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“Fight Night”

Please enjoy and review!

That night, Daisy was woken up by her communicator going off.

Groaning in annoyance, Daisy threw her blanket off her head and glared into the darkness of the room.

Veemon and Salamon were curled up together on the pillow by her head, both looking content as they continued dreaming.

Reaching over to her dresser, Daisy felt around for her glasses’ case and when she clasped her hand around it, she pulled it over and opened it, pulling out her glasses and sliding them on.

“Okay, where s that thing?” Daisy yawned.

Standing up, she searched around for the communicator and found it stashed away in her vest pocket.

Attaching it to her ear, Daisy answered.

“What is it?” She asked.

“Daisy, you need to get to DATs quickly!” Megumi exclaimed.

“Why, what happened? Did Drimogemon return?” Daisy questioned.

Veemon and Salamon began to wake up, the sound of their partner’s voice making it difficult for them to continue sleeping.

They watched as the girl started going around her room, pulling out a pair of fresh underwear and jeans along with a white tube top.

“No, it’s worst. Thomas and Marcus both used the Digital Dive!” Megumi exclaimed.

Eyes growing wide in horror at the news, Daisy dropped her clean clothes on the floor.

“What? What were those idiots thinking? They have no idea what the Digital World is like! It’s too dangerous for them to be there on their own, especially with their issues with each other!” Daisy ranted.

Hearing what their human said, the two Rookies jumped up in shock and shared worried expressions.

“I know. We’re all gathered together here trying to figure out a way to find them and bring them back.” Megumi explained.

“I’ll be over as soon as possible.” Daisy informed.

“Who went to the Digital World?” Salamon asked.

“Marcus and Thomas I’m guessing.” Veemon frowned.

“You’d be right.” Daisy huffed.

Covering his eyes, Veemon allowed Daisy the privacy she needed to get dressed.

Once she was ready, she pulled her hair back into a messy bun and grabbed her devices before scooping Salamon and Veemon up in her arms.

“We need to move and fast. Who knows what those idiots have gotten themselves into.” Daisy said.

Unlocking the front door, Daisy raced outside, allowing Veemon to drop down beside her and he ran with her, both of them racing through the empty streets of the early morning.

Salamon clung to her partner’s shoulder, unsure of what to do as she waited to arrive at their intended destination.

She wished that she was able to do more to help her friends out, but she was a pacifist by nature and it upset her.

All she really wanted was to be more involved during fights and help her friends out when they battle Digimon who try to destroy the city.

Hearing a shrill whine, Salamon blinked and looked down to see the D-3 was glowing red and beeping.

“Daisy, your D-3 is going off. Look!” Salamon exclaimed.

“What?” Veemon asked.

Stopping in place, Daisy unclipped her D-3 from her jeans and held it up to her face, staring at the screen in worry while Salamon moved to sit on her shoulder so she could see it as well.

“This isn’t good. Megumi, Miki, can anyone hear me?” Daisy turned her communicator back on.

“What is it, Daisy?” Yoshino answered.

“My D-3 is going off. I think a Digimon is nearby or is about to appear.” Daisy warned.

(At DATS…)

Yoshino gasped in horror at the news while the Digimon in the room, Miki and Megumi all started muttering in worry.

Hearing what the newest agent had reported, Sampson gritted his teeth at the rotten luck they were having that night.

“This is not the kind of thing we need right now.” Kudamon frowned.

Alarms went off in the office and everyone looked around in worry as red lights flashed around them.

“Commander, Daisy is right. A Digital Gate is opening right now. And it looks like it’s in the area she’s currently in.” Miki reported.

“Daisy, did you hear that? The Digimon is about to appear near you right now.” Sampson informed.

“Oh, this is just my luck. Please be something small or weak.” Daisy prayed.

(With the trio of Miracles…)

Searching around them for the Digimon, they managed to find the opening in the sky.

“There it is!” Veemon pointed.

Much to their shock, a large black dragon with multiple red eyes crawled out of the gate and spread its wings wide before taking flight.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Daisy complained when she saw what kind of Digimon it was.

Sensing the eyes on him, the dragon turned to look at the raspberry haired girl and her Digimon.

He opened his mouth and gave off a loud screech making the trio cover their ears at the sound that echoed through the night.

“What is that thing?” Salamon asked fearfully.

“It’s a Devidramon.” Veemon informed.

Diving down, Devidramon raised his claws and aimed to slash them at the trio, but Veemon and Daisy jumped out of the way, the two partners rolling onto their feet in a crouch as they did so.

“I seriously hate every Digimon that has Devi in its name.” Daisy glared at the dragon.

When she was a child and Myotismon first appeared on Earth, he had a DemiDevimon with him who enjoyed tormenting the children that had been captured.

Jun had gotten so upset with DemiDevimon that she had punched him in the face.

Then, they had to fight a LadyDevimon during the Christmas battle a few years earlier and Silphymon had killed her in front of Yolei much to her horror.

Devimon Digimon were nothing but trouble and she hated them.

Jumping up to stand properly, Veemon watched as Devidramon circled around and started flying right for them.

“Veemon Digivolve too…EXVEEMON!”

Roaring, the large blue dragon took to the air and tackled Devidramon.

The two dragons hit the ground hard enough to make it shake.

Standing up, Daisy held Salamon close to her chest and watched as ExVeemon swung punches at Devidramon, while also trying to avoid the sharp claws and the wicked tail of the black dragon.

Devidramon managed to slash ExVeemon’s shoulder making the blue dragon cry out in pain and his friends gasped in shock at the sight of his blood splashing on the ground.

“ExVeemon’s been injured!” Miki exclaimed.

Back at DATS, the team were not only keeping an eye out for Marcus and Thomas in the Digital World, but they were also watching the fight with Devidramon.

Lalamon was whimpering as she covered her eyes, unable to watch as ExVeemon was hurt, but the blue dragon didn’t back down.

He unleashed his X Laser on Devidramon, making the black dragon cry out in pain from the bright orange light that hit him.

Shaking his head after the attack, Devidramon then took notice of the human and Rookie nearby and screeched in warning, deciding to attack then next since they were easier prey.

“No!” ExVeemon yelled.

“I hate Devi Digimon!” Daisy exclaimed as she ducked down in time to avoid being hit by the large red claws.

Salamon had been thrown free and rolled out of the way from the danger.

Spinning around, Devidramon managed to whip the girl with his tail, making her yell as she hit the ground in pain.

“Daisy!” Salamon cried.

Yoshino gasped in horror and placed her hands over her mouth, unable to believe what she had seen.

“You freak!” ExVeemon growled.

He tackled Devidramon to the ground and the two dragons began to wrestle, using their claws and fangs on each other while Salamon ran over to where her injured partner lay.

“Daisy get up!” The puppy whimpered.

Standing at her partner’s side, Salamon nuzzled against her face and Daisy groaned, rolling over to reveal the red staining her white shirt.

“Not to self. Devidramon’s tail is wicked.” She groaned.

“Oh, Daisy, are you okay?” Salamon asked as tears filled her eyes.

Moving to sit up, Daisy rolled up her shirt to reveal the thin line of blood on her side, showing that Devidramon had given her a minor injury with his tail.

“I’ll be fine. It’s ExVeemon I’m more worried about.” Daisy said.

Roaring was heard as Devidramon managed to snap his fangs around ExVeemon’s throat making Daisy and Salamon cry out in worry.

“No!” Daisy shouted as Devidramon flipped ExVeemon onto his back and started sinking his fangs in deeper.

Unable to stand back and watch as her friends were hurt any longer, Salamon gained a determined look on her face.

Running forward, Salamon then jumped up onto Devidramon’s head and started pounding at it with her paws, trying to get him to release ExVeemon.

“Let my friend go, you big bully!” Salamon yelled.

Growling in annoyance, Devidramon wrapped his tail around Salamon and was about to toss her away, but the puppy sank her teeth into the scales.

Screeching in pain and anger, Devidramon released ExVeemon and started lashing his tail around, trying to get Salamon off.

“ExVeemon!” Daisy cried.

She ran over to her injured dragon and knelt down beside him, placing a hand on her wounded throat.

“Devidramon like to fight dirty.” He huffed.

Kissing his head, Daisy then turned her attention back onto Salamon and watched as the puppy jumped at Devidramon’s face, punching him once again before he backhanded her.

“Salamon!” Daisy cried.

Her Data Link responded to her worry and started to light up.

Amethyst colored data appeared around Daisy’s hand.

Pushing herself up onto hr feet, Salamon glared at Devidramon, refusing to back down from this fight.

“I’m not going down without a fight, you ugly jerk.” Salamon growled.

Stunned by the way her normally timid puppy was behaving, Daisy stood up and took notice of her glowing hand.

“What is this?” She asked.

Remembering all of the times Thomas, Yoshino and Marcus’ hands glowed to allow them to make their Digimon Digivolve, the raspberry haired girl decided that it was now time for Salamon to shine.

“Salamon, get ready for a power up.” Daisy said.

Pulling her new Digivice off her jeans, Daisy then placed her hand on top of it, watching as the amethyst data was downloaded.

“DNA: Charge!” She yelled.

Feeling something spark to life inside of her, Salamon stood up on her hind legs and her body was covered in amethyst light as it began to grow and change.

Her light brown fur became a snow white color, green gloves with orange stripes and large black claws appeared on her front paws, she grew out a long tail that had light purple stripes and a light purple tuff of fur on the tip and her Holy Ring was wrapped around it.

Her ears stuck up on the sides of her head and they had light purple tuffs of fur on the ends and her nose was black, she grew out whiskers and she kept her turquoise colored eyes.

“Salamon Digivolve too…GATOMON!”

The light faded away and revealed the new Champion level Digimon.

“She became a Gatomon!” Daisy exclaimed.

“I’m not surprised. You’re the child of Miracles. Why wouldn’t you have a Holy Beast Digimon as your partner?” ExVeemon shrugged, then groaned since it pulled at his wounds.

Unimpressed by the Digivolution that had happened, Devidramon screeched and went in to attack Gatomon, but the feline jumped up and punched the dragon in the face, the force sending him to the ground.

Back flipping away, Gatomon landed in front of Daisy and ExVeemon.

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this strong before.” Gatomon mused.

“Nice punch.” ExVeemon grinned down at her.

“All right, it’s time for a little tag team action. You guys ready to take this freak out?” Daisy asked.

“Very ready.” Gatomon nodded.

“Okay, Gatomon, you now have the power of hypnosis. Use it to screw up his head, then both of you go in for the attack.” Daisy ordered.

“Done.” ExVeemon pulled Gatomon up onto his shoulder.

Taking off into the air, ExVeemon caught Devidramon’s attention and the angered dragon chased after them, screeching along the way.

Watching from below, Daisy bit her lip in worry.

When she was close enough to Devidramon, Gatomon jumped at him and her eyes glowed pink, using her Cat’s Eye Hypnotism on the dragon when he met her eyes.

Freezing in surprise, the attack took effect on Devidramon and he started slapping himself with his tail and biting his own arm.

When Gatomon started falling from the air, ExVeemon caught her and flew up to Devidramon, both of them punching the black dragon out hard.

Crying out in pain, Devdramon glowed red and was forced into his Digi-Egg form which was red with black polka dots.

Catching the egg, ExVeemon flew down with Gatomon perched on his shoulder and landed on the ground.

“Daisy! Daisy! Did you see me?” Gatomon waved down at the girl.

“I did. You were so great.” The raspberry haired teen smiled.

As soon as his feet were safely on the ground, ExVeemon was covered in yellow light and he returned to his Rookie form, collapsing in exhaustion.

Gasping in worry, Daisy and Gatomon kneeled beside him.

“Veemon, are you okay?” Daisy asked as she gathered him up into her arms.

“I hurt. Everywhere.” He whined.

“Sorry. I wish I could have Digivolved a lot sooner to help you.” Gatomon said.

“It’s not your fault. That Devidramon is a big jerk. And a cheater when it comes to fighting.” Veemon sighed.

“You did great, Gatomon. I’m proud of you.” Daisy smiled at her.

Blinking at that, Gatomon smiled and felt her cheeks grow warm.

Hearing the sound of an engine, the trio looked over to see the DATS car drive up to them.

It parked in front of them and Yoshino climbed out.

“Are you guys okay?” Yoshino asked.

Lalamon floated over to them, gathering up the Digi-Egg and carrying it to the trunk of the car while Yoshino looked the trio of Miracles over in worry.

Gathering everyone up in her car, Yoshino drove them back to DATS and escorted them to the medical station so the doctors could fix up their injuries.

Hours later, Thomas, Marcus and their Digimon were returned to Earth and they were scolded by the Commander for disobeying his orders.

When they heard about what happened to the trio of Miracles, the four males took off down to the medical center to check on them.

Daisy had her side stitched up, Veemon had his wounds stitched up and Gatomon had a few bruises that were tended to.

Marcus threw the door open making everyone jump in surprise.

“Are you guys okay?” He exclaimed loudly.

“Marcus, keep your voice down. This is a medical center for goodness sake.” Thomas reprimanded.

Noticing that the words lacked their usual heat, Daisy blinked at the two males.

“Man, you look awful.” Agumon commented as he stood beside Veemon’s side.

“Devidramon are savage, mindless creatures.” Veemon stated.

“You’ll make a full recovery though.” Gaomon said after he checked the chart.

“Hey, who’s that Digimon?” Marcus asked when he noticed Salamon was missing and a white cat was curled up on Daisy’s lap.

“This is Gatomon, she’s the Champion form of Salamon.” Daisy explained.

“Champion? You mean this little kitty is at the same power level as GeoGreymon?” Marcus asked in disbelief.

“I may be tiny, but I can pack a punch.” Gatomon purred.

Thomas gave the small Champion a curious expression, but his eyes then landed on the red stain on her shirt.

“You were injured?” Thomas asked.

Stunned by this, Marcus looked at Daisy’s side and his eyes grew wide in shock.

“That creep got you?” Marcus asked sounding angered.

“I’m fine. It’s a small wound. I happen to just bleed a lot. Veemon’s the one who took the most damage.” Daisy said as she gently pet his stomach.

“I’ll be fine. I have thick skin.” Veemon waved off the worry.

Marcus crossed his arms and sighed at this, feeling upset that he hadn’t been around when the girl had fought with the dangerous dragon.

Sampson then arrived in the room making everyone look at him.

“Daisy, considering you and your team’s injuries, I want you to stay on bedrest for the next few days.” Sampson ordered.

“Works for me. You wouldn’t happen to know how to wash out blood would you? If not, I’m gonna burn this shirt before my mom finds it.” Daisy said.

Gatomon purred in worry for her partner and nuzzled up against her.

“I think it might be best to simply throw it out. White isn’t very easy to wash out stains from.” Thomas stated.

With that done, Thomas called his driver and he gave Marcus and Daisy a ride back to their houses before their families woke up.

During the ride, Marcus and Thomas didn’t argue and seemed to be getting along better than they had yesterday much to Daisy relief.

It seemed like Ken was right.

If they wanted the two boys to learn how to get along, force them into a dangerous situation where they would have no choice but to get along.

To be continued…


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