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Our theme for January and February is Point of View.

Point of view is typically defined as a particular attitude or way of considering a matter. But in fictional writing point of view is the narrator's position in relation to the story being told.

Any character can provide a point of view - from the main character, to original characters, to secondary observer characters who do not play a major role in the events themselves.

Will you tell your story from Legolas' point of view, if he is the main character in your work? Or from the vantage point of another, viewing your main character?

Will your point of view shift through the narrative, moving through multiple characters - to give a more three-dimensional exposition to the story?

Is your character a reliable narrator? Would seeing events from an alternate narrator change the story?

Perhaps you will choose the more traditional definition of point of view. Characters from different cultures may hold differing views on situations, activities, traditions. Neither view is necessarily wrong but disparate points of view may lead to conflict. Or misunderstandings. Judgements can result from these differences. How would those perceptions change based on another perspective?

Feanor may have a distinctive narrative when compared to Fingolfin. Thorin's memories may very well diverge from Bilbo's. Is the narrator of the Silmarillion reliable? Did the tales Bilbo wrote as "translated from the Elvish" alter from the original by virtue of being translated by a hobbit?

We only have one story this month:

Upon a Cold Stone by Mirrordance 1st place :trophy:

... which automatically becomes the winner of this challenge and gets a personalized banner:

If you would like to illustrate it, you can take part in our special all-year-round artistic challenge!

The Teitho archive does not allow reviews, but as soon as this or some stories from previous challenges are posted somewhere else online, we will update them with a link. Follow us on facebook, tumblr or twitter to get a notification about this!

Happy reading!

Your Teitho-moderators,

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Teitho is a Tolkien themed fanfiction and fanart contest with monthly themes:
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