I said this before, but it’s always good to remind ourselves of it.”“Marinette, relax, girl.” -Rena Rouge said. –“You’ve already warned us about that five times, when were in school already.” -she told her, in a relaxed voice and with a smile on her face. –“We know the drill. Just relax and everything will be fine.”“She’s right, you know? It’s not our first rodeo.” -Forest Doe said.“We just need to be sure that we don’t say the wrong thing, or do anything that could point out to any romance between some of us.” -Panda Roux said. –“If we can handle any Akuma that Hawk Moth throws at us, I think we can handle this small task.” -he smiled. “Everything will go just fine… Chloe, do you really have to retouch your hair now?” -Louve Grise asked her girlfriend, who was using her hands to make sure there was not a hair out of place, while using a window as a mirror. “Of course, I have, Sabrina. You know that I always have to look my best, if they’re going to photograph me.” -Queen Bee said. “But you know you’ll be flying over there, and the wind will mess up your hair again, don’t you?” -Louve Grise asked her. “Of course, I know that. But I like doing it.” -Queen Bee smiled at her. –“It makes me feel prettier than I already am.”-she said. Rolling her eyes, the wolf heroine could not help chuckle lightly at her girlfriend’s comment. She was happy to see her in a good mood. Ever since they had begun to date, Chloe had opened herself up to her a lot more than when they were just best-friends. And Sabrina was happy her girlfriend was willing to share everything that was going on with her. “As if you needed to be prettier than you already are.” -Louve Grise smirked at her. –“Any prettier, and you would blind me with your beauty.” -she giggled. “Then, you can borrow my sunglasses, so you don’t get blind.” -Queen Bee winked at her. All that flirt and teasing between them did not go unnoticed, especially by Flamingo and Corbeau Noire, who for a while, were the only lesbian couple in that group. The girls could not help but to giggle between them. “And then, they say that we’re the ones who love mushy talk.” -Flamingo whispered to Corbeau Noire.“I know.” -Corbeau Noire whispered back at her. –“Still, if you want to one last kiss before we have to behave like we’re not dating, that can be arranged.” -she told her, as she caressed her chin. “You read my mind.” -Flamingo giggled, as she placed herself on the tips of her toes, and kissed her. Seeing the girls doing that, the other couples also decided to do the same, so they would not fall into temptation, while doing the photoshoot. None of them wanted to feed any kind of rumours that existed amongst the fandom, which made sure to continuously ship them all. “One last kiss, milady?” -Chat Noir asked Ladybug. “Well, if you insist.” -Ladybug said, with a naughty smile on her face, before kissing the feline hero. “Are we going to just stand here and watch them, or are we…” -Carapace asked the fox heroine, who interrupted him, by placing her arms around his neck. “Just shut up and kiss me, turtle boy.” -Rena Rouge with a mischievous smirk on her face, before kissing him. “Well, if you can’t beat them…” -Grizzly Bear told Forest Doe. “Join them.” -Forest Doe finished Grizzly’s sentence, before kissing him as well. But what was supposed to be a small peck on the lips between all the couples, turned into a full-blown kissing competition, to see who stopped kissing first. Some would say that love was in the air, but that would be an understatement. Of course, there were four members who did not partake in the action, and those were Antelope, Arachnid, Panda Roux and Dragonfly. “You know what? I don’t know about you three, but I feel like I’m a third wheel in someone’s date.” -Arachnid joked. –“I really need to get a girlfriend.” -he thought to himself. “You ain’t the only one, trust me.” -Panda Roux agreed with him. “Don’t even have ideas, Kim.” -Dragonfly told Antelope, after seeing him looking at her. “What are you talking about?!” -Antelope asked her. –“Don’t tell me you would want me to kiss you?!” -he asked. “Kiss me?! Yeah, in your dreams, idiot!” -Dragonfly told him. –“Just because the others are all kissing, doesn’t mean I’m going to ask you to kiss me. I’d rather have a kiss from Reptile!” -she declared. “And I would rather have one from Romani!” -Antelope said. –“Kissing you, while under the spell of Aphrodite is one of those things that I rather forget.” -he shot at her. “Well, at least we agree on something.” -Dragonfly shot back at hm. Panda Roux and Arachnid laughed, while watching the whole scene happening. The way Dragonfly and Antelope were arguing with one another, only a blind man would not see just how much they loved each other. And what was funnier was that they were both blind about that fact. Their individual egos made it nearly impossible, for them to understand that they cared for one another and that they both had a very special place in each other’s heart. “Alright. It’s time for us to be professional, everyone.” -Ladybug said, after finishing kissing Chat Noir. –“Follow me. We’ve got a photoshoot to attend and… hey, I haven’t finished talking yet!” -she yelled at Queen Bee, who had flown ahead of everyone.“Instead of talking, you should talk while you’re moving.” -Queen Bee playfully shot at her. –“At that rate, you’ll always be left talking to yourself.” -she said. “Sometimes I think she likes to test me, to see if I do something to her that she won’t like.” -Ladybug sighed, before giggling. –“Well, I’m not going to let you get there before me. Let’s go, everyone!” -she exclaimed, as she jumped off the ledge of the building, followed by the others.----------------------------------------------The Musée Rodin first opened in 1919, and it was primarily dedicated to the works of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin. Located in the Hôtel Biron, which at first had been the residence of a powerful banker, and later a school, the museum was famous not only for its works of art, but also by its surrounding grounds, turned into some of the most beautiful gardens in Paris, where many of the famous sculptures can be seen in natural settings. Behind the museum building, there were also a small lake and a casual restaurant. And on that afternoon, both museum and its gardens would be closed to the public for a very special, and rather unique event. Like discussed, Jacques Malraux had assembled everything for the photoshoot. Along with him were numerous other photographers, ready with an arsenal of cameras, lights and other photographic devices and accessories, fit to photograph a major event or a small war. But instead of photographing a major event or a small war, they were going to photograph the Miraculous heroes. They only had a few more hours of Sun, and they wanted to use every last second of it to make that photoshoot a shimmering success. All of them had been handpicked by Jacques himself. Some of them worked for the organization, while others, like Vincent Asa, were highly recommended. And the same could be said about the make-up artists and the hairdressers that he had hired for the job. He was determined to see that that photoshoot would go swimmingly, but his nerves we’re beginning to get the best out of him, though he was trying not to show it. “They’re running late.” -Jacques thought to himself. –“Could have they changed their mind about this?” -he thought. –“I mean, they could have done it… no, stop thinking about it. You’ll jinx it. They’re probably just running a little late. They’ll be here.”He checked his watch one more time, to see just how long it had passed. With each passing second, the nerves continued to accumulate in his system. “Oh, you have arrived!” -Jacques exclaimed, as he approached the heroes. “Yes.” -Rena Rouge said. –“I told you we would come.” -she said. “And I never doubted it.” -Jacques smiled to them. –“This is amazing! The whole team is here! This photoshoot is bound to be a success.” –“First of all, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jacques Malraux, and I have to thank you for taking a little bit of your time, which I’m sure is quite precious to do this. The children that the “France’s Children Cancer Fun” helps, will benefit so much from this act of kindness from you.” “It’s a pleasure to be able to help sick children in need.” -Ladybug declared. –“We wouldn’t be here, if we didn’t believe there was any way we could help them.” -she said. Jacques Malraux was in heaven. His eyes, and his ego could hardly believe that what had begun as a crazy idea to help children, had become reality. “So, how do we do this?” -Chat Noir asked, curious. “Well, were planning to make the photoshoot into three separate parts. The first one will be the regular one, with each of you striking numerous poses. The second part would be shots of you using your powers. And as for the third and final part, it would be the collective shots, with two or more of you in the same photos.” -Jacques explained them. –“Of course, we will also need some photos with the whole team, but I think we can let those for the end.” -he said. –“That is, if you agree with this plan, of course.”“I don’t see any problem with that.” -Ladybug said, before turning to her teammates. –“What do you guys think?” -she asked them. “I’m cool with it.” -Carapace said. “So am I.” -Panda Roux declared. “Don’t see any problem with it.” -Dragonfly smiled. “I guess it’s cool.” -Ladybug said. –“But before we start this, we have one condition.”“Whatever it is, I’m sure we can work something out.” -Jacques said, wondering what kind of condition it would be. “There won’t be any kind of talk regarding who we are under the masks, between us and everyone else here.” -Ladybug stated. –“I know that like so many, you and the others will be tempted to ask us personal questions, even if it’s just out of curiosity, but I beg you not to do it.” -she asked him. –“I hope you understand that if anyone found out even the slightest bit of information about us, it could jeopardize us, as well as the ones we love. Not to mention, that you would also be in danger.” “Of course, I understand. And you don’t need to worry about that. I’ve already instructed everyone here on that matter, and I can assure you that they will all be as professional as possible, and avoid asking you, personal questions of any kind.” -Jacques assured Ladybug. –“Believe me. When we finish, you will all have a reason to say that this was the most professional photoshoot you ever did.” -he smiled at her. –“Oh, and one more thing. Feel free to take a break when you feel like it. We have a small resting area with bar over there, where you can rest and even eat something.” It did not take long for Ladybug and the rest of the team to see that that Jacques Malraux was a true professional. He had anticipated everything. And once he finished thanking them once again, he presented the whole team of photographers that would be photographing them, as well as their assistants and the team of hairdressers and make-up artists. It did not take long for each of the photographers to present themselves and to point out which member of the Miraculous Team they would be photographing that afternoon, while promising them that that afternoon would be one, which they would never forget. One by one, the Jacques himself decided that he would be photographing Ladybug. And after a quick job by the make-up artists and hairdressers, she was ready to be photographed by him. As they finished applying a little bit of make-up to her face, Ladybug could not help but to remember a bit about what had happened to her and the rest of the team, during Paris Fashion Week, where they were all pampered before walking on the runway. This was different, but the feeling was quite similar. The gardens were beautiful and Jacques chose a rather beautiful spot near one of Rodin’s statues, to photograph the scarlet heroine. Starting with the most basic poses, Jacques’ camera snapped countless photos of Ladybug. And while he did it, he began to use photographer’s jargon, which she recognized, thanks to the fact that her boyfriend had told her that photographers sometimes used words that only other photographers or models knew, and explained the meaning of some of them to her. “Perfect! If I may say it, you’re incredibly photogenic.” -Jacques told Ladybug. –“This is a not a personal question, or anything of the kind, but has anyone ever told you that you have one of those faces that seem to have been made to smile, and nothing else?” -he asked her. “Once or twice.” -Ladybug answered him. “Well, in that case, I hate to ask you this, but could you give me a sad face?”-Jacques asked her. “Sure.” -Ladybug said, as she focused on the saddest thing she could think about, and put on a sad face. “Beautiful.” -Jacques said, as he snapped a photo of her sad face. –“And now, I would like a joyful face, and maybe you could do a few tricks with your yo-yo?” -he asked her, as he positioned himself in a different spot, always with the camera pointed at her. They all soon found out that photographers seemed like they were made out of rubber or putty, because of the different positions they placed themselves in, just to take the perfect photograph. And each of the photographers had its own style, and that reflected on how they asked each of the heroes to pose. Some preferred more natural poses, while others insisted on more artistic poses. And then, there were others that seemingly loved to do whatever it came to their mind. One of the photographers who liked to do that was Alexandre Botrel, and he had been assigned to photograph Queen Bee. “Lovely! Now give me an innocent look.” -Alexandre told Queen Bee. –“That’s it! Now a devilish smile, please!” -he asked her, as the snapping sound of the camera was heard. “Whatever you say.” -Queen Bee smirked evilly, as the photo was taken. “Perfect! Now, hold that pose and pretend that the camera is your boyfriend, who’s smiling at you” -Alexandre told her. “Boyfriend, no. But I can pretend it’s my girlfriend, who’s around here… girlfriend. It’s still hard for me to believe that Sabrina and I are dating…” -Queen Bee thought to herself, as a smile showed up on her face, from thinking about Sabrina. –“Okay.” -she said, as she blew a kiss at the camera. And the truth was, Louve Grise was not far from where her girlfriend was. The photographer that had been assigned to photograph her, was a young woman named Camile Courtet, and she was one photographer, who considered herself an artist, and wished to take advantage of Louve’s ice abilities to incorporate them into the photos she snapped of her. “Fantastic! Great use of your ice breath. Could you also use your fans a little more?” -Camile asked the wolf heroine. –“I would like to try and snap a couple of photos with you using them.” -she declared. “Of course.” -Louve Grise said, as she pulled her fans from her belt and opened them. –“Any particular poses?” -she asked. “Yes. Could you put one of your arms up, and the other down, holding the fans open?” -Camile asked her. “Like Kitana from Mortal Kombat?” -Louve asked her. “Yes, exactly like her.” -Camile answered, as the wolf heroine posed in the way she had asked her, when the ground shook a bit. -“What was that?” -she asked. –“An earthquake? You also felt it?”“I did. But don’t worry, I don’t think it was an earthquake. I think that was Grizzly doing a small “Earth Shaking” attack.” -Louve Grise said. –“Don’t need to be scared. If it was a regular one, it would be a lot stronger than this.” -she tried to assure her.A second after, the ground shook once more, with the same intensity as before. Like Louve Grise had said, that was all Grizzly Bear’s doing. After the photographer insisted on snapping a couple of photos of him smashing his fists against the ground, the bear hero did it. Although he was enjoying himself, he was not the biggest fan of the photographer that had been assigned to photograph him, whose name was Robert Esnault. The man was someone who clearly was not used to hearing the word “no”, and that was putting a little friction between the two of them. Still, Grizzly was trying his best not to lose his patience with him. “Sorry, but I’m not going to break this statue.” -Grizzly Bear said, as he pointed to the white marble statue on his left. “But you have that thingy that let’s you put things back the way they were. You can use it, after you break the statue, and put it back the way it was. That way, it’ll be like nothing happened and we’ll get some really amazing photos of you, displaying that brute strength of yours.” -Robert declared. “Yes, but we’re only supposed to use it after a battle.” -Grizzly explained. –“I hope you understand that I won’t be able to do what you’re telling me.” -he said. “But it would be a one-time thing!” -Robert exclaimed. –“And the photos would be one of a kind!” -he insisted on the matter. “I repeat, that’s not going to happen.” -Grizzly Bear stated with a firm voice, hoping the photographer would understand he was not going to do it. “Fine, we’ll go with plan B.” -Robert sighed, clearly upset. –“Bring in the blocks of dry ice.” -he ordered one of his assistants. –“If he doesn’t want to break that statue over there, then we’ll have to go with the less fashionable way to get some decent photos!”“This guy seriously needs to have someone teach him that he can’t always have things as he wants them.” -Grizzly Bear thought to himself. –“To think that he wanted me to smash to pieces of a priceless statue, just to use the power of the Ampulla Amulet to put it back the way it was, as if it was nothing…” -he thought. Between posing and tantrums for some of the photographer, an hour quickly went by, without any of the heroes even realizing it. Even Chat Noir, who was used to being bored in photoshoots, and wishing that most photoshoots he did for his father’s brand were just as funny as that one was being. The only thing that was bothering him was the fact that Vincent Asa was one of the photographers that had been selected for that photoshoot, and he had been chosen to photograph him. Because he was used to working with him, the feline hero feared that he might recognize him. Still, part of him was confident that the fact he was wearing his Chat Noir costume, along with a mask and a different hairstyle, would be enough to fool him. “Stupendous! You are a natural!” -Vincent exclaimed, as he photographed Chat Noir. “Thank you.” -Chat Nori said, as he extended his staff and posed for another photo, with the staff over his shoulder. –“But to tell you the truth, I don’t consider myself the best model out there.”“Nonsense! I only work with the best, and I can tell you this. You, my boy, were born to be in the scope of a camera!” -Vincent said. –“Just like Adrien Agreste. I should know, I’m always photographing him.” -he stated. “Adrien Agreste?! Please, no offense, but I’m way handsomer that that mama’s boy is.” -Chat joked. –“I need to steer the conversation away from my real self, or he might put two and two together and see that we’re the same person.” -he thought to himself. –“I’ve seen photos of him around the town, and my smile beats his, in two seconds flat.”“Oh really? Then, give me your best grin, mister Chat Noir.” -Vincent said. –“Go on, I dare you.” -he challenged him. “Gladly.” -Chat grinned at Vincent, who wasted no time in photographing him. After a couple of more shots, Chat told Vincent that he needed a small break, and would be back in five minutes, with Vincent telling him that it would give him time to prepare for the next part of that photoshoot. Making his way towards the resting area, he waved at Corbeau Noire and Panda Roux who were coming from it. When he got there, he asked the girl who was behind the counter for a soda. She quickly got him one, while also shyly asking him for an autograph, which he was more than happy to give to her. With him, that was the fifth autograph she had managed to get that afternoon, the others belonging to Forest Doe, Dragonfly, Corbeau Noire and Panda Roux. And she hoped to get the autographs of the rest of the team. She said that it was for her a little sister, when they asked her to whom they ought to dedicate the autographs, but it was actually her name, Stephanie, they wrote in them. As he finished writing the autograph, he was surprised by the most beautiful image he could ever think about; the image of his girlfriend smiling at him. Just like it had happened with Chat Noir, Ladybug had also decided to take a small break. “How’s it going?” –Chat Noir asked the scarlet heroine, as he opened his soda can. “I admit that I never expected a photoshoot to be this exhausting.” -Ladybug admitted. –“It’s both exciting and exhausting.” -she told him. “Well, life of a model is hard… or so I’ve heard.” -Chat Noir told her. “I believe it. But who in their right mind would want to spend all day posing for a photo? Not me. I prefer to stand behind the camera.” -Ladybug chuckled, as she sat on one of the chairs. “You also want one?” -Chat Noir asked her, as he sipped his soda. “I think I’ll have a water bottle instead.” -Ladybug said.“Could you get me a water bottle?” -Chat Noir asked Stephanie. “Of course. Natural or icy?” –Stephanie asked Ladybug. “Natural, please.” -Ladybug answered her. “You heard her.” -Chat Noir smiled at Stephanie. –“And don’t worry, I’m sure Ladybug will be more than happy to give you an autograph as well.” -he said. “O-Oh, thank you. My little sister is going to appreciate it.” -Stephanie said. “It’s so funny how she’s pretending that the autographs are for her little sister and not her.” -Chat Noir thought to himself, as he watched her getting a water bottle. –“It’s funny how adults think there’s a problem in asking us for an autograph.” -he thought, as she handed him the water for Ladybug. Sitting next to the scarlet heroine, Chat Noir handled Ladybug her water, which she immediately opened and sipped from. All that posing had made her quite thirsty. As they rested, they started to talk between them, and it did not take long for them to lose the track of time; not that it was hard for that to happen, when they began to chat. What it was supposed to be a five-minute break, turned into an almost twenty-minute one. And it was only when, they saw one of their teammates, Antelope arriving at the resting area, that they realized that time had flown by. “I think it’s time for us to go back, before they think we’re both slacking off.” -Ladybug told the feline hero. “I think that’s a little bit late for that.” -Chat Noir pointed out. Following Jacques, was Vincent, and they both looked like they had something to say to the two heroes. Seeing that, Ladybug and Chat Noir remained silent and allowed them to talk. “Oh, there you are.” -Jacques said. –“Uh, since we both agreed that we already have individual photos of yours, we were wondering, if we could perhaps move on to the next part of the photoshoot?” -he said. –“Like I explained before, now it’s time for the dos and trios to be photographed, and I was thinking that we could start with you giving us the infamous “Pound It” move?”“Sure.” -Ladybug said. –“How about it, Chat?” -she asked him. “It’ll be my pleasure, milady.” -Chat Noir said, as he got up. -----------------------------------------------It had been a few days since Rapier had been given his powers, and he was quickly mastering them. Had been given the chance to become part of Hawk Moth’s lieutenants, he wanted to go after the heroes and get rid of them. But he quickly realized that before he could run, he would have to learn to walk. Just like it happened with his fellow lieutenants, he had to learn to use them and master them, before going into battle. But that did not mean he did not spend all of his free time bragging about how he was going to succeed where they had failed, and not all of them were enjoying that kind of conversation. Brutus was not a fan of Rapier’s talk, but he was disciplined enough to ignore his words. But Reptile and Madame Romani were a whole different story. Neither him, nor her liked him, and if it had not been for Brutus, who prevented them from starting a fight inside the lair, they would have already tried to kill each other. “I’m going to make you three, look like Ancient History.” -Rapier bragged about it to his fellow lieutenants. “You’re cocky, I’ll give you that. But if you think you can just come in here and see yourself as lord of the manor, let me just tell you this… I’ve been with the master since he resurrected, and I’m not going to be outshined by you or anybody!” -Reptile warned him. –“You may be the new kid on the block, but don’t forget your place.” -he told him.“Or what?” -Rapier shot at the lizard man. –“You think you can boss me around?! The only one who bosses me around is in that chamber of his, and he’s not here. Also, if he decided to choose me, then it means he saw something in me that neither one of you can see. Props for him, for having done that.” -he laughed.“Watch your tongue! Do not address the master like he’s some schmuck! He’s above everyone else, you hear me?!” -Reptile practically spat the words on his face. “I address him any way I want to! I’m not here to praise him! I’m here to hunt down heroes and catch their miraculouses! He wants results, and that’s what I’m going to give him. Results which neither you, nor the gypsy, not the walking bulldozer over there were able to!” “I usually don’t agree with the lizard there, but there’s always a first time for everything.” -Madame Romani said. –“You better watch your tongue, hotshot, because the price for failure is quite harsh. And master Hawk Moth will make sure to give you an incentive for not wanting to fail again.” -she said, as she remembered the last torture session Hawk Moth put her through. “I’m not going to fail! You idiots have failed, because you’re not worthy of serving him!” -Rapier declared. –“He has given you those abilities you have, and you can’t even do what he orders you to do!” -he said. –“That’s pathetic!”“If you don’t shut your mouth, right now, I’m going to cut your tongue with this knife of mine and feed it to the rats!” -Reptile shouted at Rapier. –“Or, even if you do shut up, maybe I’ll cut it anyways, so we can see how long it’ll take for you to regenerate it. And while we wait, we’ll have silence.”“Go ahead! Try it! But let me warn you, lizard man. This birdy here isn’t afraid of you.” -Rapier said, as he laughed in Reptile’s face. “But you should!” -Reptile threatened him. –“If I were you, I would be afraid of me, and everyone else in this lair. Especially our master. He doesn’t take kindly to failure, or “Talk, talk, talk… that’s all you do!” -Rapier mocked him. –“If your threats are as good as the way you handle a bunch of teenagers, who constantly wipe the floor with you, then I have more chances of bleeding to death from a paper cut, than from one of your blows with that little knife of yours!” -he mocked him again. “Why you little!” -Reptile shouted, as he threw himself at Rapier, trying to stab him in the heart, only for the later to repel him with one of his wings, making him land on his butt. –“I’m going to gut you into tiny little pieces!” -he yelled, as he charged against Rapier, this time managing to grab him and throw him at the ground. Tired of hearing nothing but bickering, and wishing to prevent the two of them from killing each other, Brutus decided it was time to end that. Pulling a war staff from his chest, he waited until one of them threw the other over, and slammed the war staff into the ground between them, as hard as he could, the sound echoing through the lair and stopping the fight. Caught off guard by it, both Reptile and Rapier looked at Brutus. “Enough!” -Brutus shouted at them. –“You’re acting like children! Do not forget the reason why we were chosen by the master!” -he reminded them. –“The enemy is Ladybug and the rest of her team. If we start to fight amongst ourselves, they are the ones who win! Instead of trying to kill each other, save that energy and use it against our enemies!” Before either Reptile or Rapier could say anything, the doors of Hawk Moth’s chamber slammed open, and from inside, came Hawk Moth wondering what was the reason for all that noise. “May I know what’s going on here?” -Hawk Moth asked his lieutenants, in a cold and uncaring voice, demanding an immediate answer. “Nothing, master. Just a small squabble.” -Madame Romani said, in a casual voice, as if it had been nothing. “Indeed. Just a small squabble, where egos got the best of some of us, master. But it’s already been taken care of.” -Brutus said, as he bowed his head in reverence. –“I can assure you that we won’t bother you again.” -he declared. “Very well.” -Hawk Moth said. –“I do not wish to be interrupted by another sound, while I’m meditating. And instead of being here, squabbling like mere children, go back outside and find me another worthy victim for my Akuma Butterflies. And you, Rapier, hurry up and perfect your abilities, so you can also join them. I gave you the opportunity to serve me, and I want to see if you are as good as you claimed you could be.” -he declared, before returning to his chamber and slamming the doors shut behind him. Once the echo from the chamber’s doors slamming died, silence flooded the lair once again. Silently, each of the lieutenants went to a different section of the lair, to be alone with their own thoughts. “Too bad that Brutus had to stop them. If they had killed each other out, there would be less competition to see who will become the master’s right arm, when he finally conquers the world.” -Madame Romani thought to herself. “For his own sake, he better learn some manners, or next time, not even Brutus will or even the master will prevent him from gutting him like a fish. I’ve been by Hawk Moth’s side since the beginning, and I’ll continue to do so… if that Rapier thinks he’s going to become the master’s new star lieutenant, he has another thing coming.” -Reptile thought to himself. “They all behave like children. Don’t they realize that by squabbling like that, doesn’t help us?! It’s up to me to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Because if it does, it could prove disastrous for the master’s plans. For my honour, I will not allow that to happen.” -Brutus thought to himself. “I’ll prove to Hawk Moth and these three idiots that I’m worthy of being here.” -Rapier mused to himself. –“Tomorrow, I’m going to find one of those heroes and I’m going to kill him and get its miraculous. And I’m not even going to need an Akuma to do the job.” -he thought...
Umbrella  by DylanRosales
Miraculous Team: Cosplay Chaos - Chapter 3Chapter 3: A Charitable CauseUsing the Internet, Alya did not waste any time in searching for proofs and facts. If there was any chance that that whole post could be a trap, set by one of Hawk Moth's lieutenants, or a gimmick from a fan to get to know them in person, she had to know. Googling the Jacques Malraux's name, as well as the charitable organization, which was called "France's Children Cancer Fund". It did not take long for her to find a lot of information regarding both. But like the good reporter she was, Alya did not settle with that. Anyone could create fake accounts and post fake information online. She had read about swindlers, who created fake websites that would only be operational for a couple of days, and then disappeared without a trace. But while they were online, they looked like legitimate websites. Most of the time, the victims of such scams would look into those websites to know more about a person, or a product, or even a business enterprise, to know more about them, and would be fooled by the fake information in them.Luckily, Alya had learned a couple of investigative tricks to help her distinguish the real deal from fakes. Of course, she was no expert in the matter, but what she had learned from frequenting several online workshops on journalistic investigation for young reporters in her spare time, gave her a pretty good idea on the matter."Everything seems legit." -Alya said. –"The online accounts of this person were created almost ten and six years ago, respectively, and he seems to be quite active on them. On top of that, his work for this organization seems to be very well documented, going back almost six years." -she said, as she looked at one of the pages. –"And the organization is quite referenced in numerous online articles, some of which are from Le Figaro, Le Parisien, Le Monde, Paris-Match, among others… there have been numerous charity balls organized by them. If this is a scam, it's one of those that the person behind it took its sweet time to make it look like everything I've read and seen is real.""What are you doing?" -Trixx asked her, as she entered the bedroom, carrying a plate with a peanut butter, jelly and cheese sandwich. –"Sorry it took me so long, but I couldn't find the jelly. And don't worry, I've cleaned up everything, after I finished." -she assured her."I'm checking for any kind of inconsistencies in this post that was sent for approval on the blog." -Alya told her."Inconsistencies in the post?" -Trixx asked her, not understanding what she was talking about."Well, not in the post itself. It's more like the information that's in the post. This guy is trying to get into contact with the Miraculous Team, and has left his name, as well as the image of a card that belongs to a charitable organization, asking if anyone knows how to get into contact with the heroes." -Alya explained. –"So I'm trying to see if I can dig up any information regarding him and this organization, to see if it's legit." -she said. –"Until now, everything I found out seems to be legit and in order, but…""But you're suspecting it could be a trap set by Hawk Moth, right?" -Trixx asked her, finishing her sentence."You read my mind, Trixx." -Alya told her. –"The possibility that Hawk Moth is behind this, is slim, very slim in fact. The odds of this being a prank or a scam from a die-hard fan are a lot higher, than this being a plan from Hawk Moth. But I still need to cover all bases. –she said. –"So far, I can't find anything that points out to that, but…""But you're worried." -Trixx told her. –"It's only normal for you to feel that way. I mean, I haven't read the post itself, but if you're saying that there's something strange or fishy about it, you must have your reasons, girl." -she said, before nibbling her sandwich."Thanks, Trixx." -Alya thanked the fox kwami.A few more minutes went by, and the only sounds one could hear inside Alya's bedroom were the sound of her pressing the keyboards on her laptop, and Trixx munching on her sandwich, as she watched Alya working. A good kwami would have told her that she needed to go back to her homework, so she would not have to worry about it later. But being an extremely curious kwami, Trixx said nothing, as she watched Alya continuing her research. Finally, Alya stopped writing, and Trixx understood that she had finished."And?" -Trixx asked Alya, curious to know what she had found out."And, I can't really decide if this is a scam, a trap, or the real deal, Trixx." -Alya sighed. –"I've already used every trick I know, and I still can't figure it out." -she admitted. –"Part of me thinks is legit, but the other part thinks it might not be.""Why don't you call Max, and ask him if he could help you with this? Who knows, he might be able to track down who sent that post, and more importantly, from where, like they do in those movies and series on television." -Trixx suggested it to Alya."I'm afraid that Max is good with computers, but he's not that good." -Alya chuckled. –"No, to do that we would need a hacker or someone with similar skills, who would be able to use software that is most of the time, illegal." -she said. –"No, I'm afraid we'll have to do this the old fashioned way. We're going to get everything straight.""And how are we going to do that? Are you going to suit up, find this guy and talk to him?" -Trixx asked her."Yes. That's what I was thinking. After I approve his post, we're going out. We're going to give this Jacques Malraux an hour or so, and then we're going to see if he's at the address of the charitable organization he provided us, which I already checked several images of, to see how it looks, and we're going talk to him." -Alya declared."You're making it sound like we're about to enter right into one of those film noir movies that your dad likes so much." -Trixx chuckled."And in a way, we are. Except that I'm not a detective, but a reporter." -Alya answered her. –"And a good reporter, always checks her sources." -she smiled at Trixx, before approving the post. –"There, I've approved it… the die is cast. Now we just have to see what comes out of this."----------------------Once the doors from the underground's carriage opened and Alya exited it, she felt like she was a sardine that had been picked from a can. It amazed her, in the worst possible way, how the underground could be that busy, on a Saturday afternoon. As she made her way to the street, she wondered if she should not have transformed into Rena Rouge to get to the organization's address, which was located in the 15th arrondissement."Maybe I should have come as Rena Rouge. After all, this is a Miraculous Team matter, so I wouldn't be a selfish misuse of my powers." -Alya told herself. –"Still, it's best I didn't come as Rena Rouge. It gave me time to revise the whole plan in my head." -she thought.Already on the street, she used the GPS app on her cell phone, to get to the address where the organization was, wondering if this one would look anything like the photo she had seen online. She could not shake off the idea that that could be a trap or a ruse. Still, she tried to ignore those thoughts, while telling herself to keep an eye out for anything that could point out to a potential threat. With her eyes glued to the cell's screen, Alya almost bumped into a person twice, as she walked down the street.When she was just half a block away from the address given by the GPS, Alya's heart began to sprint a little, with her nerves starting to take over her. The idea of her walking towards a trap was beginning to temper with her rational thoughts. But when arriving at the address, this one looked exactly the way it looked in the image she had seen online. It was a three-story white building, with several flags from numerous hospitals in France, hanging on the building's front. Above the entrance door, which had a security guard at it, was the organization's name and logo. At first sight, there seemed not to be anything wrong with it. It looked just like every other building around, except that this one looked a little bit cared for, than the ones around it. Alya's brain had come up with some of the craziest scenarios, one could imagine, truly believing that she was walking into a trap, that upon seeing what awaited her, she was a little disappointed by it."Maybe I overreacted a little bit. Maybe this doesn't have anything to do with Hawk Moth." -Alya thought to herself. –"Maybe the worst it can happen from all this, is if this turns out to be a plan from a fan wanting to know us." -she thought.After looking at the building, and seeing that it looked just like the image she had seen online, Alya looked for a place to sit down and plan her next move. Finding a park bench, she sat down, and opened her backpack, to have a little word with Trixx. And, so people did not think she was talking to the inside of her backpack, she grabbed her phone and pretended to be calling someone."You're ready?" -Trixx asked Alya, from inside Alya's backpack."Pretty much." -Alya sighed. –"I've got the whole story I came up for this in my head. I just hope I don't screw up things. I'm a little nervous." -she whispered to Trixx."It will all be alright." -Trixx reassured her, just like she did when they left home. –"And remember, the odds of this being a trap are very little. And even if it is, there's no way they can prove you're Rena Rouge. Your miraculous doesn't look like the real deal, when you're a civilian, so none of Hawk Moth's lieutenants, or even Hawk Moth himself, will be able to make the connection between you and the Miraculous Team." -she said. –"And on top of that, in the ever slim chance of you getting into trouble, I'll be with you, and if needed, I can use my powers to get you out of there."Alya smiled at Trixx, after hearing her say those words. It felt good to hear them. She decided not told her that she no longer felt that that could be a trap from Hawk Moth, or one of his lieutenants. She did it, because she felt there was no need to worry her about her change of mind. But, she also did it because there was always the remote chance, she could be wrong, and she needed Trixx to be ready for any eventuality. Making her way towards the building, she continued to repeat to herself what she was going to do there. She had come up with a made-up story to check if the charitable organization was real. Going through the rotating door, Alya saw herself on a beautiful lobby. Just like the front of the building, this one was white and blue, with the walls and ceiling being white, and the shiny marble floor sky-blue. On the walls were several black and white photographs, all of children. Behind the reception desk was a woman in her late fifties, with a kind smile, who waved at Alya, the moment she entered the lobby."Good afternoon. I don't know if you can help me, but I'm doing a school report on charitable organizations, and I was wondering if you could help me?" -Alya asked the woman behind the desk."Of course. And how exactly can I help you, young miss?" -the woman asked Alya."Oh, you see, my teacher has asked my class and I, to write a report about one charitable organization, so, every information that you could give me, like the year it was founded, what is the purpose of the organization, how many people have you helped, how many people work for the organization… all of that, would be helpful for my report." -Alya said. –"I know I could find some of those information online, but I like to get my information, straight from the source." -she smiled at the woman at the desk."I see. Well, I wish I could help you, but unfortunately, I'm not the best person for the job, and I have too much work on my hands." -the woman said."Oh, I see. But maybe someone else could tell me all about the organization? Maybe someone who's available?" -Alya asked. –"My teacher told me about someone she knew, and who worked with this particular organization… what was his name?" -she said, pretending to remember the person's name. –"Oh, yes, Jacques Malraux, if my memory isn't playing tricks on me.""Jacques Malraux? Oh, yes, he's one of the photographers that works with us." -the woman said. –"Most of the photos you see in this lobby were all taken by him." -she said, as she pointed to one of said photos."Is he here? Would it be possible for me to have a word with him?" -Alya asked."I'm afraid not. Right now, he's up in his office, working on an important project, and requested to not be disturbed." -the woman said. –"But, if it's information that you need, I could try and schedule an appointment with someone who could help you." -she suggested Alya."That's okay. I'll come back some other time." -Alya said. –"Maybe back then, there will be someone free." -she said."Are you sure, you don't want me to see if I can schedule an appointment with someone, who might help you?" -the woman asked her once again."No, that's okay." -Alya said, as she left. –"Thank you, anyway." -she said.Exiting the building, she walked towards the same pack bench as she had sat before. Alya opened her backpack to talk with Trixx."So? What do you think?" -Trixx asked her, as soon as she opened the backpack."The place is real and the man who sent that post to the blog also works there. We can safely put "Possible trap by Hawk Moth" into the discarded ideas bin." -Alya said. –"I think it's time for us to find out what this Jacques Malraux wants with us, Trixx." -she declared."You mean…" -Trixx said."Yes, I mean what you're thinking, Trixx." -Alya said. –"There's little or nothing that Alya Cesaire can do from this point on. But Rena Rouge is a different story." -she smiled at her kwami. –"Let's find a place, where I can change into something more appropriate for the following part of this plan of mine. But before that, I'm going to need you to do me a small favour.""Anything for you, Alya." -Trixx told her."I need you to go inside, without being seen, and find out where this Jacques Malraux's office is, so I know where I have to go." -Alya told her. –"You remember how he looks like from the photo, don't you?" -she asked the little kwami, with her nodding. –"Alright. Remember, be careful and don't let anyone see you."Complying with Alya's wish, Trixx dashed towards the building, to find out what she had asked her to. As she waited for the fox kwami to come back, Alya tried to imagine the reason why that Malraux guy would want to talk to her and the rest of her friends. Being a photographer, that reduced the possibilities of what he could want with them. It most likely had something to do with photography; but the fact that he worked for a charitable organization, made it a little harder to guess. Minutes went by, and there was no sign of Trixx. Alya knew Trixx could take of herself, but like anyone with feelings, she cared for the safety of her kwami, who was not just her kwami, but her friend as well. A few more minutes went by, and still no sign of the fox kwami. Fearing that something bad had happened, Alya was already beginning to come up with a plan to go look for her, when she saw Trixx, floating close to the ground, coming towards her."Took you a while to get back. I was already starting to get worried." -Alya said."Sorry, but I had to make sure that no one saw me." -Trixx said, as he jumped into Alya's hands. –"But I've got good news. I found out where the guy's office is. And more importantly, he seems to be obsessed with you and the rest of the team. He has tons of photos of all of you on his desk." -she told her."Tons of photos?" -Alya asked."Yeah." -Trixx said. –"I think he was studying them or something." –she pointed out."That really raises some questions." -Alya said, wondering why he would have photos of the whole team. –"Anyways, tell me where the office is, so I can get in." -she said, as she started to walk.It did not take long for Alya to find somewhere to change into Rena Rouge. And once as Rena Rouge, she did not waste time, and made her way towards the building. Following Trixx's instructions, it was easy for her to find Malraux's office, which was located on the second floor. Leaning on the windowsill, she looked inside and saw a man sitting at a desk. This one corresponded exactly to the man on the photo she had seen in the blog's post. And she also noticed that just like Trixx had told her, he had several photos of all members of the team on his desk. Right then, he was holding a photo of Antelope, which Rena recognized as one of the photos that had been posted on the Miraculous Blog. Hoping not to scare him, she tapped her fingers on the window to get Jacques' attention. The man, who was not expecting it, at first thought that they had knocked at the door, and said to enter. Tapping against the window once more, this time harder than before, Rena Rouge surprised Jacques, who almost jumped out of his chair. Seeing the fox heroine on the windowsill, he sprung from his chair and quickly opened the window for her to come in."Sorry to show up announced." -Rena Rouge said, as Jacques allowed her into his office."I… I…" -Jacques said, as he closed the window."Thank you for letting me in." -Rena Rouge said. –"First of all, good afternoon. I saw your post on the Miraculous Blog, where you said you were trying to contact the Miraculous Team." -she smiled at the man. –"Well, I came here on behalf of the rest of my companions, to know the reason why you wanted to contact us.""U-Uh, of course." -Jacques said. The last thing he expected was to be approached by one of the Miraculous heroes, mere hours after he wrote that post. –"Please, take a seat, and I'll explain everything." -he asked Rena Rouge.---------------------Later, after dinner, Alya texted everyone and told them that she needed to speak to them urgently, online, on a matter of great importance. The conversation she had with Jacques Malraux that afternoon had given her a something to think about, and she knew that once her friends knew they talked, they too would have a something to think about. While waiting for them all to be online, she tried to finish her homework, which she failed to finish earlier that afternoon. One by one, they all showed up, and when she saw them online, she decided to tell them, why she had asked them to meet her in that safe channel, which they used solely for Miraculous Team businesses."Okay, is everyone here?" -Alya asked, as she checked to see if everyone was already online. –"Alright, I guess we're all here." -she said."So, what's the emergency?" -Ivan asked. –"And if you could speak quickly, I would appreciate it. I'm at my grandparents, and the Internet connection isn't very good." -he told Alya."Same thing with me." -Alix warned Alya. –"I even had to get out of my grandmother's house, so I could have a little privacy." -she said."Got it. I'll try to be as brief as possible." -Alya said. –"And just to warn you, what I've got to say isn't something bad. It's actually something very good." -she declared."Then, hurry up and tells what it is, Alya! I've got homework to finish, and I have to do it by myself, because Sabrina wasn't allowed to stay over tonight, and we couldn't do it together." -Chloe said."Okay, okay, I'll get to it, right away. Just be a little patient." -Alya told the blonde. –"And for the record, you aren't the only one who needs to finish her homework." -she told her.Choosing her words wisely, Alya quickly told everyone what had happened that afternoon. She told them that when she met that Jacques Malraux, he told her that his intention was simple. Photographing them, and then auctioning their photos to raise money for charity. He explained that the previous charitable campaigns the organization did were not as successful as they were supposed to, and that they needed to raise money to help children suffering from cancer, whose parents did not have the means to pay for the treatments. She told them that if they agreed to do it, he could have the whole thing scheduled in just a few days, and it would take just a few hours."This guy wants to photograph us for charity?" -Kim asked."That's what I said, Kim." -Alya said. –"All the money from the photos, which will go up for auction, will be used to help out sick children from numerous hospitals in Paris, who suffer from cancer." -she said. –"In case, we accept, they will be announcing the auction a day before photoshoot, to get people interested, not that it will be hard. After all, it's not every day that you have photos of real-life superheroes being auctioned.""That's a good initiative." -Mylene said."And you're sure he's legitimate? And it was not one of Madame Romani's illusions?" -Alix asked Alya."He's legit. And if Romani was behind all that, I would've recognized her style." -Alya said. –"Trust me, I took every precaution when talking to him, and before I did that, I ran a thorough investigation on the guy, the organization he works for.. even Trixx looked around the place." -she said."That's good enough for me." -Marinette said. –"If you say it's legitimate and it's safe, I trust that you did your best to find out if that was the truth." -she said. –"I guess we could do this. It's for charity, and we'd be helping sick children, by giving them an opportunity to have a longer and healthier life.""I can easily imagine the amount of money they will be making with the photos." -Max said. –"Everyone will be willing to pay good money for just one photo." -he pointed out."I agree. It'll be a unique opportunity, for both those who wish to own a photo of us, and for the children, who will benefit from the auction." –Mylene agreed."Plus, we'd also be helping those in need." -Rose said. –"We're always saving the town, but with this, we could really make a difference in the lives of some children, who have to fight such a terrible disease." -she said."Indeed. It would be ridiculous, utterly ridiculous, if we didn't do this." -Chloe said. –"Plus, it would be an excuse for everyone to see just how beautiful I look in my Queen Bee outfit… I can already imagine the photos they're going to take of me. Each photo will be a work of art." -she declared, which made everyone give her the stink eye. –"Oh, come on, I can't be the only one who thinks like that."And she was not. The rest of the gang did not say it out loud, but they too felt that way. They had been photographed over and over, but this was the first time that they would have someone with a camera to photograph them, while they posed. It would be a totally different experience. From all of them, the only one who was used to that kind of thing, was Adrien, who had already lost count of how many photoshoots he did."It'll be an interesting experience." -Nathaniel said."So, it's agreed? We all accept doing this?" -Alya asked them."Count me in, foxy fox." -Nino told his girlfriend."Me too." -Rose said."Me three." -Juleka said."I'm also in." -Sabrina said."Of course, Alya." -Marinette said. –"And I think I speak for the rest of us, when I say that it would be an honour to participate in that photoshoot." -she said."And, just asking, will he be the one to photograph us, and if so, how fast can he get things ready for the photoshoot?" -Adrien asked Alya."He said that because we're so many, there will be numerous photographers to help him out. And once we agree to it, he can have things ready two days later." -Alya answered him. –"As for the place where the photoshoot will take place, it will be in the gardens of the Musée Rodin." -she said."It's a great place for a photoshoot. But it might be hard for them to be able to photograph us." -Adrien said. –"That place is always swarming with tourists." -he pointed out."Don't worry about that. The museum and the gardens will be closed to the public on that day." –Alya said. –"We'll"Speaking of which, what will be the day? Did he tell you a date?" -Kim asked her. –"I need to know, because my afternoons will start to get a little fuller from now on." -he commented."What do you mean?" -Max asked him."My parents decided to enrol me in swimming lessons." -Kim said. –"They said that I've been spending too much time skating and all that, and they want me to do something else, that's less dangerous." -he explained. –"I'm starting on Tuesday.""How many lessons will you have per week?" -Marinette asked him."Two. Tuesdays and Thursdays." -Kim told her. –"I don't know what my parents were thinking. There's nothing fun about swimming. You just swim around, in the same stretch of water, and while you're in the water, you can't do crazy stunts, while" -he cursed his luck. –"I'm telling you. From all the sports my parents could have enrolled me in, they had to choose the one sport I consider to be the most boring. Why couldn't they enrol me in tennis or something else?""Sucks to be you, then." -Alix joked."Well, we'll have to have that into account, when scheduling the photoshoot. It's got to be a day where we can all attend." -Alya said. –"Let's compare our schedules and try to see when we can all do it." -she told the others.-------------------And while the Miraculous gang compared schedules and tried their best to find a day, where they could all participate in that photoshoot, Hawk Moth was out hunting. Sending all his lieutenants out, he too left his hideout. He went looking for a new lieutenant, which he had decided, he needed. For this new lieutenant, Hawk Moth wanted someone different. Someone that had the same qualities as his other lieutenants, as well as something else they did not have. Someone who would obey his orders, and did as he was told, but that was also able to ignore them and think for itself, if the situation demanded, provided it could kill the Miraculous Heroes.Having turned himself into a swarm of black butterflies, Hawk Moth was flying above the city, trying to look for someone whose heart was what he was looking for. For this new lieutenant, he wanted someone special.And while that happened, in front of a pizza store, near Pigalle district, a heated conversation between two men, Georges Chanban and Julien Blanc, was taking place. George was a tall, tanned, well-built muscular man with short greasy black hair and sideburns, and he had green eyes. He was wearing a purple shirt, black pants and white shoes. As for Julien, he was a tall and slim man with short, spiky, black hair, brown eyes and pale complexion. He was wearing a white shirt, a brown leather jacket, blue jeans and black shoes."You're an idiot, you know that?!" -Georges said."I'm an idiot?!" -Julien shot back at him. –"You're the idiot, here. You don't understand what's happening all around you!" -he said. –"You don't understand that this world is a dog-eat-dog world, where only the strong manage to get by, without any kind of problems.""I think you spend too much time online, reading all that crap about supremacy of the strongest." –George declared. –"No sane person believes in that." -he said."Sane, no. Pacified is more like it! People are all mindless sheep, who've been pacified by numerous things! And you know what? That Hawk Moth is right. The strong should rule over the weak. There's no point in protecting them, if they're just weak." –Julien practically yelled that statement.Julien continued to ramble about what he believed was true, with his friend listening to every word, although he was only listening out of politeness. Georges did not believe a word that came out of Julien's mouth, regarding those matters. He did not even know why he put up with that kind of conversation. Julien's ideas were not completely extremist, but they were not the polar opposite either. And after hearing him ramble about them for another five minutes, he just had it with it."No wonder you got kicked out of the Air Force. You're insane!" -Georges told him."I wasn't kicked out of the air force because I'm insane! I was kicked out of it, because they couldn't handle the fact that I was the best pilot they ever had!" -Julien told him. –"You make one small dent on a fighter jet and you get expelled from the Air Force." -he said, as if it was no big deal."A small dent?! You trashed it, with one of your crazy air stunts!" -Georges told him."Correction! An incredibly crazy air stunt, which would have worked, if the other idiot that was flying by my side, had listened to me and my warning!" -Julien shot back at him. –"Instead, I went against his jet, and when we collided against one another, we were both forced to eject from the jets." -he clarified."Whatever… I'm going home. And you should do yourself a favour and get some help. You need it!" -Georges said, as he left. –"The way you're talking, it's like we're back in the 40's, with WWII happening." -he declared."Help?! You're the who needs help! You and the rest of the people! You need to open your eyes and see how things truly are!" -Julien shouted at him. –"The world is always evolving, and only those who are already strong, can evolve to withstand whatever the world throws at them!" -he said. –"Mark my words, the day when Hawk Moth will rule supreme is coming. And I for one, want to be on the winning side!"Like it happened so many other times, Julien was furious that people did not see what he was trying to say. To him, he was right and the others were wrong. And as he made his way back home, he kept telling himself that. Cutting his way down a parallel street, he was eager to get home and watch one of the aviation films he loved so much. Although he was expelled from the Air Force, it had not diminished his taste for things that had wings. After arguing with Georges, he needed a distraction. Picking up the pace, he suddenly hears something behind him."That was quite the speech you gave back there." -a voice was heard. –"Not many people would have the courage to say what you did.""Yeah, and so what? Do you have a problem with that?!" -Julien shouted, at whoever was talking, not being able to see well in that dimly lit street."Oh, no, I don't have a problem." -the voice said, as the man it belonged to came out of the shadows and looked Julien in the eyes. The man, was none other than Hawk Moth himself. –"But when you speak that way about my person, either you've seen the truth of what I defend, or you're just trying to look as if you're stronger than you supposedly are." -he said. –"So, which one are you?"Julien was surprised to see Hawk Moth there. But unlike most people, who would cower in fear of him, he simply smiled. But this was no ordinary smile. It was the smile he made, when he saw an opportunity."I'm among the ones who believe in what you said." -Julien said. –"I wasn't kidding when I said that I truly believe what you preach about the strong being the rightful owners of this world." -he said. –"Darwin said the same thing, and he was right. Only the strong survive. That is nature's law."Over the course of millennia, many had willingly pledged their devotion to Hawk Moth. But this was the first time, since he had awakened that that happened. He could say he was surprised this did not happen sooner, but he would be lying about it. The truth was he had not given people the chance to do so."If you're here, that means you're looking for someone to be Akumatized. Well, I volunteer to be akumatized. I'm sick and tired of people not listening to what I have to say, when I know I'm right." -Julien told him, as he already"Actually, I'm not here to akumatize anyone. I am looking for a new lieutenant, who can kill the Miraculous Team, once and for all." -Hawk Moth confessed. –"But, if I were to choose you to be my newest lieutenant, why I would I do it?" -the villain asked him. –"What makes you so special that I ought to choose you, and not someone else?""Because I know what I want, and I want to serve you." -Julien told him. –"I truly believe that you will one day rule the world, and I want to be by your side, when you do it." -he declared.Looking into the man's heart, the villain saw that there was indeed anger, disdain and rebellion in it. Anger because of the lack of recognition, and disdain for those who did not recognize his supposed brilliance. Rebellion, on the other hand, was present, but to a lesser extent. In general, his heart and his negative feelings were not very different from those in the heart of a rebellious teenager. But there was something else, which made him ponder that possible choice. And that was the feeling of devotion. None of his lieutenants had that feeling, before he turned them into what they were now. Maybe that was what he needed in his new lieutenant; a sense of devotion that did not come with its original personality."Just give me a chance, and I'll prove to you that I can be of service to you." -Julien told him. –"I won't even need an Akuma to take down the Miraculous Team. I'll tear them apart, one by one, myself." -he said, with an enthusiastic voice."Since you're so eager to show yourself, then perhaps I'll let you show me what you can do." -Hawk Moth declared, having found his new lieutenant."You won't regret it!" -Julien told him. –"I'll have those heroes dead and their miraculouses at your feet, before you can even think it." -he said."Then, let's seal the deal." -Hawk Moth said."Now, you're talking!" -Julien exclaimed.Shaking hands with Hawk Moth, a sudden energy discharge went through Julien's body, causing him to squirm and yell in pain. When it finally stopped, and he opened his eyes, both eyeballs were glowing purple, and he had something on his right hand… a butterfly tattoo.Snapping his fingers, a little black butterfly appeared in Hawk Moth's hand, after which it flew into Julien and fused with him. Instantly, his whole body was enveloped in a thick cloud of black and purple smoke. When the smoke disappeared, Julien's appearance had changed. He was now wearing a black and red full-bodysuit with greyish talons with red tips and a greyish belt around his waist. He also had red bladed-wings embedded into his arms, which he was able to retract with just a thought. His black hair was now grey and combed backwards with a widow's peak. And on his face, he was wearing a black domino mask around his eyes."Rise, Rapier." -Hawk Moth commanded his new lieutenant. –"From this moment on, you serve me, and you will do everything in your power to destroy the Miraculous Team and to bring me their miraculouses, so I may obliterate them." -he said."As you command, Hawk Moth, my master." -Rapier said.
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Hey Miraculouser I would like to put to attention of a contest that's happening at one of our affiliated groups, in case anyone is interested!

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