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Group Rules

Our rules:

Yes! we have decided to put rules up in order to keep this group and members safe without making a big jumbo lumbo mess so we can cooperate together then keep this group clean.

So here we go,

Number one: Please! We do not accept pornography submitted into our group because it is rude and uncalled for. It may be offended to others as well. I am sorry.

Number two: Submit all FINISHED ARTWORK!! Which meaning No half finished artworks or 'almost' finished artworks! So in other words, we want FINISHED Artwork only! Line artwork are accepted too.

Number three: We do not want fighting or any drama in this group. It could cause offend other members. This is a friendly group, not some war-zone or whatever. So we must to keep this neat and clean now. If there are problems so feel free to consult me or other staff members as soon as possible. Please no foul language on here either!

Number four: NO STEALING. This is not a property for thieves and if we catch you stealing other artwork and claim it to be yours, we will report then block you right away. Also we do not accept copy artworks either.

Number five: We ONLY accept sailor moon or sailor moon related artwork in the gallery/favorites and that includes sailor moon fan-fiction too. Sailor moon crossovers are accepted too.

Number-six: We do not accept screenshots or caps since this is supposed to be an art group for creative drawings, paintings, sculpting, writing, etc. (Yes we accept traditional and digital artworks!)

Thats all for now! I know there are a few of rules so kinda surprising. However, we will be appreciated for you to read then follow the rules! We will have a good time here and thank you once again sailor moon fans!



Gallery Folders

Starshine of Love .:. Petite Etrangere by MegzieSassypants
Portrait by RubyNina
Sailor Moon - Moonlit Flower Garden by ArtTreasure
Sailor Neptune by MoonSelena
Sailor Moon: Usagi
Princess Serenity - Collab by FlyingPrincess
Sailor Moon Redesign by Memorabilia-Studios
I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice! by daadia
Usagi by xLunna
Sailor Mercury: Ami
Sailor Royalty: Princess Mercury by kgfantasy
Ami by Shironek0
Mercury Power, Make-Up! by Seiorai
Sailor mercury by Seiya-Fantasy
Sailor Mars: Rei
Sailor Mars by ariesnopatty
Sailor Mars bust by IslaAntonello
sailor mars design by Seiya-Fantasy
Rei Hino by Saphinel
Sailor Jupiter: Makoto
Sailor Jupiter design by Seiya-Fantasy
Makoto Kino by IrinaSelena
Supreme Thunder by idelle
Sailor Jupiter by Dolly-wrath
Sailor Venus: Minako
Sailor Venus attack! by ariesnopatty
Mina-chan wishes you a happy New Year! by kroriki
Sailor Royalty: Princess Venus by kgfantasy
Sailor Venus Selfie by Seiorai
Sailor Uranus: Haruka
Haruka CHibi by m-u-ll-e
Commission: SailorUranus Tenoh Haruka by Lovepeace-S
Space Sword Blaster by idelle
Sailor Neptune: Michiru
Princess Neptune - Michiru Kaioh by SilverSerenity1983
Sailor Royalty: Princess Neptune by kgfantasy
Sailor Neptun by YumemiArts
Sailor Neptune by Saphinel
Sailor Pluto: Setsuna
Sailor Pluto - alone out there by SilverSerenity1983
Sailor Royalty: Princess Pluto by kgfantasy
Patreon Screenshot Redraw: Young Sailor Pluto by kgfantasy
Sailor Pluto by AsiMakri
Sailor Saturn: Hotaru
Sailor Saturn Attack by El-Chupacabras
Sailor Royalty: Princess Saturn (Happy Birthday!) by kgfantasy
Soldier Of Silence [Color] by PrettySoldierPetite
Sailor Saturn, Soldier of Destruction by kgfantasy
Sailor Chibi Moon: ChibiUsa
Sailor Chibi Moon by ToriSakura
Animated: Sailor Cosmos by Cloveras
Tuxedo Kamen: Mamoru
Couture Fashion Tuxedo Mask by MEW21/Athel Arts by MEW21
Inner Senshi
Keep out, Baka Usagi! by ToriSakura
Outer Senshi
Outer Senshi by TwoTigerMoon
SEIYA ON THE GALAXY by ChizuruNagasaki
Commission - HaruMichi Redraw by funakounasoul
Sailor Moon Crafts Plushies Ect....
Sailor Moon Super S Wand and Brooch by oruntia
Black Lady by BellaHime
Esmeraude (Sailor Moon) by kgfantasy
Moon Cats
Luna human form Chibi by m-u-ll-e
Life On The Moon
Chibi Princess Serenity by Lio-Sun
Sailor Hopps by ToriSakura
Senshi by ValDeCreez
Bookmark Style Commission: Princess Sailor Polaris by kgfantasy
Fanfics and Comic Pages
Moon Prism Power, The Big Reveal by Chibi-Jennifer
Moon Prism Power, Make Up! by BunniiChan
Hey Moonies!

Relatively quite  Admin BunniiChan here.

I figured since none of the other admin have been posting Sailor Moon news-y type things that I would go ahead and copy over my blog with the Anime news from the Sailor Moon group I run! (I'm admin in 4 -one being a crossover- and of those 4 I run/own 2, one being the crossover and a non-Moon group)  

So here goes! I will be editing a small bit since I have gotten some new information on the ReDub episodes on Hulu/Neon Alley! So if you've seen this, skip down to see the update.

Sailor Moon — Anime

Sailor Moon Crystal
The Black Moon Arc will technically be starting at the end of the next episode on January 17th! If you haven't seen it already, over the holidays a trailer was streamed online for the new Arc! See it here! It reveals both Chibiusa and Sailor Pluto!

Sailor Moon Redub
 The Dubbed Season 1 Part 2 is currently on Hulu. For how long, I do not know, recently announce via Facebook by Neon Alley, the episodes will be gone on January 10th, making TODAY, the 9th, the final day— but seeing as how the Bluray/DvD set will be out next month on the 10th, it's only a months' wait if you're buying! Don't forget to Pre-order for your copy!

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