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Daisy the Witch
For months I have been working on an American Horror Story: Coven and Digimon 02 crossover story. It's about Daisy Motomiya being a witch who is living in New Orleans and attending Miss Robichaux as a witch. I finished three chapters and I'm working on the fourth, but I'm not sure if I want to post it.

“Togemon in Toyland”

Please enjoy and review!

Everyone had no idea how long they had been walking in the sewer, but they tried not to let it bother them as they searched for an exit.

During their walk, the Digimon had made up a song to sing to keep them entertained.

"Okay everybody, let's sing the song that Agumon wrote for us." Tai suggested.

"Digimon eat and Digimon fight. Digimon Digivolve and fight all night." All the Digimon sang.

"Singing sure is fun." Palmon chirped happily.

"Now let's try some solo performances, starting with Mimi." Agumon said making the older kids blanch and stop in their tracks.

"Mimi?!" Tai yelped.

"Mimi?" Sora asked.

"Mimi?" Izzy questioned.

"Singing?" Matt asked horrified.

"Mercy!" Joe exclaimed.

"Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam." Mimi sang off-key.

Some of the members of the group groaned at the sound of the girl’s voice.

"Avoiding your drone." Joe sang in a joking tone.

"Hey, come on. I had singing lessons for three years." Mimi stated with a confident grin.

"Oh, you did? Did it help?" TK asked innocently.

“Heh! Mimi, you should get a refund, that's what I think." Izzy said with a grin.

"Then let's sing as a group." Sora suggested with a smile.

"Let's go." Tai said.

With that said, everyone smiled as they continued walking and started singing.

"Digimon sleep and Digimon fight, Digimon Digivolve and-" They were cut off by Sora crying out ‘Stop!’ as everyone stopped walking and looked at the suddenly distressed girl.

Her face was scrunched up and tears seemed to be leaking from her eyes, though she was trying to hide it.

The Digimon were staring at her in consern and confusion as to her sudden change in mood.

"Sora, are you all right?" Tai asked.

“Yeah, what's the matter?" Matt questioned.

Everyone stood around the distressed girl, staring at her as they wondered what had caused her to suddenly start crying.

Seeing everyone gazing at her with worried expressions, Sora began to glance around before she tilted her head upwards.

"Well, some water fell from up there." Sora looked up at the ceiling.

As she said this, a drop of water fell from the pipes above and landed on her yellow top.

"That made you scream?" Izzy asked pointing to the wet spot on her shirt as she tried to rub it out.

"Yeah…no…uh… I used to sing at home. I used to sing to myself all the time when I would do my chores, especially when I'd hang clothes to dry outside, I would sing really loud 'cause no one could hear me then." Sora said sadly with tears in her maroon colored eyes.

At the sight of the tears the girl was shedding, Tai gave her a sad and sympathetic look.

"It's okay to miss your home, Sora. What do you miss, Tai?" Agumon asked snapping the goggle head out of the way he was staring at the orange haired girl.

"I miss playing sports, then taking a nice hot bath." Tai said as he thought back.

"Games. My games. I wasn't far from beating Matt on my video games." TK said as he crouched down, moving his fingers like he was using a controller.

"Beating me, TK? Yeah, I don't think so. In your dreams, kiddo!" Matt laughed making everyone look at him.

“So, you don’t miss anything from your home at all, Matt?” Agumon questioned.

Matt stopped laughing and frowned sheepishly as he thought back to his home.

"Well, actually, now that you mention it… I've been dreaming about Sunday, when Mom grilled the steaks. Mm, makes my mouth water!" Matt smiled.

"I miss doing my homework. If I fall too far behind, I might have to go to a…junior college." Joe said adjusting his glasses.

"I don't miss school, but I do miss going on vacation. Nothing beats having a cold drink on a summer day at the beach. I just love that ocean air!" Mimi cheered.

"Wowie! That sounds like fun, Mimi." TK grinned as he bounced up beside her.

"It is!" Mimi insisted with a smile.

Izzy then walked up beside them with a frown on his face which made the two younger members of the group look at the redhead.

"Get a grip! I miss accessing satellites to look at the stars and planets." Izzy said.

“Daisy, what about you? What do you miss from your home?” Veemon asked his partner.

“I miss arguing with my sister and my dad’s cooking and hearing my grandpa talk about his old war stories.” Daisy sighed sadly.

Soon, all of the children were staring at the ground with a depressed air around them.

Talking about their home lives made them all miss their families and wish they could return to them, but they didn’t know how.

“They really do come from another world." Agumon said.

"That is why they are depressed." Gabumon sympathized.

"Poor kids." Gomamon sighed.

"Quiet, listen everyone!" Tentomon called suddenly.

Everyone went silent as they listened to a strange sound coming from the tunnels.

Groans echoed around them and the group searched the tunnel for the source as a terrible scent reached them.

“Yuck!" Mimi exclaimed in disgust at the stench.

"Numemon." Gabumon said.

"Numemon?" Matt repeated.

"They're really disgusting Digimon who live down here in the sewers." Gomamon explained.

"That's gross!" Tai exclaimed.

"And so are they." Tentomon commented.

"Are they really strong?" TK asked.

"No, they're weak, but smelly. Just wait until they get closer." Agumon said.

"And what do you say we leave? Or am I the only one who doesn't want to get stunk by stinky sewer dwellers?" Joe asked.

The groaning noise got closer and so did the terrible scent as a swarm of green sludge monsters with googly eyes appeared, running towards them.

“Hurry, run!” Agumon yelled.

Everyone quickly turned around and ran off from the Numemon who chased after the humans and their Digimon.

“If they're not strong, then why do we have to run from them?" Tai asked.

"You'll see, keep running!" Agumon yelled.

The Numemon then began throwing pink sludge at the group and Mimi screamed when one landed on the wall in front of her.

“Are they throwing their poop at us?” Daisy exclaimed in disgust.

“This is why no one likes them!” Veemon cried.

As the group ran down the tunnel, TK skidded to a stop when he found a smaller tunnel leading away from the sewer.

“This-a way!” He called pointing at the tunnel.

He then ran inside as the others followed after him, the Digimon cutting through the water to get over to the tunnel and followed their humans.

The Numemon could be heard chasing after the group as sunlight shone from the end of the tunnel and soon enough, the group escaped the sewer and were out in the fresh clean air and warm sunlight shone down on the side of a cliff.

Hearing gasping and yelping, Tai and Agumon glanced back to see the Numemon retreating back into the cave to escape the light.

“The only thing that’s able to drive them away is the sunshine.” Agumon informed as he and Tai sighed in relief.

Walking down the short cliff, the group continued on into the barren fields, looking around for any lakes or such.

As they walked up over a grassy hill, everyone gasped at the field below them, staring in shock.

There were vending machines all over the field, holding sodas, chips and candies inside of them.

“Wow.” TK blinked.

“There must be thousands of them.” Mimi said.

“I’d say under a hundred.” Joe piped in.

“Or maybe just fifty.” Izzy added.

“How did they get there?” TK asked.

“I bet there’s enough snacks to last us a lifetime at least.” Mimi smiled.

“Mimi, they probably don’t work. Don’t you remember the phone booths?” Tai reminded.

“Hey, that could be. I bet it’s a trap, Mimi.” Palmon looked up at her.

“I won’t accept that.” Mimi smiled as she ran down the hill.

“No!” Palmon gasped as she quickly followed her.

“Even if they’re real, you know they’re not plugged in!” Joe called after the girl as she continued running down the hill.

“We could always break them open to get the soda out.” Daisy said making Izzy sigh at her.

“Mimi.” Tai frowned.

“You can’t stop her. She’s so stubborn.” Sora placed her hands on her hips.

As the group remained on the hill, Mimi and Palmon continued searching the vending machines that were around them, looking them over until the girl stopped in front of one that caught her interest.

“Yay, soda. Do you want one?” Mimi asked as she stared at the machine.

“No, I don’t.” Palmon placed her hands on her waist.

“You don’t have to bite my head off.” Mimi frowned.

She then inserted the coin into the slot in the machine and then stood back as she looked over the selections of sodas it held.

Just then, the front part of the machine started to fall off making the females cry out as they quickly turned and ran off so they wouldn't get hit.

“Hey, cutie pie!” A male voice chuckled.

At the sound of the voice, the two females turned around to find a Numemon was inside the vending machine, giving a large grin over at them.

"It’s their leader!” Palmon announced.

“They’re leader? He couldn’t lead a pack of show poodles even with his doggy breath.” Mimi said.

“Hey, let me take you out on a date.” Numemon requested.

The clouds above them were slowly moving in the sky, shadows appearing on the ground.

“I think he likes you. It must be the hat.” Palmon looked up at Mimi.

“What? What are you thinking? I wouldn’t go near that short, slimy, sewer sliding, sludge slinger!” Mimi looked angered as she stared at Numemon.

“Mimi, you’ll make him mad.” Palmon warned.

“Who cares? Besides, we’re safe in the sunlight.” Mimi pointed to the sky.

Suddenly, thunder seemed to boom making Palmon and Mimi look up at the sky to see the sun had been eclipsed by dark storm clouds, making the two females stare in worry.

“Um, we were.” Mimi said nervously.

“How dare you call me short? The date’s off!” Numemon glared as he threw pink sludge at the females, making them yell as they dodged it.

“Not again!” Palmon said as she and Mimi started running.

“Party time!” Numemon bounced around.

All around the two females, the vending machine doors fell off to reveal more Numemon and they started chasing after the duet that ran over to their stunned friends, who were all in disbelief when they saw the horde of Digimon chasing after Mimi and Palmon.

“How did they get here?” Sora pointed.

“Who cares? Run! Run!” Mimi yelled as she and Palmon sped by the group.

Screaming, the rest of the children and Digimon turned around and took off running, trying to escape the angered horde of Numemon who were chasing after them.

“Run!” Tai yelled.

“All right everybody, let’s split up!” Matt called.

After the blond said this, everyone began to split up and ran off in their own directions, making the Numemon break off into different groups as well, chasing after them all.

“These things are getting on my nerves!” Daisy growled as she and Veemon ran into the forest.

“Hurry up and come back out sun!” Veemon begged.

“Or at least start raining to wash away those things.” Daisy said.

When a Numemon threw the pink sludge in front of her, Daisy stopped and turned towards them, a glare set on her face.

Eyes turning gold and fangs growing out, she roared at the Numemon who all stopped their chase.

Crying out in fear, the Numemon turned and started running in the opposite direction.

“Wow, I didn’t know you could roar.” Veemon said and Daisy started coughing.

“Because it’s rough on my throat.” She choked out.

Veemon patted her back and Daisy managed to clear out her throat, no longer feeling the pain the roar had caused her.

“Why was it hard for you to roar?” Veemon asked her.

“Because my voice box has developed enough to allow me to roar properly. When I get older, it won’t be an issue. Come on, let’s go find the others.” Daisy said.

Roaming around the forest, the duo tried to locate their friends, but it seemed like they had vanished.

Picking up their scents, Daisy and Veemon followed them to a town that appeared to be made up of toys and had balloons floating around.

“What is this place?” Daisy asked as she stared in awe at the town.

“This is Toy Town. This place is run by Monzaemon.” Veemon explained.

“What’s a Monzaemon?” Daisy asked as they entered the area.

“He’s a giant teddy bear. He’s very friendly.” Veemon says.

“So, he’s going to attack us then.” Daisy stated.

“What makes you say that?” Veemon asked her.

“Because, literally, every good Digimon we’ve met has had a black gear in them and attacked us. This is going to be no different.” Daisy huffed and crossed her arms.

“You’re a bit of a cynic, huh?” Veemon arched an eye ridge at her.

“I’m just being honest.” Daisy said.

Sounds of a fight then caught their attention.

Curious, the duo snuck their way over and saw Mimi and Palmon were being protected from Monzaemon by a wall of Numemon.

“What’s going on here?” Veemon asked.

“A fight. But why are the Numemon helping?” Daisy wondered.

Stopping their chatter, the duo then listened as Palmon stood up as the Numemon were knocked down by Monzaemon’s Heart’s Attack.

“Time to take it to the next level. I may be a lady, but I’m no push over.” Palmon glared.

Mimi’s device then glowed, and the light covered Palmon next as she started to grow and transform.

“Time to show this Digimon some manners. Palmon Digivolve too…TOGEMON!” She cried out.

In Palmon’s place was a large cactus Digimon with two eye holes and a mouth hole, a tuft of orange hair on her head and she wore red boxing gloves.

“That is the weirdest Digivolution I’ve seen yet.” Daisy commented.

Mimi stared on in awe at the sight of her partner’s transformation.

“You wanna dance with me?” Togemon asked as she and Monzaemon growled as they stepped up close to each other.

Togemon then threw the first punch, hitting Monzaemon in the nose and he retaliated by slugging her in the face.

They both continued to punch each other repeatedly until Monzameon tried to use his beams on Togemon, but she punched him in the face and he cried out.

The fight was then turned to Togemon’s graces as she started beating Monzaemon back with her fists and finally, she used her Needle Spray on the giant teddy bear.

On his back, the zipper opened up and a black gear flew out along with some stuffing as he fell to the ground, defeated and Togemon reverted back to Palmon.

“Palmon, you’re fabulous!” Mimi picked her partner up and hugged her tightly.

“My…stem is bruised.” Palmon sighed as she was suffocated by Mimi.

“Huh, looks like you were right about the black gear.” Veemon said.

“Told ya!” Daisy exclaimed.

Soon enough, the group was reunited.

Monzaemon, under the influence of the gear, had locked the Digimon up and had put the children under a spell to force them to play with the toys.

“Usually, when kids get tired of their toys, they just abandon them. They just throw them away. It’s so sad. So I created a home for these toys, then I wanted to make the toys more important to their owners and I found a way to let their owners’ just walk in their shoes.” Monzaemon explained.

“How? By turning kids into zombies?” Mimi asked.

“I don’t think he really intended to do that, Mimi.” Joe told her.

“You’re right, Joe, I didn’t mean for that to happen. I really am sorry about it. Please accept my apology. I’ll never do that again. Really.” Monzaemon smiled.

“Monzaemon, we know that you would never hurt us on purpose.” Tai rubbed the back of his head.

“Of course not, but an evil feeling came over me.” Monzaemon said.

“It had to be that black gear.” Sora spoke up.

“You know, I’m beginning to take this whole black gear thing a little personally. They cause a whole lot of trouble before disappearing.” Tai stated.

“That’s right, but me and Palmon made Monzaemon good again.” Mimi smiled.

“We’re a great team.” Palmon chirped.

“My friends, there’s only one way I can truly show my gratitude and that’s by giving you all a real Heart Hug.” Monzaemon stood up.

“Oh boy.” Joe sighed.

“Should we be worried?” Daisy asked Veemon who shrugged.

“Here we go. This is my gift to you. Hearts Attack with a hug!” Monzaemon cried.

Pink heart shaped bubbles then appeared and floated over to the children and their Digimon, picking them up and they began to laugh as an aura of joy filled their senses as they were lifted off their feet.

Everyone was laughing cheerfully when the lid was lifted off of a sewer drain and the leader of the Numemon poked his head out.

“Dumpling, a kiss for your hero?” He requested.

“No.” Mimi said cheerfully as she smiled down at him.

“Wow, what a girl! She’ll come around.” Numemon said.

As the sun set filling the sky with hues of orange and pink, the heart shaped bubbles floated off into the sky as the children and the Digimon laughed gleefully.

To be continued


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I like different things and I'm mostly intersted in anime. I love music from different genres and books about fantasy, love, adventure and mystery.


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